Best Enhanced Odds Boosts in Australia

Finding the best enhanced odds boosts in Australia is close to impossible to accomplish if you don’t know where to look for. The main problem being the nature of the advertising regulations in Australia. To make matters even worse, not all bookies like to show their generosity in this manner.

Whatever the case may be, Aussiebet is adamant about bringing you detailed and accurate information on all promotions that we’re legally allowed to. Let’s stress the term “accurate” because information that’s not reliable is no good to any punter.

Punters who are familiar with bookmaker enhanced odds, how they work, what the restrictions are, are perfectly aware of their importance! Although we like to put a few on display, the NSW advertising regulations leave us with no options. You will have to discover them yourself, once you lose the status “new customer”.

Best Bookmakers with Enhanced Odds Boost in Australia

Before the amendments of the advertising rule book in NSW, there were half a dozen of online bookmakers based in Australia, which offered enhanced odds on a regular basis. Usually, they targeted the most popular soccer, horse racing and Aussie Rules events. Needless to say, important Tennis matches were also in the scope of such enhanced odds betting promotions.

Like we mentioned earlier, online betting sites leave us no choice, but to only talk about enhanced odds in general. You will have to find these promotions, evaluate them, compare them and choose the one that you think is best for you.

What Good are Enhanced Odds Boosts at Betting Sites?

As a rule of thumb, the biggest online bookmakers in Australia do offer enhanced odds and/or similar betting promotions. They, like their trusted customers, take enhanced odds as a benefit, as an advantage. They help the bookmaker to direct the attention of a customer on a given event, whereas punters can take advantage of boosted odds.

Basically, enhanced odds are an opportunity which can bring you extra 15%-23% on top. An enhanced losing bet is still a losing bet. Punters who show a special interest in sport events, let’s just say racing is not their thing, might have to pay closer attention to the the promotion T&C.

What are Enhanced Odds/ Boosted Odds?

Enhanced odds are the bread and butter of passionate punters that pay attention to the promotions page at online bookmakers. They’re one of the best incentive avid punters can get, which enable them to win more, without any added risk. Online bookmaker boosted odds, or usually referred to as enhanced odds, are not extremely popular, mainly because betting sites expose themselves to uncontrolled, added losses.

One might ask, how is the bookie opening itself to extra risk? The thing is, the odds are carefully calculated before they’re offered to the general punter base. Betting enhanced odds, which enable punters to boost the odds of a given event and a given market, give part of the control to the punter. Imagine if punters had the ability to come up with the odds? Well, that’s what the betting exchange is for at Betfair.

The opportunity to boost odds should be utilized carefully. You don’t want to waste a chance to win extra 15%-23%. An increase in the odds of say 30% reflects significantly greater risk. However, boosted odds do not come with any added risk. This is what makes them so attractive to punters who bet on a daily basis. Note, do not let boosted odds corrupt you and turn you into an irresponsible punter. The difference between madness and ingenuity is measured by success, keep that in mind.

Which Betting Markets Can I Use Boosted Odds On?

Initially, when boosted odds first appear as betting promotions, they enabled punters to place bets on certain markets only. To make matters worse, punters were allowed to use boosted odds on racing events only. As you might’ve already guessed, things shifted to a different direction, and enhanced odds for other sport events were unrolled, including but not limited to soccer, cricket and most popular US sports. Basically, bookies had to do this, otherwise their attempts to create a new kind of promotion would’ve failed. Horse racing aficionados’ needs were already met, so they were in the safe zone.

So which markets can you use boosted odds on? For starters, fixed odds winner markets, but the range was expanded to the first goal scorer of the match, goal lines, and some bookies have tapped into the special outcomes such as yellow/red cards, penalty shootouts and so on. For now, this shouldn’t be your primary concern, as the bookie’s interface basically guides you through the process. The enhanced odds button/notification pops up whenever you can use betting boosted odds.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should jump into action immediately. Successful punters do their homework, i.e. their research. Unless you’re already an expert in the field, well, then you have our blessing!

Racing, team sports, you name it! Bookmakers are generous, especially the ones that offer enhanced odds on a daily basis and with little to no restrictions.

Can I Combine an Odds Boost and a Bonus Bet?

Bookies are generous, but they haven’t lost their minds, not yet. The promotions and the bonus bets they hand out usually, almost always, come with a clause which prohibits combining them in any way. That idea you had a few minutes ago, which involved bonus bets and odds boosts, forget about it.

Moreover, like we already mentioned, you can’t put your boosted odds into multis. In a way, the bookmaker could’ve made all of this clear and state that enhanced odds, or Power Plays are meant to be used and settled within the 24 hour period. Sure, it’s not 100% correct, but most punters would get the point easier.

Imagine if you were able to combine odds boosts and bonus bets, the bookie would be in heaps of trouble. Basically, no money is going in the bookie, yet there are these punters getting boosted odds, getting extra winnings without any added risk that skews the chances in the bookie’s favor.

Note, you might have to make a deposit to qualify for a given enhanced odds boost promotion.

How Frequent are Odds Boosts/ Extra Odds Boosts/ Power Plays?

There is no definite answer. However, in our experience, recreational punters get the most opportunities of this kind. That being said, punters who visit the bookie on a daily basis, and eventually place a bet, get additional odds boosts. Then again, this is not carved into stone. Bookies like to call these privileged punters “loyal”, and we all know the definition of that word.

In simple terms, you should just do your thing, place the bets you think you should, maintain a certain frequency of visits, don’t break the bank and eventually you’ll start receiving additional odds boosts.

Note, bookies that are not afraid to show their generosity, have set certain restrictions that protect their own interest. They reserve the right to exclude certain punters from receiving odds boosts and/or other boosts. Who are these punters? In general, punters who have demonstrated that they are prepared or already are abusing these or other promotions. It’s a long sentence, but it’s easy to digest.

How to Place Place a Bet with Enhanced Odds or Power Play?

Thanks to the bookie’s marketing efforts, the procedure is fairly simple. Do what you’re already doing, but this time around look for the “Odds Boost”, “Boost Odds”, “Power Play” buttons. The quote difference should also be displayed, giving you a clear information how much you’re getting on top of the original winnings.

It’s obvious that if you place a bet at low odds the odds boost might not be worthwhile. It’s a percentage boost, which means, the bigger the nominal value, the bigger the increase will be. Placing a bet at odds of 2.00+ sounds like a great idea, and it is, but make sure you’ve reduced the risk by doing extensive analysis of the potential outcomes. Why? Because you have one chance per day. It’s not ONE WINNING ENHANCED ODDS BOOST BET PER DAY. You got one shot!

Markets and events that qualify for odds boost will be displayed accordingly. No extra effort is required.

How to Make the Most out of Enhanced Odds Boosts?

That’s the million dollar question, but it’s not that difficult to answer. All we need is a bit of common sense. First and foremost, you have to qualify for odds boost, which means, don’t do anything against the bookie’s T&C. Next, here are the important points regarding odds boost:

  • One Odds Boosts per Day
  • Event and Market Restrictions Apply
  • The Effects of Odds Boosts are Apparent at Higher Odds

With these in mind, it’s easier to draw a conclusion. First, you need to get familiar with the sports, or the racing events and the qualifying markets, learn how they work, which are the favorites, etc. Basically, you might have to revamp your style of betting. However, if you’re into horse racing, you’re already on the right path. Although not of any help, but odds boost can add some diversity in your betting endeavors.

FAQs Enhanced Odds Boosts

Contact customer support immediately. It’s possible that you’ve been excluded from the daily odds boost promotion. If that’s the case, try to find out what you can do to get the privilege back. It’s worth the extra effort!

Absolutely. That is, the idea behind them is the same. The mechanics are the same. The end result is the same. However, the terms can differ. In spite of the similar names, and the identical nature, the promotion terms can change your opinion about an odds boost offer.

Yes. Unless otherwise specifically stated.

Unfortunately, no. Each bookmaker has its own set of rules, and featured sports/markets. You might want to consider this before you join your next betting site.