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Written by Chris Flavell Last time updated 12/22/2023

There are a lot of betting sites that accept BPAY deposits. We have rated the top BPAY online bookmakers to help your decision about which one to pick.

Best BPAY Betting Sites in Australia

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How we rate

Aussie Sport Focus

Great for Multi Bets

Strong focus on racing, Excellent for enhanced odds, Good bet builder
Payment methods (6 in total):
Minimum Deposit:
AU $10
Withdraw Time:
1-2 Days
New South Wales
App availability
App availability:

Live Betting Online

Betting Exchange

Place live bets online, The Betfair Hub, High-value odds
Payment methods (7 in total):
Minimum Deposit:
AU $5
Withdraw Time:
1-3 Days
Northern Territory
App availability
App availability:

Sports and Fantasy Betting

Range of Markets

Range of sports markets, Daily fantasy sports offered, Apps for iOS and Android
Payment methods (4 in total):
Minimum Deposit:
AU $10
Withdraw Time:
1-3 Days
Northern Territory
App availability
App availability:

Great Racing Bookie

Live Betting Available

Racing focus, other sports covered, good betting app
Payment methods (3 in total):
New South Wales
App availability

Horse Racing Live Streams

Big Races Covered

Superb betting app, Watch live horse racing, Range of sports markets
Payment methods (3 in total):
Minimum Deposit:
AU $10
Withdraw Time:
1-2 Days
New South Wales
App availability
App availability:

So, why is BPAY so big in the online sports betting industry in Australia? Why it’s so popular? It’s simple! You use BPAY, others you know use it, and more than 45,000 businesses in Australia recognize it as a safe and secure payment method. It’s no wonder BPAY betting sites thrive in Australia.

In case you’ve used BPAY services before, you can jump straight to the top bookmakers we recommend. Everyone else should take a look at the information below to get familiar with what BPAY has to offer and why so many punters like to use it.

How We Rate BPAY Betting Sites

When it comes to choosing the best BPAY betting sites in Australia, there are several factors that we consider to ensure that they meet our high standards. These factors are crucial for a safe, enjoyable, and profitable online betting experience.

We will discuss the key criteria that we use to rate the best BPAY betting sites, including safety and betting licenses, quality of odds, quality of a betting app, live betting platform, and selection of betting markets.

How to Deposit with BPAY

BPAY is one of the most popular deposit methods amongst punters and is widely accepted by some of the best online bookmakers. It is a neat payment provider that keeps track of all your payments in the form of invoices. You enter your code and reference number from their invoice, as well as the amount they wish to pay. Your bank will then approve the payment and give you a receipt.

Before you place any bet or open an account with any betting agency, it’s best to check out the reviews we’ve conducted. Once you’re certain of what you want to do next, register and verify your account. Now, you must find your personal BPAY customer reference number. This number is tied to your customer account.

Usually, this number can be found in the My Account area, and it is a unique number per account, meaning it will be a different number if you join a different betting site. If you get this number correct, you’re going to be just fine. You need to provide this number to your bank and the amount you wish to deposit.

Here is a guide to the whole process:

register new account
Register an account

If you haven’t already, register an account with the online betting site.

visit cashier
Go to the cashier

Click on the “Cashier” or “Deposit” button on the betting site.

select bpay
Select BPAY

Choose BPAY as your preferred deposit option.

enter amount
Enter deposit amount and BPAY biller code

Enter the amount you wish to deposit and the BPAY biller code provided by the betting site.

Log in to your bank account

Log in to your online banking portal or mobile banking app.

select bpay
Select BPAY

Look for the BPAY option in your bank’s payment menu.

enter code
Enter biller code and reference number

Enter the biller code and reference number provided by the betting site.

confirm transaction
Confirm the transaction

Verify the transaction details and confirm the deposit.

wait confirmation
Wait for the deposit to be processed

BPAY deposits usually take 1-2 business days to clear.

Are There BPAY Deposit Fees at Online Bookmakers?

One of the best features of BPAY is that you do not need to cover any fees. The merchant, the vendor, or in this case, the betting site, it covers the transaction fee. And no, betting sites do not offset this fee charge against your account balance.

This is the cornerstone of BPAY’s success. It’s been live and running since 1997 because people are willing to use it, and we totally understand why. Credit cards and e-wallets come with transaction and maintenance fees, that accumulate in the long run. It’s against BPAY’s policy! It’s the main principle of BPAY, the business covers the fees.

How Long Do BPAY Deposits Take?

One thing that may put you off using BPAY is the time it takes for your betting account to be credited with the funds. It will take a couple of days before the transaction reflects on your betting account.

The best-case scenario is the money becomes available within 48 hours. Now, if you want to bet immediately on favourable odds, then you really should to look for other options. BPAY won’t meet your needs.

This is what makes the BPAY inferior to the likes of PayPal and POLi. Speaking of which, POLi works similarly to BPAY, just without the code, and it’s instant, but you do have to pay a tiny fee. If you want free and instant deposits, we suggest you try some of the PayPal betting sites.

BPAY Deposit Limits

The amount you are allowed to deposit from BPAY to your betting site will vary depending on who you are with.

They each set their own minimum deposit limit. This is something to consider when searching for the BPAY betting site that suits you the most.

Minimum Deposit Limit with BPAY
bpay deposit limits

Can I Withdraw with BPAY?

You cannot. BPAY is meant to be a deposit method only. Typically, punters who deposit with BPAY withdraw via bank transfers. It’s not as bad as it sounds, because inter-Australian bank transactions are free of charge.

Unlike EU and UK banks, Australian banks give you the courtesy of receiving the money as fast as possible. It’s a feature that not many financial markets can boast of.

Chances are, the bookmaker won’t allow you to choose other withdrawal methods. This is why if you intend to withdraw via PayPal or a credit card, it’s best to make the deposit with the said payment method as well.


Not that it’s of great importance to you, but this makes BPAY available in Australian betting sites only. You cannot deposit with BPAY at international bookmakers that do not support or do not accept AUD. Moreover, due to the legal status of online sports betting in Australia and how it’s governed, rest assured, you will be able to deposit and place your bets in AUD.

Now, most of the bookmakers we recommend are international companies, but they have Australian licenses. Because of this, you can make deposits in AUD only. The good thing is that BPAY works the same regardless of if you’re betting in Victoria, Queensland or New South Wales.

Although it started as a utility bill payment solution, BPAY grew and expanded, eventually getting to bookmakers, giving us another payment option.

If for whatever reason you see the BPAY logo at the international bookmaker, rest assured it fits the description of other BPAY betting sites. You’ll get the same treatment Australian BPAY betting sites provide you.

Pros and Cons of Betting with BPAY

One of the biggest advantages of using BPAY is its widespread availability. Even small online bookmakers in Australia and almost all local banks and financial institutions support BPAY, which means that it is a convenient and easily accessible payment method for many people. Additionally, using BPAY is very simple and straightforward. All you need to do is log in to your online banking account, select BPAY, and follow the prompts to make your payment.

Another advantage of using BPAY for online betting is that it is a very secure payment method. BPAY uses state-of-the-art encryption technology to protect your personal and financial information, which means that your details are always kept safe and secure. Additionally, BPAY transactions are processed directly between your bank and the betting website, which eliminates the need to share your payment details with third-party providers.

However, like any payment method, there are also some disadvantages to using BPAY for online betting. One of the biggest disadvantages is that BPAY transactions can take longer to process than other payment methods. This is because BPAY payments are processed through the banking system, which can sometimes take up to 24 hours to clear. This means that if you want to place a bet quickly, BPAY may not be the best option for you.

Another disadvantage of using BPAY is that it is not always possible to make withdrawals using this payment method. While most online betting websites will allow you to make deposits using BPAY, not all of them support withdrawals via this method.

Pros of betting with BPAY
  • Widespread availability
  • Simple and straightforward to use
  • Very secure payment method
Cons of betting with BPAY
  • Transactions can take longer to process than other payment methods
  • You can’t withdraw with BPAY

How Safe is BPAY?

We simply touched upon this topic. We consider BPAY to be the most secure payment method because it takes so long for the money to reach the destination. The confirmation which any BPAY user has to give before the entire transaction is initiated, in our opinion, that’s the best security mechanism.

Additionally, BPAY has cultivated an exceptional reputation which few can match. Then again, it’s worth noting that you should also be careful with which one of the BPAY betting sites you cooperate.

However, DO NOT get the reference number wrong. Double-check this to avoid any issues. Banks do not offer any kind of protection from scams or frauds. BPAY does not offer any protection either. In practice, it all boils down to you getting it right.

Bookmakers seem to respect BPAY, as all other Australian businesses do. Now, we did mention that it can be complex, difficult to digest at first. That’s only if you’re new to Australia, and to BPAY as well. Once you get the hang of it, you might also be using it for other online purchases.

BPAY Company Details
bpay company details
BPAY Pty Ltd
Top bookie
Founded in
1300 368 098
John Banfield

Consider the BPAY Mobile App

BPAY is an online banking method that is also available to mobile punters. That said, the fact the deposit time takes so long defeats the whole purpose of mobile deposits somewhat. Nevertheless, it is an okay feature because it allows mobile punters to easily confirm their BPAY betting site deposits. Instead of having the call the bank and verify the deposit, you can simply do so via the BPAY mobile app.

The  BPAY mobile app is not mandatory, meaning it’s not like you have to use it. It’s entirely optional, but if you want to bet with some of the sports bet apps, it’s very convenient to also deposit on mobile via the BPAY app. This puts BPAY shoulder to shoulder next to the leading market-dominating payment providers, such as POLi and PayPal.

BPAY Helps Responsible Gambling

Betting is exciting, and it can be rewarding, but it can also do damage to people who don’t know when to stop. BPAY’s longer, drawn-out deposit method makes gambling in the heat of the moment harder to do. It’s not like the money is going to be readily available for betting instantly, which makes it harder for punters to chase losses.

This can give the punter a sense of control and makes placing bets more considered than if it is possible to instantly add funds to your bookie account.

BPAY Payment Alternatives for Punters

If BPAY isn’t for you, we have also rated and reviewed a whole host of other options that could be what you are looking for.

BPAY Alternatives


poli bpay alternative
  • Very fast
  • Super secure
  • Few bookies have it
PayPal Review


poli bpay alternative
  • Instant deposits
  • 100% Australian
  • No withdrawals
POLi Review


visa bpay alternative
  • Fast payments
  • Easy to use
  • Potentially high fees
VISA Review

In case you don’t want to go too far from home, the use of PayID is now being accepted by some of the top Aussie bookies. This allows you to add a unique identifier to your bank accounts to make transfers even quicker. Another Australian-based option is POLi because deposits are instant and the servicing fees are acceptable. Additionally, it is a very popular payment method with Aussie betting sites.

However, in spite of POLi’s exceptional qualities, we’d still recommend PayPal, both as a deposit and a withdrawal payment method. Why? Because there are absolutely no fees! All costs are covered by the bookmaker.

bpay ranking
In our opinion Palmerbet is the best BPAY betting site for Aussies. In case you want to see what are the other options, take a look at our top BPAY bookmakers.
Best BPAY betting sites


What bookmakers accept BPAY?

A lot of Australian bookies accept BPAY as a banking method. We like Australian-based Palmerbet but you can assess the one that suits you the best by checking out our list of recommended bookies.

How do I deposit with BPAY?

It is a straightforward process to deposit with BPAY once you know what to do. Unlike some other payment options, it can take a lot longer for the funds to reach your account.

Is BPAY safe?

BPAY is a safe payment method. In fact, BPAY’s safety is one of its major advantages over other options on the market. The extra checks you need to do to move your funds to your bookie make it a very secure chioce.

Can I withdraw with BPAY?

No, it is not possible to use BPAY for betting site withdrawals. It is widely accepted as a deposit method only, which means you will need to use an alternative, such as bank transfer, when the times comes to make a withdrawal.

Can BPAY Payments be reversed?

Unfortunately, they cannot be reversed. In case something of this nature happens, it’s up to the recipient if the money is going to be returned to its rightful owner. BPAY is just the messenger. It does not provide a platform for resolution of this kind of problem.

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