Our Editorial Guidelines

Written by Chris Flavell Last time updated 07/05/2022

What are editorial guidelines? These are clear rules that all of our staff who write about betting sites and bookmaker features have to follow. Regardless of the topic, these should be a clear guide and also give you, the reader, the security and understanding of how we work.

Why These Guidelines Exist

If such a sensitive topic as gambling is dealt with AND the website thrives on advertising, then there must be clear guidelines. These were developed jointly by the entire editorial team and are intended exclusively to offer the best possible information if readers want to find out more about the best online betting sites. With these specifications, we also set clear limits that the editorial board monitors when it comes to commercial content so that this website is a good tool and not just a sales channel for online bookies.

To What The Guidelines Apply

Our entire team must apply all policies to all content. Whether it’s a guide, quiz, or social media post, the guidelines apply to the same extent. But in addition to the content orientation, we also formulate specifications for quality and information content.

An important cornerstone, for example, is to always be absolutely up to date when it comes to legal changes, precisely because these can be so important for players. If in our opinion, a review of an online bookmaker does not help you to make a better and more qualified decision, then this article will not be published.

Basic Principles are Important

Principles and clean work are important. We write here about betting sites and gambling in general, a topic that definitely drives people to financial troubles. It is precisely this honesty towards the task that results in the attitude that the editorial team must have clear values ​​and principles that are never forgotten. This includes honest reviews and clear statements about the dangers of gambling, as well as some common myths and theories.

Facts & Data

It is extremely important for our policy that we have 100% correct information and data in those bookies we rate and review. That’s why we keep revisiting tested betting sites to make sure nothing gets lost.

No Plagiarism – All Original

Of course, we do not tolerate anyone in our editorial office adorning themselves with someone else’s feathers. In the case of plagiarism, we have immediate dismissal and even reporting fraud is an option, since this clearly causes damage to the end consumer.


All writers and editors who work for us are tested and established experts in their fields. We work with both permanent employees and freelancers, who also go through a process just like our employees before they start working.

Mistakes Within The Content

We are not perfect, nor would we ever claim to be. We can make mistakes and so we would be happy if you contact us via our contact form and point out the mistake you noticed.


We also use numerous sources when it comes to knowledge and information. We use press releases, newspaper articles, social media and all other media. If a source is used, then this is also indicated, as required by journalistic standards.

Guest Posts

It can happen that people only publish in exceptional cases. In such cases, we mark it as a guest post, and again we check against basic standards so that no post is truly outside of our guidelines.

Links – Affiliate Links

All links built in by our editors should give the reader the opportunity to discover further context, this also applies to advertising affiliate links, because the link to a bookmaker should only be inserted if it is logical and suitable for the context there.

Comments – Spam

Our comments are open and that’s why we have to make sure before they are published that they are not legally questionable or contain spam. However, we are absolutely open to allowing very critical discussions. What we are legally not allowed to do are individual sentences such as “all fraud” if this is not legally the case. We will, however, provide fact and opinion that can be legitimately explained at any time.

Business Relations

We finance ourselves through the deals with the providers, but it is still the case that ratings cannot be bought and this is made very clear to every business partner in advance and is part of our contracts.

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