The Best Multi Bet Bookmakers in Australia

Multi bets are a great way to turn modest stakes into sizeable winnings. They combine two or more single bets on one ticket and massively increase your potential return.

Scroll down if you want to know more about different multi bet types and how to get the most of them. We also list the top bookmakers for multi betting in Australia and explain how to calculate multi odds.

Top 5 Bookies For Multi Betting

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These are the best bookies for multi betting in Australia. Apart from being safe and reliable, they also have made it effortless to add multiple selections to your bet slip and switch between different bet types.

The user experience is very important when placing a multi bet, so we primarily focused on ease of use when picking bookies for our top list. If you want to learn more about any of these betting sites, take a look at some of our expert reviews.


The sheer number of markets available makes bet365 a perfect place for multi betting. There are so many bets you can combine, and it only takes a few clicks to put them together.

bet365 multi bet

Tap any market to add it to the bet slip.

bet365 multi bet

Expand the menu for the full list of multi bet options.

bet365 multi bet

Bet365 neatly lists boxed multis in a separate window.

Once you add your selections to the bet slip, they’re going to list all possible multi variations and clearly display odds and potential winnings. However, don’t forget to check the max payout for each sport on your ticket since the lowest limit applies to the whole multi bet.


Unibet offers a very user-friendly interface that looks great on mobile as well. After you add your picks to the bet slip, they’ll neatly separate all the options into three tabs named ‘Singles’, ‘Combination’ and ‘System’. This way, you can focus only on the bets you need right now without having to dig through tens of different markets.

unibet multi bet

Add bets to the bet slip and check if the Cash Out is available right away.

unibet multi bet

Combine as many bets as you want in a single multi bet.

unibet multi bet

Exotic multis are grouped under a separate tab.

Unibet also shows the green ‘Cash Out’ icon directly on the bet slip whenever this feature is available, which is a really nice touch!


If you’re a fan of Australian sports and racing, BlueBet can be an excellent choice. Their multi betting interface looks a bit cluttered, but BlueBet still offers all the important features and multi bet variations.

bluebet multi bet

Selected bets are neatly put to the side so you can keep browsing without distractions.

bluebet multi bet

Scroll down for the full list of available multies.

This betting site also includes an explanation for each multi bet type, which can be very useful to beginners.

What Is a Multi Bet?

Multi bet, also known as accumulator, parlay or all up, is a wager that includes multiple events and multiple outcomes on a single ticket. Each bet is called ‘leg’, and you need all ‘legs’ to have a positive outcome for your multi bet to win. If just one of the selections fail, the whole multi automatically loses.

This means that multi bets are much riskier than the string of single bets, which is why we only recommend them to more experienced punters. However, multis also come with much higher potential winnings because odds are multiplied. We show how this works in a real-life example down below, so scroll down and give it a look.

How Are Multi Odds Calculated?

Imagine you want to place $10 on each of these three single AFL bets:

  1. Geelong wins against West Coast at odds of 1.55
  2. Gold Coast wins against Sydney at odds of 2.30
  3. Melbourne wins against Richmond at odds of 2.15

Your potential win on these bets would be (1.55 x 10) + (2.30 x 10) + (2.15 x 10) = $60. When we exclude the initial $30 stake, it leaves you with a $30 profit. The same as if you placed a single $30 bet at odds of 2.00.

Now imagine if you combined these three bets into a multi bet.

If all bets win, you could potentially earn (1.55 x 2.30 x 2.15) x 30 = $229.94. When we subtract the initial $30 stake, it leaves you with a $199.94 profit.

As you can see from this example, multi bets can lead to significantly higher profits. Keep in mind that if you include more legs into your multi, odds will further multiply and boost potential winnings. However, that also means a higher risk of failure.

What Are the Limitations?

Australian bookies are usually pretty liberal when it comes to multi betting. You can combine different sports or even different outcomes of the same event. However, there are few potential limitations you should know about:

  • Max winnings – Bookmakers usually impose max limits on how much you can win on your multi bets. For example, limits at bet365 range from $10,000 to $2,000,000, depending on the sport. If you have multiple sports on your ticket, the lowest limit applies.
  • Max number of legs – Some bookies limit the number of legs you can include in your multi bet. It usually ranges between 7 and 10 single bets.

Keep in mind that these limitations can be different depending on a bookie and can change over time. So we highly suggest you take a look at the terms of service or contact customer supports before betting to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

How to Place a Multi Bet

Placing a multi bet works more or less the same at any of the betting sites we list above. If you’re new to this type of wagering, take a look at our step-by-step guide below, where we explain how to place a multi bet in great detail.

Multi Betting Guide

  1. Sign in with one of the betting sites from the list above
  2. Click on the markets you like, and they’ll be automatically added to the bet slip
  3. Pick the type of multi bet (doubles, trebles, trixie, patent etc.)
  4. Enter the amount
  5. Confirm your bet

Types of Multi Bets

There are several different types of multi bets available at our top betting sites. We explain a few of the most common ones below, so scroll down and give them a look. Each of the listed bet types comes with certain advantages and disadvantages, therefore it’s crucial to learn everything about them before playing with real money.

Win Multi Bets

The AFL example above was a three-legged win multi bet. They are also known as single multiples or parlays. It’s the most common form where all the selections need to win for you to profit.

Win multi bets are really easy to understand, which is why we recommend them to beginners. It is best to start with a few simple parlays and then work your way up to the more complex bet types we explain later.

Bookmakers usually name multiples based on the number of legs included. This is how they are usually referred to:

  • Two single bets – 2 play parlay / 2 leg multi / double
  • Three single bets – 3 play parlay / 3 leg multi / treble
  • Four single bets – 4 play parlay / 4 leg multi / 4 folds
  • Five single bets – 5 play parlay / 5 leg multi / 5 folds

Same Game Multi

Same game multi allows you to combine several outcomes of the same event on a single betting slip. For example, you can bet that the NBA’s Trailblazers will win against the Grizzlies and that there will be more than 220 points in that game. So, you have two or more different bets on the same game as a multi bet.

⚠️ – Same game multis aren’t a straight multiplication of odds like regular multi bets because legs can be related to each other. Depending on your bets, the final price can be lower or higher than standard multi odds.

Note that not all bookies allow same game multis. This feature is available only at prominent betting sites, such as the ones we list above. Also, not every sport is covered, so always double-check the T&Cs to see if the sport you want is available for same game multi betting.

Boxed Multi Bets

Most bookies allow you to create multi bets that don’t require every selection to win. These are called boxed multi bets or round robins.

If you have a 4-legged multi, a bookmaker will automatically create 4 x 3-legged combinations, meaning that 3 out of 4 bets have to win for you to profit. The more legs you include, the greater number of combinations there can be. For example, 6-legged multi that requires 4 winning bets will result in 15 x 4-legged multis.

Let’s take AFL betting as an example. Here are your 4 bets:

  1. Geelong wins against West Coast
  2. Carlton wins against Brisbane
  3. Gold Coast wins against Sydney
  4. Melbourne wins against Richmond

Here is how your boxed multi-bet would look like:

  • bet no1, bet no2, bet no3
  • bet no2, bet no3, bet no4
  • bet no1, bet no3, bet no4
  • bet no1, bet no2, bet no4

As you can see, all possible outcomes are covered with these 4 x 3-legged multis. It means that you’ll earn some profits even if one of the bets loses.

However, keep in mind that you have to place a separate stake for each of these 3-way multis, which makes it very pricy. If you place a $10 on a single 4-leg multi bet, it will cost you $40 to create a boxed multi.

Exotic Multi Bets

The bookmakers we list above offer a quick and easy way to create already prepared combinations of different multi bets. We list below the most popular exotic multis, but keep in mind that some bookmakers may call them differently.

Trixie – Consists of 4 multi bets on 3 events, and you need at least 2 winning singles.

  • 3 x 2-way multis
  • 1 x 3-way multi

Patent – Consists of 7 multi bets on 3 events, and you need just 1 winning single.

  • 3 x single bet
  • 3 x 2-way multis
  • 1 x 3-way multi

Yankee – Consists of 11 multi bets on 4 events, and you need at least 2 winning singles.

  • 6 x 2-way multis
  • 4 x 3-way multi
  • 1 x 4-way multi

Exotic multis are great because they provide at least some return even for a low number of winning bets. However, the minimum number of wins will only minimise your losses. You’ll need to get more bets right to make a profit.

We used a $10 patent bet as an example to further explain how the payouts work. For the sake of simplicity, let’s imagine all odds are 2.00.

Potential Return
Profit / Loss
1 winning single bet $20$50 loss
2 winning single bets$80$10 profit
3 winning single bets$260$190 profit

Note that there are even more exotic multis available at our top betting sites, but we only recommend those to experienced bookies. We list a few of the most interesting ones below:

  • The Lucky 15 (15 bets on 4 events and you need 1 winning single)
  • The Super Yankee (26 bets on 5 events and you need 2 winning singles)
  • The Lucky 31 (31 bets on 5 events and you need 1 winning single)
  • The Heinz (57 bets on 6 events and you need 2 winning singles)
  • The Lucky 63 (63 bets on 6 events, and you need 1 winning single)
  • The Super Heinz (120 bets on 7 events, and you need 2 winning singles)
  • The Goliath (247 bets on 8 events, and you need 2 winning singles)

Multi Bet Strategy & Tips

Multi bets can be hard to win because there are so many variables included. That’s why we asked our betting experts to come up with a few tips on how to get the most out of your multis. This is all general advice you can use in almost any situation.

  • Be extra careful – Your multi bet is only as strong as its weakest pair, so be very cautious when adding new markets. Better to avoid that one extra bet if you have second thoughts about the outcome.
  • Limit the number of legs – Everything above 2 or 3 legs is a serious risk. If you want to include more bets, try using some of the exotics.

Multi Bet Advantages

Multis can be a powerful tool in your betting arsenal if used properly. Here are a few of the most important reasons why you should seriously consider giving multi betting a go.

  • Low stakes with high potential rewards
  • Very exciting
  • Combine multiple sports
  • Combine markets from the same game
  • Many bookies offer multi bet promotions
  • Easy to place
  • Multiple betting options such as trixie, patent and so on
  • You don’t have to win all bets to have a return

Multi Bet Disadvantages

Even though the high rewards may look mesmerising, multi bets come with a few important downsides. Take a look at the list below, where we point out a few of the most important reasons why you should think twice before placing a multi.

  • Very high risk
  • Payout limits
  • Complex mechanics
  • Not recommended for new punters


Multis are high stake, high reward type of betting we only recommend to experienced punters. The bottom line is to be extra careful when combining multiple bets because even a single miscalculation can lead to the whole ticket failing. But if you use them right, multi bets can be a great way to earn significant profits even with modest stakes.

Scroll up to and take a look at the best site for multi betting! Best Multi Betting Sites

Multi Betting FAQs

A multi bet contains two or more single bets, and you’ll have to guess them all right to win the prize. If you want to minimise the risk, we suggest trying some of the advanced multi betting types that guarantee returns even when some of your single bets don’t win.

Parlay is just a different name for the win multi bet. Some bookies also call them single multis. It’s the most common type of multi bets which requires all your selections to win. If you miss just one, the whole ticket losses.

The odds of all single bets are multiplied with each other when you combine them in a multi bet. For example, if you have single odds of 2.00, 3.00 and 4.00, the final price will be 24.00. If you want to learn more about how multi odds work, check out the full article.

We believe that the best bookmakers for multi betting are bet365, Unibet and BlueBet. They are all offering an easy way to combine your bets and all exotic multis variations, such as Trixie and Patent. Take a look at the full article to learn more about the mentioned bookies.