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Best Betting Apps in Australia

Finding the best betting apps is not as easy as it sounds, mainly because there are so many great picks available. You’ll have to cross-compare tens of them before finding the right one! That’s why we have gone through all betting apps in Australia and filtered the best ones.

We cover both iOS and Android apps, as well as their special features. Here is our list of the 5 best betting apps in Australia.

Top 5 Online Betting Apps in Australia

Betting Site
Best Feature
Best live streaming platform
Visit bet365bet365 App Review
Most User-Friendly mobile app
Visit UnibetUnibet App Review
Excellent for horse racing fans
Visit BlueBetBlueBet App Review
100% Aussie with a long tradition
Visit PalmerbetPalmerbet App Review
Great selection of Aussie sports and leagues
Visit PlayUpPlayUp App Review

Note, this is our unbiased opinion on which Australian bookie has the best betting apps. Our team of experts were in an unenviable situation because Aussie bookies are amongst the most competitive ones in the world. The devil is in the details, and we had to go through all of them!

bet365 App

It’s kind of funny seeing bet365 proclaimed the best in most areas. However, this is true, and it’s no wonder they are so popular around the world, not only in Australia. The app includes everything a punter could wish for, including all of the bet365 markets, industry-leading live streaming platform and a bunch of betting specials.

Bet365 mobile app is available for iOS, Android and any other type of device you can think of. All apps have the same design, which we think is a bit better than the one on the desktop version. iOS and Android native apps are virtually the same. The only difference is that you’ll have to download Android one directly from the bet365 website, rather than the Play Store.

bet365 App Pros
  • User-friendly interface
  • Unmatched selection of sports and racing markets
  • The market-leading live streaming platform
  • Excellent live betting service
bet365 App Cons
  • No obvious negatives
Best live streaming platform
Visit bet365bet365 App Review

BlueBet App

BlueBet took the Aussie betting market by a storm with their mobile app available for both Android and iOS devices. The apps follow the same slick design as the desktop version of the site, making it super easy to use.

It also doesn’t fall far behind when it comes to the features. You’ll be able to enjoy all the BlueBet odds, markets and specials even when wagering on the go. BlueBet mobile apps have the same horse-racing coverage that made them famous in the first place. All of the racing markets, including the exotics, are now available from the palm of your hand.

BlueBet App Pros
  • Simple design
  • Sky Racing live streaming
  • Fantastic horse racing offer
BlueBet App Cons
  • Page loading could be quicker
Excellent for horse racing fans
Visit BlueBetBlueBet App Review

Unibet App

Unibet is second in line with its mobile-friendly betting app for Android and iOS. Compared to bet365’s, it’s safe to say that this one should appeal to casual bettors way more. It’s brighter, and there are fewer details on the screen, which means less distracting noise. It’s an all-inclusive piece of software that will make you love betting more.

With Unibet mobile app, you can enjoy not only a plethora of markets and odds on sports events from all around the world but also tons of special features, such as HD mobile live streaming.

Unibet App Pros
  • Great design
  • A broad selection of odds and markets
  • Mobile live streaming via Unibet TV
Unibet App Cons
  • A bit clunky sometimes
  • Page load speed could be improved
Most User-Friendly mobile app
Visit UnibetUnibet App Review

PlayUp App

PlayUp may be a newbie on Australia’s online betting market, but they sure know what they’re doing. One of the best things about this operator is definitely their online betting app. It’s available for free download on both iOS and Android devices.

PlayUp mobile app has the same sports coverage as the desktop version of the sportsbook, which includes every Aussie sport, such as AFL, NRL, A-League and BBL, with a sprinkle of foreign leagues, like NBA, NFL or EPL. However, the app misses some key features, like live streaming, so we can’t say it’s top tier, but if you’re into betting on domestic sports, it will serve you well.

PlayUp App Pros
  • Straightforward app
  • Very fast and responsive
  • A broad selection of sports
PlayUp App Cons
  • No live streaming
  • Not as many markets as at some of their competitors
Great selection of Aussie sports and leagues
Visit PlayUpPlayUp App Review

Palmerbet App

Palmerbet is a bookie with a tradition of over 30 years. This 100% Aussie owned bookie offers a no-nonsense mobile betting app filled with a fantastic selection of odds and betting markets. Their strong points are Australian sports leagues and horse racing, but there’s also more than enough international events available.

Both iOS and Android native apps and a web-based Palmerbet mobile app are straightforward to use, meaning that you won’t have a problem locating your bets. One thing we advise is to use the web-based app for horse racing betting because this part of the native apps could be designed a bit better.

Palmerbet App Pros
  • Simple app design
  • Easy navigation
  • Very smooth and swift
Palmerbet App Cons
  • Short list of payment options
  • No live streaming
100% Aussie with a long tradition
Visit PalmerbetPalmerbet App Review

How To Spot the Best Betting Apps?

When choosing the best betting app, it all comes down to your personal preferences. A single app can’t be a perfect fit for everyone, so you’ll have to look for one that suits you the most. Nowadays, all of the operators are having the same betting offer on all devices, meaning that range of odds and markets on mobile isn’t an issue. Instead, you should look for apps that have great extra features. These are a few basic things you should look at first when picking your next Australian betting app.

App Design

A great UX design is a must-have. Luckily, most of the Aussie operators realised by now that user-friendly design is what punters appreciate the most when betting on the go. If you find it easy to locate sports and markets, as well as other important pages like cashier and customer support than you’re probably dealing with a solid betting app. Keep in mind that everything should be clear even if that’s your first time using the app.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is still a somewhat exclusive feature that can be found only at a handful of top bookies in Australia. In case live-streaming is properly implemented on the mobile, it’s safe to say that the betting app is well-built. If a bookie is offering live streaming, you probably would want to watch on the move, so all of the apps that offer this option get huge a plus form us.


One of the biggest advantages of native apps is an option to get push notifications. For example, an app can tell you if you have a winning bet, or if the game is about to start. On the other hand, you don’t want to be spammed with an avalanche of useless alerts. The best betting apps know how to serve you only the necessary notifications, and let you to easily set which ones you want to receive.

What Do We Cover in Our Betting App Reviews?

When we say “great detail”, we mean it! Mobile apps get updated, smartphones and tablets evolve; there are OS updates every other week and have all that covered. Android and iOS are the two leading platforms, and as you might’ve expected, we have that covered. In short, here are the topics that we cover in our mobile betting app reviews:

  • The layout of the App – Easy to Use/ Inconvenient
  • Are there Native Apps (download apps)? – Android, iOS or both?
  • How to Download the Android betting app?
  • Is the Mobile Web App any good?
  • Which features are available to mobile punters? (Cash out, blog, depositing)

These are some of the common areas that we like to cover thoroughly. Nevertheless, some online betting apps come with distinctive features that deserve our attention. This is why some mobile app reviews are longer than others.

Mobile Betting Apps Pros & Cons

Mobile Betting Apps Pros
  • You can bet anytime
  • You can bet anywhere
  • Highly flexible
  • All mobile devices are covered
  • Get the same odds as Desktop users
Mobile Betting Apps Cons
  • Navigation can be a problem
  • Impossible to resolve some queries

Differences Between Native and Mobile Web Apps

It’s not a commonly used term, but at least that’s how we’re going to refer them. Mobile Web Apps are the mobile-friendly, optimised versions of the bookies which run in your mobile web browser. They require no downloads, and you can start betting within seconds if you have an account. Their more advanced “cousins”, the native mobile apps, do require to be downloaded, but that’s not the only difference. That’s only the tip of the iceberg.

How Native Apps Are Different?

  1. They’re faster, and they run smoother
  2. Your data charges won’t be affected by native apps
  3. Some features are available on native apps only
  4. Live streaming, cash out, full account control
  5. Easier to access and place a bet

Basically, you can customise your betting app. It gets easier over time, and eventually, it will take you only a few taps on the screen to place the bet you wanted. Besides, it’s always there, on your home screen!

Best Betting Apps for Android

We mentioned earlier that it’s difficult finding the best betting apps, and it gets even harder if you have an Android device. Due to Google’s policy on gambling, gambling apps are available in only a few countries, like the UK, for instance. Unfortunately, Aussies have to visit the respective betting site to download the Android app manually. This is the case with all Australian bookmakers.

After testing several mobile apps for Android we have concluded that these three are the best choice:

  1. Bet365
  2. Betfair
  3. PlayUp

Best iPhone Betting Apps

Australian bookmakers are not discriminating against Android users; it’s Google that’s doing it. On the other hand, Apple is supporting legal and responsible gambling, giving bookmakers space to offer their iOS apps. Instead of going through the seemingly complicated procedure for downloading the app manually, all you need is the App Store.

Below, you can find our top picks for the best iPhone betting apps in Australia.

  1. Unibet
  2. Palmerbet
  3. BlueBet

How to Download and Install a Betting App?

Downloading and installing betting apps on your phone or tablet is a very straightforward process, however, it goes a bit different depending on the operating system. We’ll first break down how to install any Android-based betting app.

Install Android Apps

  1. Open the betting website in a Mobile Web Browser  
  2. Scroll to the Bottom of the Page
  3. Look for buttons that say “Mobile” or “Mobile Apps”
  4. Access the Mobile Section
  5. Find the Download App for Android button (anything that fits this description)  
  6. Adjust the Security Setting on Your Phone (referring to Download Apps from Unknown Sources)
  7. Find the .APK file in Your Downloads Folder
  8. Initialise the Installation
  9. Once the installation is done, you should see the app on your Home screen

iOS apps are much simpler to grasp. Here is the step by step guide on how to download and instal any betting app for iPhone or iPad.

Instal iOS Apps

  1. Go to the Apple App Store
  2. Find the betting app
  3. Click download
  4. Everything after that is automatic, so you’ll only need to log in with your betting account to start betting

As we mentioned above Android betting apps aren’t allowed on Google Play Store and we don’t expect any changes in this area any time soon. It seems the Australian betting market has finally stabilised. It would have been way better to see all Android betting apps in the Google Play Store. This will also reassure bettors which bookmakers are legit, and how good a specific android betting app is.

Live Streaming Betting Apps

If you are asking us why we’ve chosen bet365 and Unibet as the go-to betting apps, it’s because they offer all the bells and whistles a punter would like to enjoy. including live streaming. Both offer these have that feature! Surprisingly, even in the 21st century, live streaming is not as widely available as many of you might think. Still, it should be one of the first things to look for when choosing your next betting app.

To get access to the mobile live streaming, you need to register, log in, get the app and go to the live streaming section. Note that bookies wouldn’t let you start watching right away. Most of them will ask you either to place a bet or at least have a positive account balance. Since there are so many sports on offer, different apps are better for different events. Here is a quick overview of which betting app is the best for which sport.

  • Bet365 – A very user-friendly live streaming platform that is the best if you want to watch major US leagues, such as NFL, NHL and MLB.
  • Unibet – This one is the best when it comes to streaming European soccer. So if you’re a fan of La Liga, English Premier League or Serie A, then Unibet TV should be a no 1 choice.

In-Play Mobile Betting Apps in Australia

Live betting or in-play betting is a taboo topic in Australia. Or, to be precise, it’s borderline illegal since the Australian Government passed the Interactive Gambling Act in 2001. Nevertheless, online betting sites have found a way around this law, and have made it possible for punters to place in-play bets. Some of you might not be familiar with it, but there are betting sites which allow mobile punters to place in-play bets, also known as mobile live bets. Here are a few of them.

In case you find the live betting inconvenient when betting on the go, you might want to stay at home or close to your desktop device during the matches. For what it’s worth, we just want to put the in-play mobile betting apps on display. After all, that’s what it’s all about!

In our opinion, in-play mobile bets should be placed only in case of emergency, from an Aussie punter’s perspective. EU fellow punters have it easy. They can place a live bet in an instant, with a couple of taps on the screen. On the other hand, Aussie punters have a few extra steps to go through.

The bottom line is, you can bet on the go, even once the game has started.

How to Deposit and Withdraw With Betting Apps?

All of the betting operators in Australia we mention on this page are offering the same payment on all devices. In case you want to know which bookie is offering what banking options, note that it’s all written on the list above. Depositing via mobile is very straightforward and not so different than on desktop. But if you’re new to betting apps, here is a quick guide on how to deposit over a phone or a tablet.

App Deposit Guide

  1. Open the native or the web-based app
  2. Go to the cashier
  3. Choose a payment method
  4. Insert the amount you wish to deposit
  5. Fill in the form
  6. Click the ‘submit’ button
  7. Your first deposit should be on its way

When it comes to withdrawing via mobile betting apps, everything is also very clear. Just visit the cashier once again, pick a banking method, enter an amount and that’s it.

Sports Betting Apps and PayPal

Online betting should be convenient, everything from the actual odds selection, the account registration, all the way to depositing and withdrawing. No payment method does it better than PayPal. We praise PayPal online bookmakers such as bet365 because they make your betting endeavours ten times as more comfortable.

Unsurprisingly, since we already mentioned, there’s a refined selection of mobile betting apps where you can deposit and withdraw with PayPal. In practice, you are betting with PayPal on your favourite sports. Although POLi Payments is a worthy alternative, it does not support withdrawals. As such, we have to give the top priority to PayPal. When we say this, we’re entirely ignoring a bunch of other stuff that makes PayPal undisputed.

New Betting Apps in Australia

They are the latest, and according to many, the best the betting industry has to offer at this moment. We tend to disagree, but we have to showcase the most recent additions. There are not that many, but it’s worth taking a look and comparing. The best new betting app is the one by PlayUp.

Again, they have unique features, modern interface, but some of them lack behind in other areas. If you’re looking for recently launched betting sites, you want to take a look at our new Australian online bookmakers page.

Mobile Betting – the Way to Bet and Stay Ahead!

Mobile betting apps are the pinnacle of online betting. Even live betting doesn’t rank so high on our priority list. Not that it’s not available in Australia, this is an unbiased statement! They’ve reshaped the punters’ habits, when we bet and how we bet most importantly! But still, being responsible should always be no1 priority. So don’t hesitate to call some of the gambling support institutions if you or someone you know is having this kind of problems.

Some do it out of convenience, others can’t imagine sports betting without betting apps, and then some still haven’t tried it. Regardless of which punter group you belong to, we’re 100% positive our picks will make a difference in your future betting endeavours. And don’t forget, the mobile betting app reviews are just the tip of the iceberg. Check out our betting site reviews if you want to know what you’re getting yourself into.

Most of the bookies have betting apps, but we have handpicked only the best ones for you! Click the button bellow to see the full list! Best Betting Apps

Betting Apps FAQs

Due to Google’s policy, you can’t download Android betting apps from the Google Play Store. That’s why you’ll have to head out to bookmakers site and download the app directly. All you need to do is follow the instructions on the site, or take a look at our step by step guide on how to download any Android betting app.

There are several bookmakers on the Australian market that offer fantastic mobile betting apps, so it all comes down to your personal preferences. We have listed at the beginning of the review our top 5 picks for the best betting app, which should be a great starting point if your search.

Not necessarily. Most mobile betting sites have a web app that is available to play instantly without the need for a download. Some bookies like bet365 also have a native app that is available to download for Android and iOS devices.

Yes, mobile apps are just as secure as their desktop version. Some betting apps even accept payment methods like PayPal. We would, however, suggest that you stick to our list of the best mobile betting apps to ensure that the site you are placing bets at is in fact, trustworthy.