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New Australian Betting Sites

The Australian betting market may not be as dynamic as some of the other ones when it comes to new entrant frequency, but there are still new betting sites popping up.

So what are the newest betting agencies in Australia and what do they have to offer? We’re going to cover all of that in our overview of new bookmakers in Australia. But first, here’s a list of the latest, brand new Australian betting sites!

List of New Australian Betting Sites

Betting Site Best Feature


Great Sports Coverage

Key Player on the AUS Betting Scene


Live Streaming
Expert Edge

Reliable Bookmaker with Flawless Track Record


Leading Fantasy Sports Betting Site

POLi for Quick FS Tournament Buy-ins

Why Should You Join a New Australian Betting Site?

  • Better User-Interface
  • Competitive Odds
  • Potential for Innovative Products and Features
  • More competition leads to a better offer overall
  • The threat of going insolvent under heavy competition
  • Unintuitive user-interface can cause problems
  • Occasional confusing innovative betting products

For starters, it’s highly likely that a newcomer is just another branch of an already established betting company. Launching a new brand is an opportunity to straighten things up, removes any flaws that were causing problems for the bookie and its trusted customers.

This is the stuff that gives new bookies the edge:

  • New betting features – A new look brings new interface features, and occasionally, operators use this opportunity to test the grounds for new markets and push the margins to the very extremes.
  • Fresh betting options – Newcomers tend to compete in not yet fully developed areas, such as betting on eSports.
  • Great mobile experience – The standard set of mobile apps is in place with a better user interface, live streaming if there wasn’t any before, and again, an entire array of betting specials that all punters are looking for.

What about brand new Australian betting sites, founded by a new operator? This has become virtually impossible. The current “players” on the Australian betting market are too big for a rookie to match what they have in store for Aussie punters.

New Betting Apps for Australian Punters

All of the desktop betting features are integrated with smartphones and tablets at new Australian betting sites. Live streaming, updated odds in real-time, total control of the betting account, and hundreds of lines to bet on, mobile betting truly has advanced. One of the more recent bookies, PlayUp, has a mobile app which completely fits the description.

Performance is essential, especially if the Internet connection is not enviably reliable. Rest assured, joining a new Australian betting site guarantees pleasant mobile betting experience. Then again, some bookies do it better than others. Do not worry, if your primary concern is the quality of the mobile experience, we have that covered. After all, the best mobile betting sites deserve their very own pedestal.

New Betting Sites With Best Mobile Apps
Simple to use
Great racing coverage
No live streaming
Deep selection of sports
Live streaming
Not Aussie owned
Aussie fantasy leagues
iOS and Android apps
No fixed odds betting

Betting at New Australian Bookmakers

So far, we talked about the external, outside features of new betting sites in Australia. But what about the betting product itself? Are there any differences in this regard? Why are some punters constantly looking for new bookmakers?

These are some hard to answer questions. Not because we can’t provide an answer, but because each punter has its specific preferences. However, punters who are looking for a long-term odds provider are more interested in the betting product itself. Let’s take a look at the specifics.

Greyhound and Horse Racing

It’s no secret that Australian punters are inclined to racing of any kind, especially horse racing. New Australian betting sites like to meet Aussie punters halfway by putting the racing odds at the very top. There have been a few of the recent bookmakers that offer a very comprehensive racing coverage. BetDeluxe racing offer is top-notch, while odds on horses are among the highest on the market.

It’s a detail, nevertheless, but a detail that says a lot about what bookmakers are prepared to do for their customers. As we just said, the “sport of kings” is the absolute dominant, followed by greyhound and harness racing. The markets are well covered, and the odds are not to be underestimated.

Live streaming has become almost mandatory, with the Australian racecourses being the priority. Due to the low number of new Australian betting sites, the basis to make a concrete, objective evaluation is not enough. When it comes to a racing offer, PlayUp leads the way among new bookmakers.

Betting Site Best Feature


Great Sports Coverage

Key Player on the AUS Betting Scene

All Sports are Well Covered

Soccer, AFL, cricket, basketball and other sports are the foundation. Bookmakers create the odds offer starting with these, and then move onto other sports, based on what punters are looking for. For instance, Australian punters are keen on horse racing, which is why Australian bookies, including well-established and new betting sites invest more time and resources in this particular area.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that other sports should be left out. After all, many punters prefer betting on soccer, cricket and so on. New online sports betting sites, in a way, feature the best and the latest. What has worked in the past for other bookies is on display from day one. This, then, doesn’t mean that they will keep up with the trends, but for the time being, they are the flashiest, the most attractive and the most talked about betting sites.

Our reviews pay great attention to this area, which is why we’re going to recommend once again, to check them out and use them as the basis for your future betting endeavours. Whether you’re looking for a new Australian betting site or one with reputation and long years of presence on the Australian betting market, Aussiebet’s reviews are a great starting point!

eSports On the Rise

Esports went through a lot! There was an apparent resistance from traditional bookmakers that are reluctant to test the waters with new betting products. Nevertheless, nowadays, eSports is still on the rise. It’s not that big in Australia, but the number of punters that are seeking betting action in eSports is continuously on the rise. And we’re doubtful that this will change soon. With new games becoming of the elite eSports industry, the punter base can only increase.

Both new Australian betting sites and the well-established ones have already conceded to eSports, and now they are offering odds for games such as League of Legends, CSGO and Dota 2. You cannot expect greater diversity at new betting sites if you’re into eSports, mainly because new bookies are preoccupied with horse racing and meeting the needs of racing fans. Picklebet is specialised in eSports, and they are the only exception.

CSGO and Dota 2 are at the forefront of eSports betting. Bet365 doesn’t have a particular charm from an appearance perspective, but their eSports offer is killing it!

Betting Site Best Feature


Best Live Streaming

Geo restrictions apply. You must have a funded account or have placed a bet in the last 24 hours to access. Under Australian law, we are required to inform you that Live Streaming on bet365 is exempt from Parts 3 and 4 of the Broadcasting Services (Online Content Service Provider Rules) 2018.

New CSGO Betting Sites

Finding a CSGO new betting site in Australia is very straightforward. Recently established bookies, the likes of PlayUp, which joined the Aussie betting scene at the end of 2019 caters to CSGO fans who like to place a bet on prestigious CSGO events. In recent times, League of Legends has taken the first place, being the most popular game amongst eSports punters.

If new CSGO betting sites cannot meet your criteria, please consider checking out some of the well-established Australian betting sites, such as bet365 Australia and Unibet. We talk more about this popular eSport in our dedicated CS:GO wagering guide.

New Australian Betting Sites for Dota 2

Dota 2 proved to have one of the most passionate fan bases, with many of them reaching for their credit cards and betting on their favourites. It holds the record-breaking World Championship prize pool, which is a statement of itself.

Bookmakers sense prestige quickly, which is why all betting sites, new and well-established treat Dota 2 punters with respect. There’s no lack of markets, but the odds tend to be one-sided. This is the case at all Australian and international betting sites.

In our opinion, bet365 is the top provider for Dota 2. Then again, the competition is fierce, which makes it difficult to track the best Dota 2 betting odds. Bet365 is not a new betting site, nor its Australian establishment deals with market penetration. Considering the lack of eSports dedicated betting specials, bet365 proves to be an adequate betting environment.

Payment Methods at New Australian Betting Sites

We all agree that selecting a propper banking method is one of the most important things to do before placing a bet. That’s why we’re going to give you a run through a few of the most important payment options and see can you find them at new Australian betting sites.

New PayPal Betting Sites

PayPal is extremely popular amongst punters from all over the world, including Australia. However, its integration with new online betting sites doesn’t seem to be a priority. New bookmakers in Australia are interested in obtaining the services of POLi and BPAY first. PayPal appears to be just a vital alternative which will eventually be added to said bookmaker’s payment methods list.

If you happen to be searching for new PayPal betting sites in Australia, it’s best if you change your mind, and go for a well-established bookmaker, the likes of bet365, Unibet Australia and Betfair’s calibre.

In our opinion, the main reason behind this is PayPal’s approach to choosing which customers it’s prepared to serve. The current Aussie bookies that support PayPal are all EU based holding Australian betting licenses. Does this mean that we’re not going to see new operators that support this e-wallet any time soon? Time will tell.

New POLi Betting Sites

It is the go-to deposit method for avid punters from Australia. Moreover, POLi is the key deposit method and a favourite of Australian bookmakers. Like we mentioned earlier, a new Australian betting site is almost guaranteed to have POLi listed as a deposit option. It makes things simpler, since POLi is available in Australia, after all.

The most recent Australian bookmaker PlayUp, accept both POLi and BPAY, two of Australia’s most popular payment providers. When it comes to withdrawals, you will have to settle for a bank transfer, which is not all that bad, since it’s not an international transfer. Seeing POLi’s logo at the bottom of the page guarantees access to Australian punters.

PayPal and POLi, those are the two payment providers we recommend.

Betting Site Best Feature


Great Sports Coverage

Key Player on the AUS Betting Scene

How to Pick a Great New Betting Site?

There are a few things you should keep in mind when betting with new bookmakers. We will list a few of the top things to consider. Note that new betting sites will probably require a bit more research than established brands, just because there are much less data about them out there.

When Choosing a New Bookmaker Look For:

  1. License – This is the absolute number 1. Every bookmaker you’re dealing with should be licensed by the Australian Government.
  2. Betting offer – Make sure that the betting offer is in line with your interests. Some new bookies may have a bit slimmer selection of sports or try to promote less popular options.
  3. Payment methods – Always double-check banking methods, since new bookmakers may not have that many options. PayPal for example usually isn’t available.
  4. Customer support – Take a look at how you can contact the bookmaker if something goes wrong. If a new betting site still doesn’t have a live chat, it may be a problem.

The Australian Betting Market is Not Slowing Down

Many betting community members get the idea that their options are shrinking when it comes to bookmaker options. While there are not that many new Australian betting sites, we can only say that there still are lots of options available. Granted, the frequency of new online bookmakers showing up on the online betting scene has gone down dramatically, but this has not impacted the overall size of the Australian betting industry.

Despite the recent gambling regulations on specific aspects of advertising, betting is still strong. These changes have only made the betting market a much safer environment, where thrill-seekers can feel safe. There are many government and non-government bodies, such as Responsible Wagering, that are dedicated to making sports and racing betting safe, transparent and fair.

There are a few very good new betting sites available for Aussie punters. Take a look at the full list of top new bookmakers. Best new betting sites

New Betting Sites FAQs

One of the best new betting sites in Australia that has managed to bring innovative features to the scene, and persist the competition pressure is PlayUp. It’s one of the latest and most competitive bookies we’ve seen recently. However, if you wanna learn more about the other great new bookmakers, check out the list at the beginning of our article.

All of the betting sites in Australia are offering some kind of mobile betting app, but when it comes to the latest bookmakers, PlayUp has the best app of them all. It’s available for both Android and iOS and has many cool features, such as live streaming. Check out the part about the best new mobile bookies for more info on this subject.

When it comes to deposit and withdrawal methods, new bookmakers in Australia are more likely to have POLi available than PayPal. On the other hand, most of the bigger international betting sites have PayPal on offer. We have explained where you can play using these popular payment methods in a chapter about the banking options at new Aussie bookmakers.

The authorities tightly regulate the Australian betting market. All online bookmakers that are available to Aussie punters undergo a strict vetting process and are closely monitored to ensure bettors are treated fairly. Whether it’s a new bookie or a well-established one, your interest is safeguarded.

It’s debatable. For sure, we’re not going to see a sudden increase in the number of new betting sites in Australia. However, the market is open, and existing operators have been known to launch new brands. Then again, the current online betting environment shows that Aussies have no intention of letting go their bookies.