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Written by Dave Last time updated 06/15/2022

At AussieBet we take our responsibilities seriously – yes we provide reviews and information about betting and wagering sites in Australia, and we aim to ensure our information is of the highest quality, but what we truly believe is that betting should be done in moderation and done responsibly.

As soon as wagering isn’t fun for you, it’s time to stop and to get help as you may have a gambling problem, so please keep reading below for some advice about who to contact and when.

There are also many ways to keep tabs of your gambling and all major betting sites should enforce these if they are to meet their own responsible wagering requirements.

Betting Site Responsible Gambling Measures

Key Responsible Wagering Groups – Get the Help you Need

It’s not enough for us to just say ‘be careful’ when you bet or to ‘bet in moderation’. We want all of our readers to wager responsibly but we understand that problem gambling is a real issue and the quicker that someone gets the help they need, the better the outcome. With that in mind, here are some of the best resources for problem gamblers:

Australian Government Problem Gambling Website

Checkout the Australian Government’s problem gambling website first and foremost. It provides loads of info around the effects and impact of problem gambling.

The Gambling Helpline

A great resource to anyone who is suffering from problem gambling. You can get assistance immediately by calling the Helpline on 1800 858 858. This is a free service and totally confidential and can be contacted 24/7. Even if you’re a friend or family member of someone who suffers – call; they won’t turn you away.

Gambling Help Online

The Gambling Help Online site is, again, a free and confidential support hub that offers counseling, and support 24/7 to any problem gamblers.

Gamblers Anonymous

A well-known resource, Gamblers Anonymous is an experience-sharing fellowship, and help through sharing their problems, and their successes to help others who suffer from gambling problems to recover

Ask Yourself Some Questions When you Gamble

If you feel that you may have a gambling problem, or feel someone you know may – ask these questions. If you can answer yes to some of these questions, then please seek some advice or help from the groups above.

Schedule Timeouts

Another option if gambling is having too much of an impact on your life is to schedule timeouts with your bookie.

Getting the help you need from experts is a great option, and scheduling timeouts is another good step toward managing the issue. This involves self-excluding yourself from your betting account for a set period of time, or even for set days on a regular basis, so that you can’t place wagers. You will still be able to withdraw from your balance but you won’t be able to deposit funds or bet.

You will find this option in the help and support section of your betting site and it takes just a few simple steps to set it up. It can be a good way to taking those first few steps to regaining control of your wagering.

Closing Your Account

Finally, you always have the option of closing your account and not gambling at all. If timeouts are not enough and you need a permanent fix to manage your gambling problem then closing your account can be a liberating and important step.

This is quick and easy to do and can often be found in the ‘gambling controls’ section of your account or your main account menu. Note that you may be asked your reasons for leaving, which you don’t need to give if you aren’t comfortable.

Temporarily Closing Your Account

When closing your betting account you may also be offered the chance to close it permanently or for a set period of time. This is similar to the timeout option but means you won’t have any access to your account for the set period of time you choose. This kicks in straight away but you will be given an opportunity to withdraw from your balance first.

If you wish to reopen your account during a temporary closure you will be asked a number of security questions first to safeguard your account.


There are plenty of ways you can gamble more responsibly with the help of your bookie and by taking some steps yourself. If you feel your gambling is getting out of control then it is important to take action as soon as possible.

There are a host of support services available and people to speak to who can give you the best advice. Closing your account or using timeout options is another important step towards gaining control.

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