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POLi Betting Sites

You already have one of the best Australian payment methods, all you need is the best POLi betting sites. You can place your first real money bet in no time! However, it's not as easy as it sounds, because most Australian betting sites accept POLi deposits, which makes this a question of what is the best one out there!

POLi is a household name, but if you're not up to date, scroll down to learn more about its qualities, and why it's so popular with Australian betting sites. Avid punters who are merely looking for the best betting sites that accept POLi can jump straight to our Top 7 list!

Top 7 POLi Online Bookmakers Accepting POLi

Betting Site Best Feature Visit Site
bet365 Australia review bet365 Australia review Best Live Streaming Play
Household Brand - Synonym for Sports Betting
Registration Code: CD365
PalmerBet Review PalmerBet Review Great App Play
Traditional Values and Great Betting App
Unibet Review Unibet Review Live Streaming
Expert Edge
Reliable Bookmaker with Flawless Track Record
Ladbrokes Australia Review Ladbrokes Australia Review Live Streaming Play
BetEasy is a Much Better Option!
BetEasy Review BetEasy Review Live Racing Play
Embodiment of Synergy in the AU Betting Industry!
Betfair Australia Review Betfair Australia Review Betting Exchange Play
Unique Betting Product - So Far Undisputed

This list is updated regularly to reflect the current situation and the bookies' present qualities. It also gives you an overview of what their unique features are from the get-go. You must be interested in one, right? With the best POLi betting sites “out of the way” we can focus on POLi in specific, and see how bookmakers treat POLi punters. Fees, depositing instructions, security protocols, and in general, the advantages and the disadvantages of using POLi at betting sites, all of these are well-covered!

POLi Payments at Betting Sites – Popular Deposit Method

It is an extremely popular deposit option at Australian online bookmakers. Punters have many reasons to favour it, among which are lower fees, and the time that it takes for the money to reach the betting account. Seeing POLi’s logo at the bottom of the page guarantees Australian punters are welcomed. Moreover, it says that you can deposit and bet in AUD.

The POLi betting sites showcased on this page are all licensed in Australia. Joining any of them guarantees you safe online betting! POLi is an Australian made payment method, which makes the combination twice as good!

If we were to create another list of the best Australian betting sites in general, it wouldn’t be any different from the aforementioned Top 7 POLi bookmakers.

Deposit with POLi at bet365 Australia

The world’s biggest and according to many, the best bookmaker in the world bet365 accepts your POLi deposits. Its key asset is user-friendly design, yet it comes with tons of markets packed and delivered in a compact size.

Make sure you're not wandering around because there are two different pages, one of which is dedicated to the Australian market. Regular or in-play betting, soccer, horse racing or basketball, all of these are fully covered. Bet365 is keeping up with the trends. A great example, and a fact which supports this is the e-Sports section!

Betting Site Best Feature Visit Site
bet365 Australia review bet365 Australia review Best Live Streaming Play
Household Brand - Synonym for Sports Betting
Registration Code: CD365

Unibet Accepts POLi Deposits

ALL Australian betting sites accept POLi, including Unibet! The experience and the skills cultivated in Europe were eventually brought down under. Much like bet365, Unibet is also making efforts to continuously improve their offer, and make Aussie punters feel comfortable. It’s also worth noting that Unibet also has a dedicated website for Aussie punters. However, it’s highly unlikely that you will drift away to the international site because you will be redirected to the appropriate bookmaker site automatically.

Betting Site Best Feature Visit Site
Unibet Review Unibet Review Live Streaming
Expert Edge
Reliable Bookmaker with Flawless Track Record

Betfair Australia is Part of the POLi Betting Sites Family

Experience the thrill of betting at Betfair Australia. It’s a place for punters who seek more action, more excitement, or in other words, the opportunity to bet against other fellow punters. The Betfair Exchange is the largest of its kind in the entire world. Now, Aussies can tap into the endless possibilities brought by betting exchanges. Let’s not forget to mention that Betfair also accepts POLi; otherwise, it wouldn't be mentioned here amongst the finest POLi betting sites.

Betting Site Best Feature Visit Site
Betfair Australia Review Betfair Australia Review Betting Exchange Play
Unique Betting Product - So Far Undisputed

How Does POLi Payments Work?

POLi is an Australian direct online banking payment provider which supports transactions in AUD. It is a deposit method primarily which allows customers to make instant transactions. Online purchases, deposits and in general, all kinds of money transfer are supported as long as the merchant is authorized and associated with POLi Payments.

You can create a POLi account, but it’s not mandatory. The only prerequisite to use POLi at betting sites or any other place on the Internet is to have a bank account in Australia. There's a slightly refined list of banks that support POLi transactions. Any other bank will not work. Some Aussie punters use POLi as a way to get money to their PayPal accounts because of low fees.

Here’s a brief explanation of how POLi Payments works:

  1. The Customer Selects POLi Payments as the Payment Method
  2. POLi connects the Customer's Bank Account with the merchant
  3. Once the Details are Provided, POLi Verifies the Transaction
  4. The Merchant/ Betting Site is Informed of the Transaction
  5. The Betting Site Credits the Customer’s Balance
  6. The Transaction is NOT Still Completed, but POLi “Promises” the bookmaker it WILL

POLi Payments completely replaces credit cards, at least as far as online purchases and online deposits are concerned. It's safe to say it's a thing of the future. No, it doesn't fully replace credit cards, but it does so on the Internet. It's not like you can go to the local store and pay for the groceries with POLi. It is an online banking payment method, after all.

poli betting sites Aussiebet

Is POLi Payments Safe?

In spite of POLi’s adamant efforts to promoting its service as safe and secure, many Australian banks have warned their customers about it. The biggest concern, according to Australian banks, regards privacy. POLi has access to the customer’s banking credentials, which to be honest, is vital. Then again, POLi maintains a reputation for not failing its customers. Moreover, its customer base has been growing steadily, especially with the introduction of POLi Payments Version 3. This turned POLi entirely web browser-based, allowing Mac and mobile users to access POLi’s services.

The financial services industry is closely monitoring its actions, including the official authorities. If they've given the green light, who are we to say otherwise. If we were to put the pros and cons of POLi, the column showing the advantages would be way longer. To be more specific, the only thing that would be part of the cons column is the already state privacy issues.

Our final verdict is, yes, POLi is safe to use at betting sites, as long as they’re licensed and legal. As long as somebody is legally bound, POLi is a recommended payment option. If it were otherwise, we’d point you towards PayPal immediately. In general, most betting sites that are available to you are indeed POLi betting sites! The correlation says it all.

Which Banks Use POLi? – Banks Supported by POLi Payments

The following list shows all Australian banks that enable you to use POLi at betting sites and any other online store:

Australian Banks Accepting POLi
ANZCommonwealth Bank
Bank of MelbourneIMB Building Society
BankSANewcastle Permanent
BankwestSt. George Bank
Bendigo BankWestpac

There are half a dozen of New Zealand banks, which also enable their clients to use POLi for online payments:

New Zealand Banks Accepting POLi
ANZBank of New Zealand

For the time being, POLi is available to punters from Australia or New Zealand. In case you have a bank account at any of the banks mentioned above, or you can set one up, POLi betting sites are closer to you than you think!

Disadvantages of POLi

First, we’d like to go through the disadvantages that might leave a bitter taste in your mouth. It is a payment provider, money is at stake! Like we already concluded, the benefits outweigh the “damages”. POLi does not facilitate credit card transactions. The only way to make POLi payment transactions is directly via your bank account.

Amongst other things, you will come across comments that POLi is not safe from your friends. Although not a security concern, it becomes overwhelming in the long run. The media is not always correct. Speaking of which, if we could, we’d recommend POLi to work on its image. The community has been rather vocal about the privacy issues which arise due to its operation model.

The best way to disprove this is if they don't save any personal details. This includes but is not limited to, bank passwords, account numbers, balance details and anything else of this nature.

We can’t talk of any currency conversion fees because it’s done by the bank, not by POLi. So far, only AUD and NZD are listed as currency options.

POLi Betting Sites Fees

POLi knocks out any credit cards because of its low fees. It takes only 1% of the amount in fees. Additionally, this fee amount is capped, which means you can't incur any astronomical charges if you're placing hefty bets.

To illustrate, if you deposit $100, you will pay $1 in fees, to POLi, not to the online bookmaker. If, say, you deposit $300, the charge is $3. However, if you deposit $500, the fee will not go beyond the threshold of $3. Instead, the charge is limited at $3 per transaction. This is why we recommend making deposits less frequently. Of course, it doesn't make a big of a difference, but the devil is in the detail! We're here to inform you and to make a suggestion. The final decision is yours to make.

Additionally, there are no maintenance fees. This is why POLi is better than some e-wallets. However, this is a major obstacle, which we're going to discuss in the following section.

Lastly, POLi is available in Australia and New Zealand only. This means that if an Aussie punter decides to go over the wall and join an international bookmaker, he will not be able to deposit with POLi in most cases. In situations like this, it's recommended you use Skrill or Neteller because PayPal is available to Aussies only in Australian betting sites.

Can I Withdraw with POLi at Betting Sites?

For the time being, you cannot withdraw with POLi at betting sites. To receive money via POLi, you need to become a merchant, you need to be a vendor, a seller. In simple terms, you need to be the bookmaker to receive money.

This is the flaw we’ve been talking about all the long. Punters who deposit with POLi usually withdraw via bank transfer, or electronic fund transfer. In the past, these were very expensive, but nowadays, due to larger volume of transaction, banks offer them at much more affordable prices. Another factor of offering bank transfers at acceptable fees is the competition online banking methods and e-wallets have introduced.

POLi Payments Advantages

We're not going to go crazy with this, because there's not much to talk about. POLi is a simple payment processor, which gets the job done fast, ergo, there aren’t many advantages we can point out besides the obvious. Briefly, these are the advantages punters get at POLi betting sites:

  • Instant Deposits
  • Simple and Easy to Use
  • No Maintenance Fees Whatsoever
  • Available on Mobile Devices – Smartphones & Tablets
  • The bookmaker Has no Insight of Your Banking Details
  • No Interest Charges
  • AUD and NZD Supported
  • Partnered with Other Payment Providers with a Global Presence
  • Supported by Most Australian Banks

Aussies established POLi for Aussies. This is probably the main reason why we were inclined to talk more about the disadvantages of using POLi at betting sites, and what could go wrong at POLi betting sites.

POLi Alternatives for Aussie Punters?

If POLi didn't get your trust and use it for funding your next betting experience, there are a handful of alternatives that might interest you. Most likely, you've learned by now that no payment provider is perfect if you put a lot of thought into it. Something will pop up, something will show up, and it will be the black spot on a clean sheet of paper. No matter how much you say it's just a blank sheet of paper,  the black dot won’t go away.

  • Ideally, you want to join an Australian bookmaker and use PayPal as a deposit and a withdrawal method. Using PayPal is marginally more expensive, but it still is more affordable if compared with credit cards, for instance.
  • BPAY is another “Made in Australia” payment provider. Most likely, you use it to pay your utility bills. Now, you can use it to deposit at Australian betting sites. It's very similar to POLi, but the deposit amount will be reflected on your balance after several hours, up to 24, whereas POLi deposits are almost instant.
  • Your last resort when it comes to payment solutions for your betting endeavours should be credit cards. Although widely accepted, they will make your betting experience a nightmare. High fees, extra security checks, interest on deposits, the list of flaws goes on and on.

Note, if you’re pursuing an international bookmaker you can use POLi to fund your Neteller or Skrill accounts. The fees are acceptable, don’t worry about that. However, you will become subject to extra maintenance and transaction fees which have nothing to do with POLi.

POLi Explained

Best POLi Accepting Online Bookmaker in Australia

In other regions of the world, it's the payment provider that invests in promoting its services. In Australia, it's the betting site that's pushing the use of a given payment method. Or this could be the case just because POLi has won the trust of Aussie punters.

We kindly recommend bet365 Australia, mainly because it comes with an appealing betting offer, which outclasses most, if not all of its competitors. Moreover, POLi is the recommended deposit option at all Australian bookmakers that do not accept PayPal deposits, the likes BetEasy and PalmerBet. However, this doesn't mean that you can't use it at bookies that accept a wider range of payment methods, such as BetStar and Ladbrokes Australia.

Betting Site Best Feature Visit Site
bet365 Australia review bet365 Australia review Best Live Streaming Play
Household Brand - Synonym for Sports Betting
Registration Code: CD365
BetEasy Review BetEasy Review Live Racing Play
Embodiment of Synergy in the AU Betting Industry!
PalmerBet Review PalmerBet Review Great App Play
Traditional Values and Great Betting App
BetStar Australia Review BetStar Australia Review BetStar Card Play
Unibet is capable to deliver way more than BetStar
Ladbrokes Australia Review Ladbrokes Australia Review Live Streaming Play
BetEasy is a Much Better Option!

POLi Payments FAQs

No. POLi Payments is an Australian company which for the time being operates in Australia and New Zealand only.

If the merchant, or the international bookmaker is already associated with POLi, meaning if the services are offered, you can do so. However, it's highly unlikely to stumble upon an online business that's not directly involved in the Australian market to accept/offer POLi payments.

Sorry Guys, but the new NSW regulation is preventing us from showing you any betting promotions, so we have to stop you here, since you can't participate anyway. What we can do is recommend our favorite bookies, based on their products.

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