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Best Cricket Betting Sites in Australia

Here at AussieBet we don’t like cricket, no, we love it! Just like a lot of Aussies we are mad about betting on cricket and you can find everything you need to know about the sport here. From essential rules to bet types and promotions, if you are looking for information on how to bet on cricket you are in the right place. Make sure you also check out our extensive bookie reviews where you can find all the latest cricket offers. Our guide to cricket betting in Australia knocks the rest for six, so just keep on scrolling to find all the info you need.

Best 6 Australian Bookmakers for Cricket Betting

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Cricket Betting: The Essential Rules

Before you even think about placing a bet on cricket you should familiarise yourself with the essential rules. These can vary from bookmaker to bookmaker and it is always very important to read the small print. Some betting agencies impose win limits for singles and multis, and restrictions can also apply to winnings on certain markets.

Cricket Pay-Out Limits

Bookies cannot afford to leave themselves open to pay-outs they can’t afford to honour, so for this reason limits are often imposed on winnings. Limits can differ for domestic and International events or for multis and singles. The importance or profile of the match/tournament can have an impact on pay-out limits too. The general rule is the bigger the match or tournament (e.g. The Ashes), the higher the limit will be. These limits can be very different depending on which bookmaker you use, so make sure to check terms and conditions before laying your wager.

Cricket Dead Heat Rules

Sometimes when betting on cricket in player markets like top batsman or top bowler, dead heats can occur. On occasion, sometimes three, four or even more players can finish on the same score and when this happens dead heat rules apply. When there is a dead heat between two players both are deemed to have won, but the catch is that your original stake is halved. If three players are involved, then you will receive a third of what you originally would have won (4=1/4 original winnings and so on).

Basic Cricket Betting Markets

When carrying out our bookie reviews we discovered that the amount of markets on offer from different bookmakers varied massively. Three of the best bookmakers for betting on cricket are Palmerbet, Bet365 Australia and Ladbrokes Australia. When it comes to odds all three are competitive, but when it comes to the amount of markets available, Ladbrokes Australia win with an innings to spare. We will discuss the bookmakers in more detail below, but now we will outline some of the most popular markets for betting on cricket.

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Cricket Betting: Win The Match

Perhaps the simplest form of betting on cricket is placing a wager on either team to win, or else on a draw. Plenty of bookies also offer odds on who will win with draw no bet insurance. Odds differ from betting agency to betting agency, so make sure to shop around for the best prices, and that applies to all your cricket wagers.

Cricket Betting: Double Chance

This is a market on offer from the majority of Australian bookies. With Double Chance you can choose from three options: Team A + Draw, Team B + Draw or Team A + Team B. You double your chances of landing a winner and it is a very good way to hedge your bets and bank a small profit.

Cricket Betting: Batting Markets

It is a sweet sight to see a batsman smashing one away for six, but it makes it even sweeter if you have a few dollars on him to score the most runs in a match. Most bookies offer betting on top batsman for each individual team too. Additional markets like total runs, to score a 50/century or first to reach 50/century are on offer too. So, if you want to add an extra bit of excitement to your betting on cricket, the batting markets could be just the ticket.

Cricket Betting: Bowling Markets

Australia has produced some of the best fast bowlers of all time, and who can forget the master of spin Shane Warne. It is no surprise that betting on the bowling markets is so popular down under, and most bookies offer plenty of punting options. You can bet on the top wicket taker with the major betting agencies, as well as over/under betting on the number of wickets a bowler will take or runs he will allow. So, for those who love to see the wickets fly, betting on the bowling markets could earn you profit for your passion.

Cricket Betting: Man Of The Match Betting

Another exciting market that most betting companies offer is on which player will be named man of the match. These bets are usually settled on the man of the match named by a specified source, so make sure to check the terms and conditions before you place your wager.

Cricket Betting: Multi Betting

If you are a punter that enjoys going for big pay-outs with multiple selections, you can try your luck on cricket. Most Aussie bookies will allow you to include cricket wagers in multis and often you can even combine your cricket selections with picks from other sports. Remember to check your individual bookmaker’s terms and conditions, as limits on pay-outs and the number of selections in multi bets can apply.

Cricket Betting: Top Punting Tips

Just like when betting on other sports, knowledge is power when it comes to betting on cricket. There are a lot of things that should be considered before you have your bet, and some things are more important than others. Here at Aussiebet we love to have a flutter on the cricket and we have listed a few of the most important things that you should look out for before you have a bet.

Cricket Betting Tips: The Pitch Is Pivotal

The centre of the cricket field is where you will find the pitch and this is where most of the action happens. Before you have a bet it often pays to do your homework on the sort of pitch the teams will be playing on. They can be made from ants’ nests, clay, red clay, dustbowls, green seamers, hard slightly green-tinged tracks, hard brown tracks or hard feather beds.

Each pitch type has different characteristics and they will suit some bowlers better than others. Some will favour spin bowlers, others fast bowlers and on some pitches seamers will have the edge. So, before you place your win wager or top bowler/batsman bet, check out the pitch type and maximise your chances of turning a profit.

Cricket Betting Tips: Check The Form/Head To Head

Another good indicator on how a cricket contest might unfold is to check the recent form of both sides. If a team is coming into a match on a winning streak their confidence will be high. The opposite applies to a team coming into a match after losing a few games, and the importance of confidence in any sport should not be underestimated.

It is usually also worthwhile checking out the head to head statistics before you have a bet on a cricket match. We have all heard of so called ‘bogey’ teams that seem to have the Indian sign over a certain opponent. Sometimes spotting these ‘bogey’ sides can be rather lucrative and this can often be a way to find value in the markets when betting on cricket.

Cricket Betting Tips: The Price Must Be Right

When it comes to betting on any sport, not just cricket, it makes sense to shop around for the best price. Odds can vary wildly from betting company to betting company and it can pay to do some research and find the very best price available. The earlier you pick your bet out the better, as bookies often tighten up their margins as the match draws closer.

What Makes A Good Cricket Bookie?

There are three main elements that go into making a quality cricket bookie. First, and possibly most importantly, is the quality of odds on offer. We have found that the earlier you place your bet, the better the price you will often get and Unibet Australia, PalmerBet and Bet365 Australia are well known for providing punters with decent prices for cricket.

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Secondly, we think the depth of markets is crucial when it comes to picking your perfect cricket bookmaker. Ladbrokes lead the way in this department and they have more markets available than the majority of their industry rivals.

Thirdly, if betting on cricket is your main focus then it always helps if your bookie runs regular promotions. Due to regulations, some promotions may not be available to residents of certain territories. We will examine the best cricket betting promotions more closely below, and hopefully you might see one that tickles your fancy.

Where Should I Bet On Cricket?

Overall, when it comes to choosing what bookie to bet with on cricket there are lots of things to consider. Sign up bonuses, odds, depth of markets and promotions are all vitally important and three bookies that stand out from the crowd for cricket betting are Ladbrokes Australia, Bet365 Australia and Palmerbet.

As we pointed out earlier, Ladbrokes Australia is an industry leader when it comes to the amount of markets on offer for cricket matches. If you are looking for value then Palmerbet, Bet365 Australia and Unibet Australia are all worth checking out.

Most important International Cricket Tests/Tournaments

The Ashes

When it comes to cricket tests, none is more important for Aussies than The Ashes. Every two years Australia take on England in a series of five test matches. This fiercely competitive contest has produced some classic encounters down through the years and it was last held in 2017/18 in Australia. The hosts came out on top, winning four of the tests with the other one ending in a draw. The Ashes has been contested on a total of 70 occasions and The Aussies hold the edge with 33 wins to England’s 32 (5 draws). With this being the biggest of all tests in, arguably, world cricket, we've put together a comprehensive Ashes betting guide for you.

ICC Cricket World Cup

The flagship tournament for one day cricket (50 overs) is the ICC Cricket World Cup. This is held every four years and it was first held in England in 1975. Australia have dominated this tournament in recent years, winning four of the last five renewals including in 2015. They have won it a world’s best five times in total and they will be amongst the favourites for the next World Cup in 2019.

ICC Champions Trophy

This is another One Day International competition and it too is held every four years. It is second in importance only to the World Cup. It was inaugurated in 1998 and was held every four years until a three year gap between 2006 and 2009. It was last held in England and Wales in 2017 and Pakistan lifted the trophy, beating arch rivals India in the final. It will next be hosted by India in 2021.

ICC World Twenty20

Perhaps one of the most exciting forms of cricket, the ICC World Twenty20 tournament is always worth watching. Usually held every two years, there will be no tournament in 2018. The next ICC World Twenty20 will be held in 2020 in Australia. The West Indies are the most successful nation with two wins (2012, 2016) and this is a tournament that Australia have yet to win. Their best performance came in 2010 when they lost to England in the final.

Domestic Cricket Tournaments

The Sheffield Shield

The Sheffield Shield is the competition that matters in domestic cricket in Australia. The Shield was first played for back in 1892/93 when New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia fought it out for glory. NSW came out on top and they have won the Sheffield Shield a record 44 times. Victoria have dominated in recent years, winning the last three Sheffield Shields in a row.

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The Big Bash

The Big Bash is probably the most popular domestic cricket competition down under. This Twenty20 League features eight city based teams (franchises) and it is played in December/January. First held in 2011 it has grown in popularity since and plenty of bookies run regular Big Bash Promotions. Each state capital has one team in The Big Bash, with Sydney and Melbourne doubly represented. The Perth Scorchers are the most successful team to date, winning it three times. The 2017/18 winners were the Adelaide Strikers.

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Best Cricket Promotions

Promotions are crucial when it comes to choosing which is the right bookie for you. A few bookmakers like William Hill and CrownBet run cool rewards schemes and the points you earn can be used as betting dollars on cricket. Or, alternatively, the points can be used to boost the odds of your chosen cricket wager. At the time of writing, promotions for cricket were thin on the ground due to a lack of major tournaments. However, Ladbrokes ran a good one for the Big Bash and we outline that below.

Ladbrokes Australia Big Bash Odds Boost

As we explained earlier Ladbrokes Australia are well worth checking out if you are crazy about your cricket. Further evidence of this is their brilliant Big Bash Odds Boost Promotion. Ladbrokes members just need to choose their ‘Innings of Winnings’ bet, hit the ‘Boost’ button and just like magic, you will instantly see those odds increase.

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Best Cricket Betting Apps

In Australia, betting on the move has exploded in popularity in recent years and every major bookie has a mobile or web app for customers to use. Whether you are an Apple device aficionado or you are an Android addict, most bookies will cater for your cricket betting needs. Web Apps cater for users of other types of devices (Nokias, Windows Phones, Blackberrys).

The vast majority of bookmakers display in-play betting odds on their Mobile Apps too, but due to the Interactive Gambling Act you must pick up the phone to place your bet. While carrying out our in-depth betting agency reviews we found that the Ladbrokes, Bet365 and PalmerBet Apps were among the best when it comes to betting on cricket on the go.

Cricket Live Streams

Only a couple of Australian bookmakers offer live streaming of cricket. That may change in the coming years and if streaming becomes available elsewhere we will let you know. SportsBet allow you to stream selected cricket matches on their desktop site and if you like to bet and watch, then they could be the bookie for you.

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Another bookmaker that offers live cricket streaming is Bet365 Australia and they are currently showing the ICC World Cup Qualifiers live. CrownBet stream a lot of sports, but at this present moment they do not show live cricket. They claim that this might change in the future, and if it does you will find out about here at AussieBet first.

Cricket FAQs

In Australian Cricket, perhaps the biggest competition within the sports is the Ashes. This is a series of 5 test matches with Australia going head to head against England. It is usually held every two years and alternatives between the UK and Australia.

It depends. Test cricket is cricket is usually played over 5 days with a maximum of 90 overs each day. In limited overs cricket, tournaments are one-day and the maximum is set at 50 overs.

A cricket team is usually made up of 11 players. Teams can also have a 12th player who helps with equipment on the day. This player can also substitute a fielder in the case of injuries. Even though a cricket game is made up of 2 teams of 11 players or 12 if you count the sub, there are only ever 13 players on the field at one go.