FIFA World Cup Betting Sites in Australia

FIFA World Cup is officially the biggest sports event in the world! Punters from around the globe are eager to bet on the World Cup. Australians are no different, so we decided to list our picks for the top 5 World Cup betting sites.

Seasoned punters can check out the list of the best bookmakers right away. New players should take a look at the rest of the article first. We cover everything important, from World Cup markets to in-play betting features.

Top 5 FIFA World Cup Betting Sites for Aussies

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All of these betting sites are licensed in Australia. Their operations are in line with Australian law and regulations. So what can you expect from them for your upcoming FIFA World Cup betting spree? Check out some of our bookmaker reviews to learn more about each site from the list.

Unibet Is the Best Choice

All of the listed sites offer World Cup betting. But none of them is doing it as well as Unibet. They are a European brand, so the World Cup always ranks high. At Unibet, you’ll find a plethora of markets and odds, including all of the less popular bets. Plus, it’s easier than ever to follow what’s happening on the field with Unibet stats centre. If you want to learn more about betting with Unibet, take a look at our dedicated review.

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How to Find the Best World Cup Odds?

Every Aussie betting site will be offering a plethora of odds and markets for the upcoming World Cup, but the trick is to pick the best ones. Prices usually vary from a bookie to bookie, so the best way to find the most favourable ones is to look around and compare. Once you do this a few times, you’ll get the idea of where to look next time, so don’t be lazy and start shopping around!

World Cup Odds Comparison

We did one of those tests while writing the article, just to give you an idea of how it should look like. Scroll down and check out the odds comparison table we made.

Top 3 FIFA World Cup Odds Betting Sites
Outright Winner
Spain 8.008.508.00
Argentina 13.0013.0013.00

World Cup Betting Tips & Advice

You can increase your returns, or your success rate by thinking out of the box. Also, timing is everything! Although the odds don’t change rapidly since it’s not in-play betting we’re talking about, the sooner you place your bets, the better the odds are. However, this is only one piece of the puzzle.

Like any other tournament, the World Cup also comes with its own set of little known unofficial rules which apply to punters. Try to put yourself in the shoes of the soccer players that will participate in the tournament. The pressure, the joy, a rollercoaster of emotions, yet, these are the same players that need to crush the dreams and the hopes of their opponents.

Here are a few FIFA World Cup betting tips that could give you the edge you need to beat the bookies.

The Group Stage is Perfect for Accumulators

In the early stages of the World Cup, or to be precise, during the group stage, punters are encouraged to pursue accumulators. Why? Because it’s highly likely that dominating teams such as Germany, Brazil and/or Argentina meet complete underdogs like North Korea, Egypt or Saudi Arabia. Although the odds are not as attractive as a single bet, once combined carefully, the total odds become quite appealing. The best part, the risk is almost non-existent, but it’s still there.

You can allow yourself the risk of accumulators in the knockout stage. Sure, you can take a chance, but you better pick the correct market, and back the winning team.

Place an Outright Bet Before 15th of June

Outright bets are recommended on top of the match bets of your choice throughout the entire tournament. It’s because you guarantee yourself a piece of betting action, and a reason to closely follow all those important World Cup moments. Many of the outright markets are removed following the first game, which is why we recommend checking out the World Cup outright bets and markets well before the tournament starts. Not only can the markets be removed, but the odds will be decreased as well.

Many punters make this mistake, thinking that all outright betting markets will be available throughout the group stage, only to realise they were so wrong. Don’t forget, if you miss this chance, you will have to wait another 4 years, for a complete FIFA World Cup betting experience, including outright bets.

Treat the Knockout Stage Participants with Respect

Usually, 2 out of the 4 group teams are clear underdogs, though, there are exceptions. Such groups are called “The Group of Death”, stating that one favourite will have to leave the tournament. However, once the group stage is over, all World Cup participants have to be treated with respect. Why? They’ve already competed with the best national selections from all around the world, and they’ve succeeded to pass the group stage!

There have been a number of surprises, and punters who were reckless lost a lot of money. There’s no such thing as a sure bet, or a bet without any risk.

Soccer History and Tradition are Crucial

It’s by no accident that the nations that nurture soccer and have a rich soccer history are the ones that are the most successful in international soccer competitions. Germany, Brazil, Argentina, England, Spain, even France, all of them have top-class nation representatives that compete at the highest level.

It’s highly likely that some of the aforementioned will reach the final in any FIFA World Cup tournament. You can call them favourites, but only if you speak freely. After all, you have to predict what team will take the World Cup trophy home. If you were to bet on all of these, it’s highly unlikely that you can make a profit.

World Cup Betting Outright

The whole idea of outright bets is to make the entire tournament special. You can bet on the outcome even months in advance. Since World Cup betting is so popular, there are countless outright markets available. So, what are the most popular World Cup betting markets? Find out below.

To Win Outright – Win the Upcoming World Cup

It’s the simplest future bet, but it’s also probably the most popular amongst new punters. The first thing that comes to mind on what you should bet on. Although we don’t disagree entirely, we do think that the other outright bets are more interesting. Moreover, the latter future betting markets are distinctive for the World Cup only. Let that be an additional reason why you should, at the very least, consider them as your betting markets of choice for the upcoming World Cup.

Group Betting

Group betting markets treat the individual group as a mini-tournament. Each team must encounter all other teams from the group, which makes it a perfect opportunity for a show of soccer skill. So, there are special outright bets that will bet settled by the end of the group stage. There are two notable markets, which we think you’re going to like. Bookmakers have become over creative, enabling punters to be on who will be at the bottom of the group and so on.

Group Winner

Much like the outright bet to win the tournament, you can bet on which team will win a given group. The odds are not overwhelming, but in our opinion, you should go for them. After all, low odds indicate low risk, both in the eyes of the bookie and in the eyes of other fellow punters.

Group Forecast – 1st & 2nd

Have you ever placed a bet on horse racing? If the answer is yes, usually titled Group Forecast, you can bet on which team will finish 1stand which will come in 2nd in the group. Now, these odds are quite attractive! More importantly, it’s easy to predict which two teams will get a direct entry to the knockout stage.

However, don’t get disappointed if your group forecast bet is a loser. In a way, it’s not that easy. So why are we recommending the group forecast World Cup betting? The odds start at 2.50, and go as high as 7.00, at least for the outcomes that are plausible. The impossible ones reach astronomical values of 400! Don’t get excited too much. You should be going for the group forecast odds in the range of 2.50 and 5.00.

To Reach Final / Finalists / Quinella

It is said that people who can clearly “see” what the future holds are clairvoyant. Having a friend who can do that is of great help. Then, you’d be in a situation where all your To Reach Final bets are winners. This is one of the most popular World Cup outright betting markets, predicting which team will reach the final. You can raise the odds by betting on which two teams will play in the finals.

The odds range is rather wide. The probable ones, such as seeing Argentina & France in the finals are 21.00, whereas Argentina & Australia are 751.00. Although we don’t like saying it, the Socceroos cannot realistically meet Argentina in the finals, not because the Aussies can’t reach it, but because it’s unlikely that Argentina can do so. Jokes aside, you really have to be careful with this betting market. In our experience, bet365 has the best and most diverse World Cup outright betting markets.

Winning Continent

So your excuse for not placing an outright bet is that it’s too difficult. Well, now you can bet on which continent will win the upcoming World Cup. Most bookmakers offer odds for Europe to win, South America and you can bet that a country that’s not part of these, bet on the Rest of the World. The odds for a European country to win are underwhelming, and Rest of the World, it’s highly unlikely that it will happen. Again, bet365 Australia brings you the widest array of betting markets, including betting on the Winning Continent.

Continental Betting

The World Cup brings limitless betting opportunities. Bookmakers have come up with a way to create a sort of Fantasy World Cup competition. So how does it work? Punters can bet on which team will be the best out of all other countries that belong to their region, or continent. Bookmakers assume that South American and European teams are in the spotlight, which is why the odds that are available by default are for countries from these regions. You can’t expect any significant deviations in the odds department between one bookie to another.

Top Tournament Goal Scorer/ Top Team Goalscorer

A standard outright bet, who will be the top World Cup goalscorer. As attractive as the betting market is, it should be noted that it comes with a huge yet subtle risk. The volatility is too big to come up with reliable estimates and predictions.

You have to know the entire schedule, both in the group stage and the knockout stage in order to minimise the associated risk. Why? Red cards, injuries, or simply failing to advance to the next stage are threats, but few recognise them, let alone consider them! By the way, penalty shootouts are excluded! In all honesty, we have to agree with the bookies on this one. Sure, betting should be exciting and lucrative, but it also should be fair.

1st Time Winner

It sounds straightforward, and it is! The options look odd. Not seeing Brazil, Germany and/or France in any kind of World Cup listing is odd indeed. Do you think that there will be a major surprise? If so, the 1st Time World Cup Winner betting market is the one you should take a closer look. Note, you don’t have to predict which team will win the World Cup, as long as that nation hasn’t won the World  Cup trophy in the past. A bet on past winners comes with odds that are too by anyone’s standards.

Live Streaming

World Cup is so big that it would be broadcasted on the best TV programs from start to finish. But if you plan on betting, maybe the better option would be to watch games live on some of the Aussie betting sites. You’ll be in the centre of the action all the time, plus it’s really easy to place a quick bet when you’re already logged in with your favourite bookmaker.

One of the best options for World Cup live streaming is most certainly bet365. This famous bookie has everything a punter could wish for in terms of live streaming. Lots of HD streams, mobile availability and an easy to use interface are just some of the great features they offer. But note that you’ll have to log in, and place a bet in order to start watching!

Bet365 Live Streaming

Bet365 streams thousands of events every year, bringing you top sporting action including games from Europe’s top domestic Soccer leagues and Grand Slam Tennis tournaments, as well as Horse Racing from selected Australian, UK and Irish tracks.

Only available to eligible customers. To watch live sport, UK and Irish racing covered by Racing TV or US racing covered by At The Races, all you need is a funded account or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours. To watch any other racing, you must place a qualifying bet of at least $1.00 Win or $0.50 Each Way on your selection(s). This applies to singles and Multi bets. Minimum stakes apply to Tote and other pool betting.

Any fixture/event on bet365 which has the Play or Video icon next to it is scheduled to be shown via Live Streaming.

Live Streaming is only available to eligible customers, and availability may be determined by the status of your account. If you are unable to watch live sport with bet365 and you are unsure of why this is, please contact customer support.

Under Australian law, we are required to inform you that Live Streaming on bet365 is exempt from Parts 3 and 4 of the Broadcasting Services (Online Content Service Provider Rules) 2018.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Recap

The last soccer World Cup held in Russia was one of the most exciting we have ever seen. There were many, many wonderful goals, and a few fantastic upsets, such as Croatia making it all the way up to the finals.

FIFA World Cup Info
Founded in 1930
Organiser FIFA
Most titlesBrazil
Next renewalQatar 2022

Australia was one of the FIFA World Cup 2018 qualifiers, but unfortunately, we haven’t gone further than the group stage. France took the championship home, despite not being considered as the best team before the start of the tournament. But that’s the beauty of soccer, even the smallest teams have a punchers chance against the big ones.

Betting fans had a really great time during the World Cup 2018. Since this is an extremely popular event, every decent bookie in Australia was offering a number of markets and betting specials. There is no reason to think that it wouldn’t be the same for Qatar 2022. So once the tournament starts, you can be sure that there will be more than enough games and markets to bet on.

Betting on the World Cup Qatar 2022

The next World Cup is filled with controversies from the very beginning. Qatar has very strict laws, so many football fans have rebelled against them organising a global event like this. The fact that the average temperature in Qatar is usually over 40 degrees Celsius also raises many concerns.

Additionally, this will be the last soccer World Cup to host 32 teams before FIFA introduces the 48 teams format in 2026. Because of everything mentioned, we can be sure that the Qatar 2022 World Cup will be an event to remember.

When it comes to betting on the FIFA World Cup, you can be sure that there will be more than enough options to choose from. This is a highly popular event, so all the bookies will make an effort to offer as many markets as they can. Since the offering will be so massive, there is no point in being loyal to only one betting site. Be sure to look around, and cherry-pick the best odds, markets and special offers.

World Cup Betting App

Thanks to mobile betting, you can always place a bet, regardless of the time or your location. Renowned betting sites such as Unibet, bet365 and BlueBet, all provide their customers with the ability to bet on the go. Your smartphone is all you need to stay up to date with the latest news, the odds updates and keep track of your bet slips.

We’ve already said on many occasions that bet365 and Unibet have the best optimised mobile apps. Make sure you check out our Unibet review before you join! Betting on World Cup games is easier than ever! Kindly consider these two if you intend to follow the World Cup closely.

We list our top 5 FIFA World Cup betting sites at the beginning of this article. Click the button to find out more! Top 5 World Cup bookmakers

World Cup Betting FAQs

As soon as one World Cup finishes, you can view various outright markets and odds for the next World Cup. Obviously, there are a lot of qualifying matches to play before it’s clear who’ll be playing at the next tournament but they’re a great betting focus too.

We believe that Unibet is the best online bookmaker for betting on the World Cup. They check all the boxes. From an extensive selection of World Cup odds and markets to live streaming features. If you want to learn more about World Cup betting at Unibet, take a look at the article above.

Outright markets such as tournament winner and top goalscorer, as well as Group Winner and picking the finalists, are all great World Cup betting markets. Apart from the futures, you can also bet on a single game. In that case, markets are the same as for any other soccer match.

It’s had to tell which bookie is always having the best World Cup odds because prices are constantly changing. The easiest way to find the highest odds is to shop around and do an odds comparison test. That’s how you can be sure you’ll always get the best offer available.