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The Best Betting Bonus Offers & Promotions

Betting is at an all-time high, in spite of the recent regulation changes which shifted the Aussie betting market in a different direction. Online sports betting bonus bets & promotions are sought-after for many reasons. Punters get more chances to win, place a few extra bets, maybe experiment a little, whatever they please.

They come in different shapes and sizes, but every single punter out there has heard of the first in line, welcome bonuses, also known as sign-up bonuses. These are not to be confused with no deposit bonuses. Whether you’re a passionate punter who prefers to stick to the real deal, or you like to get a taste of betting with bonus money, the offers bookies provide to registered customers might interest you.

The Best Bookie Offers for Aussies

Due to Australian law, we are no longer allowed to display any welcome bonuses or real money betting promotions. But with this article, we will try to give you a few useful tips on how to choose the best betting sites and what to expect once you are there. Slowly, but very so surely, betting promotions are becoming a thing od the past. Racing betting promotions, however, are still going strong. For now, we can only recommend joining some of the below listed Australian bookmakers. All of them are safe picks!
Betting Site Best Feature Visit Site
PalmerBet Review PalmerBet Review Great App Play
Traditional Values and Great Betting App
bet365 Australia review bet365 Australia review Best Live Streaming Play
Household Brand - Synonym for Sports Betting
Registration Code: CD365
Betfair Australia Review Betfair Australia Review Betting Exchange Play
Unique Betting Product - So Far Undisputed
Unibet Review Unibet Review Live Streaming
Expert Edge
Reliable Bookmaker with Flawless Track Record Review Review Bookmaker Card Play
bet365 brings way more cool and useful features than
Neds Review Neds Review Punters Toolbox Play
Bet365 offers way more consistent offer and service.
PointsBet Review PointsBet Review Spread Betting Available Play
Spread Betting Available!
Ladbrokes Australia Review Ladbrokes Australia Review Live Streaming Play
BetEasy is a Much Better Option!

Betting Promotions for New Customers

Australian bookmakers, like all other international betting sites, offer a bonus treat for their new customers. As you can see, most of them take the form of a simple match deposit bonus. Depending on the bookie’s generosity, the bonus boosts are in the range of 50% up to 200% in most cases. However, betting operators are known to go over the line and prepare a juicy 200%+ deposit bonus with the purpose to attract even the least interested punters in bonuses. Thanks to the huge demand, we can't say there's a lack of betting bonus bets and/or other promotions.

It’d still be a “grey” betting experience if it weren’t for other betting promotions, which are able to meet the demands of punters who are reluctant to take advantage of bonus offers. There’s something for everyone! The aforementioned bonus offers are available to punters who have a clean slate with the said bookmaker. In other words, if you’ve had an account with them, you’re not eligible for these particular offers. This is not a reason to fret about, as there are other promotions that will spice up, or sweeten up your betting endeavours.

Bonus Bets are the New Most Sought Betting Promotions

One thing is for sure, we all miss them. Bonus bets have taken the place of the now already gone most sought-after type of bonuses. They’re rare because they’re borderline prohibited. That being said, the rule book is extensive, which is why bookmakers try to avoid them. It’s not like they don’t want to reward the punter’s trust, and the risk to try something new.

However, that gap was filled with more generous, overall better online sports betting bonus bets. Like we mentioned, bonus bets are here, though, don’t rely heavily on them. Match bonuses, and dedicated sports betting promotions such enhanced odds, for instance, are here to stay. Imagine if they were gone as well?!

Bonus Bets for Australian Punters

Bonus bets are in fact all bets a punter places with bonus money, credited by the bookmaker as a token of appreciation and a retention scheme. Aussies are fond of these bonuses treats, and bookmakers based in Australia are aware of this!

best betting promotions

Here are our top partners and what they offer to their newly acquired customers. It’s essential to let you know that it’s extremely unlikely that you will come across a bonus offer that’s identical at two different bookmakers. This is the bookmaker’s opportunity to stand out from the rest, which is why occasionally an overwhelming bonus offer can pop up. Our advice is, don’t make premature conclusions, as some bonus offers only appear lucrative, whereas in fact, once the bonus terms are considered, the bonus offer comes off as underwhelming.

Why Aussies Can't See Betting Bonus Offers?

Following the public outcry for enhanced restrictions on betting and gambling in general, operators had to come to an agreement with the Federal Australian Government. This was the only way for betting to stay legal in Australia, otherwise, the authorities would've lost the reigns to illegal betting agencies.

However, all is not lost as there still are bonuses available. Then again, customers are put in an odd position, where they have to sign up before they can see all promotions that are available on the menu. Strangely, some of the bonus deals betting sites offer in Australia have become slightly better since the all-out ban on betting promotions. Is this their way of making up for the inconvenience caused by the new regulation?

Now, bettors must make their decision where to play based on the brand image, and the product, for the most part, meaning the odds, the payment options and the quality of the customer support. Since we too have to adhere to the new rules, you will not see any betting promotions displayed at In the event of an update of this regulation, or its total abolishment, we will act on it immediately, and return available bonuses on page.

Betting Bonus Bets for Victorian, NSW, NT and SA Residents

In case you’re one of them, do not worry. There are bonus bets for punters located in these regions, it’s just that you have to be patient. Due to regulatory issues, bookmakers are not allowed to advertise any bonuses or other kinds of incentives that affect the punter’s decision, whether it is to join a bookmaker, place an extra bet, or lure him back in the world of online sports betting. In other words, bookmakers in the said regions have to wait to be contacted.

Once you register, there are no legal obstacles between you and the bonus bets provided by any Australian bookmaker. Note, always bet at bookmakers licensed in Australia. Otherwise, you open yourself to threats such as unfair odds, unfair punter treatment, fixed odds and no customer rights whatsoever. The customer is always right, but only if the betting site is licensed and regulated.

The bonus offers you see displayed at Aussiebet are not explicitly available to you residents of the aforementioned regions. Should there be any changes, we’ll gladly make the necessary, wanted amendments.

Enhanced Odds Boosts for Aussie Punters

Taking extra risks brings higher total prizes. Those cumulators certainly are attractive. However, now you don’t have to put your hopes in landing a big accumulator win. Look for enhanced odds promotions at Aussie bookmakers, and/or cashback bonus boosts. Sports betting promotions are tightly regulated by the Responsible Wagering Agency in Australia, which is why most of the promotions are visible to registered customers. With the exception of welcome and/or sign up bonuses, all others are hidden.

This is why you have to rely on our bookmaker reviews, prepared by our team who obtain the information first-hand, conducting their own research based on years of experience in the betting industry. In order to avoid opening new accounts, solely with the purpose to check out the ongoing promotions, follow our lead!

The enhanced odds usually come with attractive matches, be that derbies or other events of significant importance. Cashback bonus boosts are just as frequent! Choose wisely! Also, please check the small print carefully, as bookmakers can include special terms that change the quality of a promotion. Remember, you can receive only one bonus offer per day.

Although not as attractive as betting bonus bets, enhanced odds should be considered!

Exclusive Betting Bonus Bets & Promo Codes

Bookmakers are aware that punters check for reviews before they start betting, or even before they join a given bookmaker. With the latest onslaught of regulation changes, it’s become difficult to know where one can bet. Exclusive Bonus Offers are a thing, and an important one. An exclusive promo or bonus code can open the bookie’s doors with extra bonus funds on top.

They work the same as any other promotion, but only you and those that visit the online betting site using the code we provide have access to these exclusive bonus treats. If such a code is not required, simply click on the “Claim” button and you’ll be taken directly to the betting site, with the exclusive bonus privileges. Our sincere recommendation, use whatever exclusive bonus you feel it’s in line with your betting wants and needs. You always get more betting bonus bets with exclusives!

Sports Betting Bonus Bets – Terms and Restrictions

Experienced punters can skip this section, as it targets individuals who are new to online sports betting, and betting bonus deals in particular. When a bookmaker hands out a bonus offer, it does so expecting the punter to follow a set of rules, also called bonus terms. Almost every single betting bonus offer at Australian betting sites has the following terms:

  • Minimum Odds – The qualifying bets you’re going to place have to be at the specified odds or more. In the past, these were cunningly hidden, but now, bookmakers have made them visible, easily accessible. In most cases, the minimum odds are 1.50 or 2.00.
  • Turnover Requirements – Also known as Play-through requirements, they indicate how many times bonus punters need to wager, the amount punters should bet in total, before any withdrawals can be released. Like the minimum odds, turnover requirements are displayed accordingly. This particular area has been a hot topic of many debates, and eventually, bookmakers lost their case. They’re brought to the very minimum.
  • Excluded Territories – Different regions of Australia are subject to different regulations. Punters from certain areas are completely excluded from welcome bonuses. However, there’s a way around this. You can find this particular information displayed in every bonus offer on this page or anywhere else at Aussiebet.
  • Type of Bonus – For now, the only distinction we can make is whether the offer is available to new customers, or it’s an ongoing promotion available to existing customers, that have long lost the label “new customer”.

These are the most important bonus terms that you have to consider. Note, bookmakers are in a rather unenviable situation. Although they want to attract new punters with attractive promotions and bonus offers, they can’t, they’re not allowed. This is why we prefer to evaluate a bookmaker based on the quality of the odds, the customer service, the overall betting product and the security it provides.

Betting Bonuses & Promotions FAQs

Unfortunately, you cannot. Bookmakers have to protect their own “investment”. Enhanced odds, bonus bets, basically any promotion serves as an incentive, as a loyalty reward. Any attempt to trick the system and do this will backfire eventually.

First, you should know that there's a difference between bonus money and bonus bets. It's become common practice to release a given amount of bonus funds. Punters are then allowed to select the bet amount themselves, the bonus bet amount that is. However, bookmakers can also offer predefined bonus bets. Usually, they come in increments of $10. The minimum bonus bet at most Australian bookmakers is $10. If you have a bonus bet balance less than $10, the full amount must be placed.

This largely depends on the bookmaker's policy. They're legally bound to display an expiration period. Ergo, we can't provide one expiration period which fits all bonus offers.