Fantasy Sports Betting Sites in Australia

Written by Chris Flavell Last time updated 03/26/2024

Fantasy sports betting is becoming more and more popular for Australian punters. Given that it is gaining increased interest, we have put together a list of the best fantasy sports betting sites.

If you are already familiar with fantasy sports betting, take a look at our list of top DFS sites for Aussies. We will also talk more about fantasy sports strategies and how to pick the right contests.

Best Fantasy Sports Betting Sites

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Best Fantasy Betting Site

Large Prize Pools

Array of fantasy sports leagues, Big prize pools, Private fantasy leagues
Payment methods (3 in total):
Minimum Deposit:
AU $5
Withdraw Time:
1-3 Days
Northern Territory
App availability
App availability:
  • Loads of games available
  • Great Aussie sport focus
  • Head-to-head betting

Sports and Fantasy Betting

Range of Markets

Range of sports markets, Daily fantasy sports offered, Apps for iOS and Android
Payment methods (4 in total):
Minimum Deposit:
AU $10
Withdraw Time:
1-3 Days
Northern Territory
App availability
App availability:
  • Play through Draftstars site
  • Conventional betting with PlayUp
  • Excellent mobile app

Us Aussies love our sports, so it’s easy to see why daily fantasy leagues have quickly become popular. There are a good amount of fantasy sports choices when it comes to Australia. Our experts have completed their research and considered many factors on how to bet on fantasy sports, which we discuss further below.

Note that fantasy sports are legal across Australia, so you don’t have anything to worry about. Even the strict NSW betting laws doesn’t forbid Aussie punters from enjoying fantasy sports.

Draftstars sports logo

Draftstars is the Best Choice

Draftstars is, in our opinion, the best bookie for fantasy sports in Australia. They have everything a punter could wish for. From AFL, NRL and cricket, to NBA and NFL as well, Draftstars covers all the most popular sports. On top of that, they even have fantasy horse racing, which is something you can’t find anywhere else. Buy-ins generally start from as little as $2, so every bettor will find a contest that suits their pocket. If you’re just looking around, there are even free fantasy leagues. All of this is available on both desktop and mobile, in case you like to play on the go.
  • All Aussie sports available
  • Fantasy horse racing – Unique feature
  • iOS and Android native apps
  • Massive prize pools
Visit Draftstars Read Draftstars Review

Fantasy Betting with PlayUp

Another option we have listed in our recommended list is PlayUp. Draftstars and PlayUp are part of the same company, which means PlayUp customers can also enjoy what Draftstars has to offer.

We listed them because they are one of the best betting sites in Australia and give customers the option to enjoy both fantasy sports and also conventional sports betting at the same time.

A punter wanting nothing but a great DFS site in Australia need look no further than Draftstars, but someone wanting to mix their betting can do so with PlayUp. More details can be found in our PlayUp review.

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Sports and Fantasy Betting

Range of Markets

Range of sports markets, Daily fantasy sports offered, Apps for iOS and Android
Payment methods (4 in total):
Minimum Deposit:
AU $10
Withdraw Time:
1-3 Days
Northern Territory
App availability
App availability:

How To Start Fantasy Sports Betting

online betting site image

Pick a fantasy sports bookie from our recommended list

register account image

Register your details to sign-up

add funds image

Add funds to your fantasy sports betting account

Select betting market image

Pick the fantasy game you want and make your selections

betting slip image

Enter your stake and place your bet

Drafting Your Team is the Big Appeal

The basic principle of fantasy sports betting is very simple. You pick a fantasy sports contest you like the look of and draft your team from the pool of real players while trying to stay within a salary cap. When the league starts, you’ll earn points based on the results your players achieve in real games. At the end of the competition, players with the most points will win prizes.

What is daily fantasy sports betting?

Note that daily fantasy sports betting is based on a single game. Some operators also offer contests based on several games or even entire seasons.


Also, different operators offer many different game types and this is a simple introduction to getting a standard fantasy bet on. There are, however, plenty of different types of fantasy games to enjoy, which we will discuss below.

Get the Best Fantasy Sports Betting App

If you are one of those punters who like to play on the go, don’t worry, it’s possible to get involved in fantasy sports competitions even from a smartphone or tablet. All our top fantasy sports site recommendations also have the best betting apps available.

If you want to play on mobile, Draftstars is by far the best choice. They have both iOS and Android native apps that offer all the same features as the desktop site. That’s just one of the reasons why we pick them as our top fantasy operator in Australia. Scroll below to discover more about why Draftstars has the best Australia fantasy app.

Draftstars mobile screenshots lineup

The Draftstars is easy to navigate and looks great. Registering takes just a few minutes, meaning it won’t be long before you have access to a host of leagues for many different sports.

Fantasy operators usually offer several game types. Each one of them has exclusive tournaments, but there are a few common types that are available everywhere. They are all very straightforward, which makes them perfect for beginners.

Fantasy Sports Strategy

Regardless of if you’re a new or seasoned fantasy sports player, these expert hints will help you improve your game. We have focused on general advice, meaning that you can apply these strategies to any fantasy sport or contest type.

If you’re just starting with DFS, note that following the expert guidelines is by far the easiest way to learn the art of drafting a strong fantasy lineup.

What Sports Can I Bet On?

If you sign up with one of the above-mentioned Australian fantasy sports sites, you can try a few games for free before spending any money. This is the best way to learn about the different aspects of daily fantasy sports and leagues.

The most popular sports among Australian fantasy fans are AFL, NRL, EPL and NBA. However, NFL fantasy still tends to get the most players worldwide. DraftKings is renowned for great US sports coverage, but when it comes to Australian sports Draftstars is unmatched. Plus they cover the full range of foreign sports on top.

We have put two of Australia’s most popular DFS sites side-by-side, so you can see which one of them is offering what.

Draftstars vs DraftKings
Horse Racing

Now let’s talk you through some of the most popular sports that are covered by the best fantasy sports betting sites in Australia.

Fantasy AFL

If you are a fan of Aussie Rules you can get involved with AFL fantasy leagues. Note that Draftstars are offering this league, meaning that you’ll have plenty of DFS contests to choose from.

In AFL fantasy football, points are scored by players for certain actions they perform in a match. For example, scoring a goal (6 pts) or a behind (1 pt) usually earns points, while tackling (4 pts) and kicking passes (3 pts) are other ways your players can score points. So, what should you look for when picking out your AFL fantasy team?

Research is vital, and you should always look out for players in top form. Some players and teams traditionally do well against certain opponents. This is why you should always look back at recent meetings between teams and the head-to-head stats.

Fantasy NRL

NRL is the premier rugby league competition not only in Australia but probably in the Southern Hemisphere. It is a big-hitting and exciting sport, so it is no wonder that Aussies love NRL fantasy leagues. Again, Draftstars have this well covered.

They even offer increased prize funds for the biggest NRL matches. Players can score fantasy NRL points in a huge number of ways. The maximum number of points are awarded to try scorers (8 pts). Line Breaks earn 4 points, while players are penalised 2 points if they miss a tackle.

Again, if you want to increase your chances of picking a winning NRL fantasy team, studying past results and performances is vital. Look for players who are currently on song and check head-to-head records for players with previous good records against certain teams. Finally, always check the weather and the pitch, since some players are especially good in certain conditions.

Fantasy Cricket

Cricket is another popular sport among Aussie punters. Draftstars is, at the moment, the only operator to have cricket on board for fantasy betting Australia. But they do offer everything you can wish for! From BBL to IPL and Ashes, you can enjoy fantasy contests on any major cricket event.

In fantasy cricket betting, players earn points for hitting runs, sixes and you can get a bonus if a batsman reaches 50 or 100. Bowlers pick up points for taking a wicket and get bonuses for taking 3 or 5 wickets. Fielders can also earn points by making catches or running out a batsman. Batsmen are penalised for ducks, while bowlers lose points for bowling wides/no balls. Note that scoring rules can differ depending on the contest.

When you are selecting a team, you should always check out the pitch type and condition. Certain bowlers and batsmen are best on different pitch types. For example, spin bowlers like dry, bobbly pitches that enable them to get action on the ball. Other pitch types are better for batsmen, so do your research to give yourself the best chance of winning at any cricket fantasy contest.

NBA Fantasy

The NBA is the world’s premier basketball league and Aussies love it. You can play daily fantasy NBA leagues with all of the fantasy sports websites we mentioned earlier.

In NBA Fantasy players can earn points in various ways. You can earn points for players in offense and defense. With Draftstars, points are awarded to players for points scored, assists and rebounds. Turnovers and missed shots are penalised. Defensive players can earn points for steals and blocks.

Before you pick your team, check out all the relevant stats for the recent form. It usually pays to pick players that are in a rich vein of form. Also, head-to-head statistics is always worth a look. Some players might come to life vs certain franchises, so look out for players who have historically performed well against their next opponents.

NFL Fantasy

The NFL is one of the biggest sports for fantasy betting around the world. This is also the case for Aussie punters and Draftstars also have this as an option. Daily NFL fantasy games come thick and fast in many different formats, from head-to-head betting to more traditional classic fantasy tournaments.

Your picks can gain points in the NFL for a host of different actions both offensively and defensively. From rushing and receiving yards to blocked punts and interceptions.

Ypou can play NFL fantasy contests that last for the whole season or simply for one game week. These games require a different number of player selections. A season-long format usually needs to you pick 12 or more players but a simple daily play could see you only required to select nine or even just six players.

Fantasy Premier League

The English Premier League (EPL) is regarded in many quarters as the best soccer league in the world. You can partake in daily fantasy Premier League competitions with all top Aussie fantasy sports sites. With Draftstars you need to pick a team of 9 players, GK x1, Def x 3 and Mid/Fwd x 5. Check each individual site for details as team selection rules may vary.

Goalkeepers score points for making saves, keeping clean sheets and get extra points for saving a penalty. Points are deducted for goals conceded. Outfield players can earn points for scoring goals, assists, shots on target, accurate crosses, tackles won and fouls drawn. Points are deducted for a number of reasons too, including yellow and red cards, own goals and penalties conceded.

If you are thinking of getting involved in Fantasy Premier League daily events you should always ensure you do lots of research. Look for players that have been in good recent form or that have previously played well against their upcoming opponents. If you follow these tips, you should be winning at Fantasy EPL in no time.

Fantasy Sports Betting Buy-In

Whether you are using an app or your desktop for online fantasy sports betting in Australia, the buy-in for a tournament or contest will be the same.

It is important to keep track of these costs. Generally, the bigger the buy-in the bigger the winning pot will be. It is also worth considering how long a fantasy betting game will go on for. A DFS game can be over within hours but for season-long competitions, such as a fantasy Premier League tournament, it means you will have to wait much longer to see any return.

Cost to Play Daily Fantasy Sports

Although some of the fantasy sports sites do allow you to enter a certain amount of tournaments for free, there is usually a fee to enter daily fantasy leagues. With Draftstars, for example, you can enter tournaments for as little as $2 while the maximum buy-in is $15.

Remember though, the smaller the buy-in, the smaller the prize fund will usually be. If you want to win big, you will need to spend more and we will compare the prize money available from different fantasy sports websites later on.


  • Free Tournaments: Yes
  • Min buy-in: $2
  • Max buy-in: $15

What Can I Win Playing Fantasy Sports?

Just like with entry fees, prizes vary in size between each fantasy sports site. The size of the prizes usually reflects the size of the entry fee. The cheapest leagues to enter have the lowest prize funds more often than not. If you want to win big, you usually have to spend more money on entry fees. If you’re searching for the biggest prizes, look for the special events. There you’ll find some stunning rewards!

You can win up to $100,000 at Draftstars on special occasions.

History and Facts

Fantasy Sports History and Facts
fantasy sports info
First fantasy played in:
1950s in Oakland
Best operator
Number of players
60+ million
Market value
$4 billion
Australian players
1.65 million
Popular DFS sports
NFL, baseball, NBA


With DFS betting becoming more popular, we wanted to highlight the best choices when it comes to the best fantasy sports betting sites in Australia.

The top bookies have a wide range of sports covered, a range of buy-in options, and a great interface and customer support. If you are wondering what is fantasy betting or want to start fantasy betting straight away then Draftstars is a perfect choice, while also having everything an experienced punter needs.

aussiebet go to rankings
Draftstars is without any doubt the best fantasy sports betting site in Australia. Jump up to check out why we think they are that good.
Best DFS site for Aussies

Fantasy Sports in Australia FAQs

What are the best fantasy betting sites in Australia?

There are a few great bookies that offer fantasy sports betting. We have examined all of them to compile our best fantasy betting sites list. Draftstars came out on top and have everything you’d want for this type of betting.


What is fantasy sports betting?

Fantasy betting is a way of sports betting where you draft real-life players in an online contest and score based on their actions in the actual games. We explain above how to start fantasy betting in great detail.


What is the most popular fantasy sport?

The most popular fantasy sports to bet on worldwide are NFL, MLB and NBA. They are also big in Australia. However, local punters also love fantasy AFL, NRL and cricket.


Where can I bet on fantasy AFL?

Aussies love the AFL, and you can play daily fantasy AFL leagues with a couple of fantasy sports sites in Australia. Draftstars have fantasy leagues available for every AFL league match. We cover exactly how AFL fantasy works.


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