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Best Betting Sites in Australia

We review and compare the best betting sites that are licenced for sports betting in Australia. We review everything from the best betting promotions to best payment methods, the top betting mobile apps to the number of betting markets each has available. If you're an Aussie who loves betting on sports, horse racing, or even eSports, we have you covered.

So, which are the best betting sites? What’s the best betting site for horse racing punters? What’s the best mobile betting site for Aussie punters? Who has the best sports betting odds? You'll find the answers to all of these questions, and a hell of a lot more, below. Read on and find out for yourselves!

The 13 Best Betting Sites in Australia

We have a full list of the best online betting sites below with all their details as well as links to their individual reviews but before we get there, here's a little more information about who we consider the 13 best betting sites in Australia:

Full List of the Best Online Betting Sites in Australia

Operator Bonus Link
Unibet Australia review Unibet Australia review Live Streaming Play
Reliable Bookie with User-friendly Interface
ClassicBet Review ClassicBet Review Premium Betting Service Play
Where oldschool service meets competitive odds!
PalmerBet Review PalmerBet Review Great App Play
Traditional Values and Great Betting App
Neds Review Neds Review Punters Toolbox Play
Best New Betting Site in Australia
MadBookie Review MadBookie Review Best Odds Guaranteed Play
Guaranteed Best Odds on the Market
BetEasy Review BetEasy Review Live Racing Play
Embodiment of Synergy in the AU Betting Industry!
Ladbrokes Australia Review Ladbrokes Australia Review Live Streaming Play
Great for Racing and Sports Betting!
TopBetta Review TopBetta Review TopBetta TV Play
User-friendly Betting Site!
betfair Australia Review betfair Australia Review Betting Exchange Play
Unique Betting Product -- So Far Undisputed
bet365 Australia review bet365 Australia review Best Live Streaming Play
Household Brand - Synonym for Sports Betting Review Review Leading Fantasy Sports Betting Site Play
POLi for Quick FS Tournament Buy-ins Review Review Protest Payouts Play
Great Payment Options and Depth of Markets!
Moneyball Review Moneyball Review Strong Fantasy Sports Platform Play
One of the Best Fantasy Sports Sites!

Vetted, reviewed, tested and analyzed in the smallest detail. Our betting experts have carefully gone through each of them bringing this refined list of the best betting sites in Australia.

Betting Sites Promotions

An important element of any betting site, and a crucial factor for any punter’s decision where to bet is betting promotions. It’s a great opportunity for the bookie to prove its worth, and show the generosity every punter is looking for.

Enhanced odds that give you extra profits, special accumulator boosts, multis promotions, you name it! A general rule, betting sites are not obliged to hand out bonus treats and other kind of promotions, They’re courtesy, rewards for the loyalty and the trust you’ve put in them. Moreover, if you think that your current bookie is not treating you well, you have the option to join one of the betting sites we recommend.

Although similar in effect, promotions can take a different form. For example, Ladbrokes Australia hands out Odds Boosts and Extra Odds Boosts, whereas SportsBet gives a similar promotion, but it’s called Power Play. Do not make premature conclusions, regardless of the feature at hand. Also, function over form. We can’t say the same thing about odds over markets, but we’re going to cover that as well later on.

Betting Sites Bonuses & Bonus Bets

Australian betting sites in spite of operating under peculiar marketing regulations have still found a way to provide their trusted customers with some bonus action. “Some” doesn’t mean little to no, in fact, it’s the opposite. However, you need to choose carefully before you join a bookie and before you make your first deposit.

Why? Because only your first deposit qualifies for the much wanted welcome bonuses. There’s a finite number of bookmakers, and just as many welcome bonuses. Welcome bonuses mean bonus bets! Bonus bets mean more betting opportunities, more funds to experiment with, without any added risk for the outcomes to shift in an unpredictable direction.

The welcome bonus is probably the largest lump bonus amount punters are ever getting throughout their stay at any bookie. Take for instance, William Hill Australia. New customers can get up to $200 at the moment of writing. That’s $200 worth of bonus bets, no questions asked.

This is not where the bonus action ends. Betting sites in Australia are not allowed to incentivize punters, showing them all ongoing and special, limited time promotions. However, they can show the welcome, or betting sign up bonuses if they display the terms appropriately, which is fair by all means.

Best Betting Sign Up Bonus for Aussie Punters

Betting sign up bonuses are in the range of modest $50 up to an astronomical $1,500. It’s unfair and unreliable to put all bonus offers in the same basket. For starters, there are punters that like to make hefty deposits. Calling them high rollers is wrong, it’s just how they are betting. Then again, there are casual punters that don’t put much of an effort into betting.

In our opinion, the best betting site sign up bonus for casual Aussie punters is William Hill’s offer, because of the low turnover requirements, and the low odds threshold

Our advice, never miss out on a welcome bonus. Then again, do not settle for a welcome bonus that will simply tie your money to some turnover requirements that are impossible to complete. It’s a double-edge sword, and you better be the one that’s holding it. In the worst case, don’t be in front of it!

Best Mobile Betting Apps for Android & iOS Australia

Smartphones have undoubtedly had a major impact on the online sports betting industry. They’ve revolutionized how we bet, when we bet and what we need to place a bet. Generally speaking, an entire new branch appeared, mobile betting. It didn’t change the odds, it didn’t impact the betting offer, but it gave us another basis for evaluation of our beloved Australian betting sites.

How much they invest in the development of the user interface? Are there dedicated download apps for both Android and iOS mobile devices? Does it look good? Is the mobile betting optimized? Here’s our take on what the best mobile betting sites are, both for Android and iOS!

Best Mobile Betting Sites and Apps – Unibet and ClassicBet

  1. Unibet Australia – Next in line is another international bookie with an Australian online betting license. That’s Unibet! The performance is similar to the one William Hill, but due to minor remarks in the layout area, it’s 2nd in line. Live streaming is available on mobile devices. Just download the respective app and you’re all set. Punters who have Nokia or Windows phones, or any other that does not operate on Android or iOS can simply visit the Unibet betting site.
  2. ClassicBet – ClassicBet is a staple for punters who’re into horse racing. Moreover, they can conveniently and effortlessly bet on the go. ClassicBet is part of our featured mobile betting sites for a very good reason. It doesn’t take a trained eye to spot the qualities.
    SportsBet, although focusing on racing, has a well-built interface which makes the life a sports punter much easier. We recommend downloading the ClassicBet apps if you have Android or iOS device, just because everything runs smoother than the mobile web app, which Windows mobile device users will have to settle for.
Operator Bonus Link
Unibet Australia review Unibet Australia review Live Streaming Play
Reliable Bookie with User-friendly Interface
ClassicBet Review ClassicBet Review Premium Betting Service Play
Where oldschool service meets competitive odds!

All currently operational betting sites offer mobile apps, but not all are as great as the ones we mentioned. If you’re in some sort of a dilemma, join any of these without second thoughts.

In-Play or Live Betting Australia

Live betting has been through a lot, but most of the online betting history, it’s kept illegal, under the Interactive Gambling Act 2001. Australian bookmakers have found ways around the laws which came into force with the IGA 2001. It still is complicated in the eyes of novice punters. However, after a couple of in-play bets, you will get the hang of it.

You as an Australian individual have nothing to worry about. Under the IGA 2001, customers or the punters are not prohibited to place an in-play bet. So, all those bets you’ve placed in the past, they’re not offences. On the contrary, you’re in the safe zone, but the bookmakers aren’t. It’s ILLEGAL to OFFER in-play odds, and to accept live bets. You certainly aren’t running a live betting operation, are you?

In the past, bookmakers bypassed the prohibition by accepting in-play bets via telephone calls. Nowadays, bookmakers like bet365, Ladbrokes and William Hill have made this process convenient by using automation. Basically, you’re just 3 clicks away from placing an in-play or live bet. Had the bookmakers not been competitive, Australians still wouldn’t have been able to place in-play bets. We hope that the betting regulator will not interfere, since the current live betting system greatly resembles traditional in-play betting. So far so good.

All Decent Australian Bookmakers Offer In-Play Betting

It’s difficult to point out a few betting sites that offer in-play betting, mainly because all of them do it. The aforementioned bookmakers have found a special way of accepting live bets, whereas others cater to in-play punters via phone. Do not worry, it doesn’t take more than a few seconds to place the bet you want. After all, even if you are in a betting shop, you still have to “communicate” the bet you want to place with the person at the terminal.

Which Betting Sites have the Best Odds?

Well, it’s out there. And we have to provide an answer. Try to compare to odds objectively, thoroughly, to the very last market is virtually impossible. This is why you won’t find any accurate odds comparisons on the Internet. It’s impossible because by the time you’ve rounded up one set of odds, new ones appear. It’s pointless!

However, we can list a number of points, which have proven to be true in the long run.

International betting companies, such as William Hill, bet365 or Ladbrokes tend to offer marginally better odds. Now, before you get your pitchforks and start a witch hunt, this is in the long run! That being said, you are free to call this an arbitrary evaluation. Guilty as charged, but there’s still truth in it!

Sports betting punters will find it easier to make their own comparisons. Punters who are into racing, not as much, because most of the odds are provided by the tracks. Which is why we have two separate sections on this particular matter! Also, we’re covering eSports!

Best Betting Site for Horse Racing

Aussies are probably the most passionate punter group about horse racing. If a bookie lands on the shores of Australia, without a decent horse racing betting offer, its failure is inevitable.

Additionally, this is why the offer is diverse, why there are enough markets, and the odds are in all honesty, better if compared with what bookies in other regions offer.

Operator Bonus Link
BetEasy Review BetEasy Review Live Racing Play
Embodiment of Synergy in the AU Betting Industry!
Ladbrokes Australia Review Ladbrokes Australia Review Live Streaming Play
Great for Racing and Sports Betting!

Consistency is key, which is why we’re presenting to you:

The top 4 Aussie bookies for racing fans – William Hill and Ladbrokes:

  • William Hill Australia – William Hill unrolls the red carpet for its new customers with the welcome bonus, but there are other promotions which you can take advantage of once you lose the new customer tag. It offers the all-inclusive betting experience, with quite a lot of options for punters who like to bet on racing. Since it’s listed as the No.1 betting site for horse racing in Australia, you probably want to know more about the markets and if there are any other restrictions. We recommend checking out our William Hill Australia review. Simply click/tap on the bonus offer and you will be taken to the review directly.
  • Ladbrokes Australia – Options are important, and as an Aussie punter into horse racing you’re lucky to have them. Ladbrokes Australia provides a longer range of racing events, but it’s second because the odds are not as strong. All domestic events are covered, but if you prefer international, you can check them out as well.
    Ladbrokes is offering all the usual markets, including exotics! If you’re interested in promotions, you have to consider Ladbrokes as a serious option.
  • PalmerBet – Not all like to put their trust in a big international company. Let them patriotic vibes move you. PalmberBet is run by Aussies, for Aussies. Nevertheless, PalmerBet has something special for racing fans that no other bookie can provide, at least not for the time being. We’re talking about an enhanced sign up bonus offer that will surely spark an interest.PalmberBet can fully quench the betting desire of casual racing punters. Australia, being one of the major centers of horse racing offers a lot of horse racing action. Bet on Aussie horse races, at an Aussie bookie!
  • Unibet Australia – Yet another EU based bookmaker which dominates the horse racing betting scene in Australia. It takes a spot amongst the best betting sites for horse racing for two very good reasons. One, it has 3 specials for racing punters, and you can check them out in our Unibet Australia review. And two, Unibet’s racing offer covers all markets and with attractive odds. A really solid horse racing betting option
Operator Bonus Link
BetEasy Review BetEasy Review Live Racing Play
Embodiment of Synergy in the AU Betting Industry!
Ladbrokes Australia Review Ladbrokes Australia Review Live Streaming Play
Great for Racing and Sports Betting!
PalmerBet Review PalmerBet Review Great App Play
Traditional Values and Great Betting App
Unibet Australia review Unibet Australia review Live Streaming Play
Reliable Bookie with User-friendly Interface

Best Betting Site for eSports for Australian Punters

Two decades ago nobody expected that video games could become the next big thing! Esports finally became recognized as an official sport, and so, bookies started offering eSports odds! DotA 2, League of Legends, CSGO, Hearthstone and many other are in the spotlight on a daily basis. There’s always a big event just around the corner! Australian punters who are looking for the best betting sites for eSports will find them listed below.

  1. Bet365 Australia – It was about time for bet365 to show up! Since its launch, bet365 has been at the forefront, battling regulation changes, setting trends and supporting them. Currently, bet365 has the lead in Australia. A variety of markets and there are odds for basically all popular games that might spark the punters’ interest.
  2. SportsBet – It provides the perfect balance of odds and markets to choose from. In our opinion, SportsBet can open new horizons for casual punters, mainly because of the betting market options. League of Legends yet again steals the spotlight, with CSGO and Dota 2 coming in 2nd and 3rd
  3. BetEasy – Although it’s not covering all games, League of Legends events are fully covered. Starcraft, Overwatch and even Call of Duty are in the scope of William Hill Australia. However, there’s a lack of betting markets. Bet365 crushes William Hill Australia in this area.
  4. CrownBet – More markets than William Hill Australia, however, less games are covered. That being said, Starcraft seems to be out CrownBet’s scope, but there are significantly more markets for League of Legends matches. Besides LoL, punters can test their eSports betting skills in Overwatch, Dota 2, CSGO and Call of Duty.

Soccer Betting in Australia

Unlike Europeans, Australians are not particularly fond of soccer or “association football”. That being said, racing and Australian very own team sports are miles ahead of soccer, not just in terms of popularity amongst punters, but in general. Nevertheless, on an international level, Australia is a regular in highest level soccer competitions such as the World Cup for instance.

Although every single Australian bookmaker offers soccer betting odds, not all can deliver the same betting experience. That being said, it’s best to check out our best soccer betting sites in Australia. Sorted, ranked and reviewed to give you an idea where and why you should bet on soccer as an Australian punter. Just to tease you, SportsBet has been ranked 3rd on our best soccer bookmakers in Australia ranking list.

Why is this necessary? Although it’s one of the most popular sports worldwide, with the biggest fan base, some Australian betting sites do not offer the full range of markets.

AFL – Aussie Rules Betting

The jewel of Australia, Aussie Rules, Footy or Australian Football Rules is one of the most popular domestic sports worldwide. It has a serious fan base, passionate and loyal about both the action on the field, but off of it as well. More popular than soccer, and so close to racing, it’s conditionally speaking the 2nd most popular sport Aussies like to bet on.

Over the years, the markets have become quite “exotic”, and to be honest, this has made betting on the AFL way more interesting, and for some quite lucrative. Whether it’s a straight bet, line, or you prefer a 1st Tryscorer & Match Winner Double, we’re positive you will enjoy it. Let’s reiterate, Aussie Rules is one of the sports which qualifies for the Cash Out option, which is extremely popular in recent times.

You’re new to AFL betting? You’re looking for the best AFL betting sites in Australia? We have that covered as well!

Cricket Online Betting

Another team sport which Aussies like to place the occasional bet is Cricket. Now, don’t raise your expectations too high regarding the market diversity. A straight out bet certainly is exciting, and most of the time, that’s the punters’ market of choice when it comes to cricket. Moreover, a double chance and/or an odd/even bets are possible. The odd/even bet is recommended, considering it comes with at least 1.90 odds.

The Indian Premier League is exceptionally important, which is why you can bet on these matches at any decent Australian bookmaker. The Country Championship attracts a lot of attention as well, with New Zealand, Australian, South Africa and many other competing for prestige in the gentleman’s game.

Now the market offer differs greatly from one match to another, which is directly related to how attractive that match is to the bookmaker, but to the average cricket fan as well. It’s inconsistent to say the least. William Hill Australia offers easy to use cricket betting interface which enables even the least experienced punter to find its way around. We kindly recommend it to punters who are new to the world of online betting.

Rugby Union & Rugby League Betting

People from around the world identify rugby with Australia, and for a very good reason. Next to Aussie Rules, it’s at the very top of the sports popularity list. Australian betting sites incentivize punters to bet on Rugby Union and Rugby League by offering attractive betting promotions. Make sure you check them out.

But, where to bet on Rugby in Australia? We have prepared a dedicated overview of the best Rugby betting sites in Australia. If you want to go into specifics, check out the respective bookmaker review. Although Rugby is not the focal point, it will definitely give you an idea whether that’s the appropriate betting site for your Rugby betting “adventures”.

First Tryscorer, First Stoppage, Highest Scoring Half, First Try Trifecta, Line bets and the Straight Bet are just some of your market options. Eventually, you will specialize in a few markets. This is the best way to quickly excel in betting on Rugby.

Golf Betting

Are you a passionate Golf fan? Are you closely following each tournament? Australian betting sites have a lot in store for you. Not a single golf tournament of significance is left out. Betting on golf is simple, yet exciting. Yes, there are not a lot of markets to choose from, but there sure a lot of contenders.

Operator Bonus Link
ClassicBet Review ClassicBet Review Premium Betting Service Play
Where oldschool service meets competitive odds!

As you will see, you need to be careful which betting site you join as a punter who’s interested in Golf. Why? Mainly because not all bookmakers are keen on golf. It’s not like it’s horse racing or soccer popular. To illustrate, bet365 extends the market options with a few exotics, whereas William Hill Australia offers straight match bets and outright tournament winner bets. Which one will you choose? Well, if golf is of your interest, and you apply a bit of common sense, you’d go for bet365. Just make sure it’s the Australian page you’re on.

Some of the markets are added a few days before the start of the tournament. However, if you feel you can predict the tournament winner, you can do it whenever you please, since the odds are added weeks before the start of the tournament.

Betting is LEGAL in Australia – Betting Ads are Prohibited

It is legal and it will stay that way unless the Australian government has a change of heart. The betting tax revenues are too important to the tax authorities, which is why we think betting has a safe future. However, the most recent changes directly affected how betting is promoted, how it’s advertised. Not all betting promotions or bonus offers can be displayed. Even once displayed, the full terms need to be neatly disclosed. For the punter’s good!

Everything you see at Aussiebet is in line with the rules and the regulations. Although we’d like to show you the full range of betting promotions provided by the betting sites we’ve reviewed, we’re not allowed. You will have to discover, or better said, to explore the promotions pages yourselves. We can give you only a general evaluation. In the meantime, enjoy online betting, but do so responsibly.

Betting Sites Accepting Bitcoin

Not a day goes by without mentioning or hearing about cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin in particular. The news media is flooded with various reports and speculations! February of 2018 was very important for the betting market in Australia, especially for cryptocurrency punters. Neds had started to accept and pay out winnings in cryptorcurrency, however, this was halted almost in an instant.

The NTRC swiftly informed all of their licensees, stating that they WILL NOT allow cryptocurrency deposits or such withdrawals. By this point, both punters and bookies were looking for common grounds, but the NTRC drew the line at FIAT currency only. Your question, which betting sites accept Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency in Australia is fairly simple to answer. None. At least no licensed bookies are willing to accept your cryptocurrency deposits and put their licenses in jeopardy over a deposit. We also expect regulators from other regions to follow the lead and set this rule in stone.

However, as always, we’re closely monitoring the steps taken by the regulators and the bookies. Should there be any changes, we’re going to update this information.

New Australian Betting Sites

The only thing we didn’t cover in this overview of the best betting sites in Australia is newcomers. Are there any new bookies that have joined the Aussie betting scene? Are there any worthy bookies that deserve your attention. Most certainly there are. However, with the latest wave of regulatory changes which took place not so long ago, the Australian market is not so attractive for new operators. Then again, existing operators are starting up new brands with hopes that they will make a change and steal away a chunk of the current market share.

It’s best to check out our dedicated New Betting Sites page. It holds all the information there is on new online bookmakers that entertain Australian punters.

Betting Sites FAQs

With great bonuses, amazing betting product and a safe and secure gambling environment, our reviews have highlighted that the best betting sites in Australia include the likes of bet365, William Hill,, Unibet, and Betfair.

In the past, there were minor differences in the betting product itself, meaning the odds, the sports and the basic layout of the sites. Nowadays, it's become difficult to distinguish them. Even the international betting companies that have landed in Australia have adapted to the punters' needs, but they've also started to set their own trends.

We discourage such ways of obtaining quasi advantage. Furthermore, individuals who have your best interest in mind will give provide these tips for free. Paying for tips is not an option. In most cases, the advice you will receive is no different in any way from what you can find here at Aussiebet absolutely free!

Different bookies have different costs, ergo they are setting different margins. This is a business, and they must make sure they're making profit. Nevertheless, experienced punters can easily take advantage, unless the odds are significantly poor. You can't base the quality of a bookmaker based on the odds only. Although they're the most important, other features can also make a change, such as promotions, deposit and withdrawal terms, customer support quality and so on.

The term vigorish is not widely used in Australia. Instead, Aussies use margins. Vigorish, or Vig for short, is effectively the commission the bookmaker charges. Now this commission is not charged directly, such as a deposit fee, for instance. Instead, it affects the odds quality. Consider it an indirect fee.