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UEFA Champions League Betting

The UEFA Champions League is among the most popular sports events in the world. It’s literally the most popular sports tournament in all of Europe. The continental soccer competition is a challenge for top EU football clubs, but a dream of all professional soccer players. Since it’s so popular, betting on Champions League doesn’t come as a surprise.

Australian punters, although oceans and continents away from the action, are not only following the events closely as they unfold, they’re also pursuing competitive betting odds, neatly provided by Australia’s finest bookmakers.

Where to Bet on Champions League in Australia

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It’s not a mediocre sports event, meaning all betting sites offer odds for the UEFA Champions League. For a while, forget about the racing madness and check out the best UEFA Champions League odds at the Australian bookmakers we listed above. Chances are, you will come across some betting promotions that will surely interest you.

Champions League Betting Tips

It’s not one of a kind tournament, but it certainly is a prestigious one. Whenever there are Champions League matches, it’s like a holiday for punters and soccer fans. Are there any general tips that might give you the edge in any way possible? Not quite, because in the end, it’s just another soccer tournament. Your soccer betting experience applies to the Champions League. Then again, in our experience, we can point out several peculiar facts and easy to digest advises.

  • History Repeats Itself – Bet on the Big Dogs – When the two squads are entering the pitch, and the Champions League anthem is played, only the big players can keep their cool. All football fans’ eyes are on them. Big pressure filters out the smaller teams, the inexperienced ones, which is why betting on the favourites is always the best call to make. Sure, surprises happen, but they’re very rare.
  • Recent Performance is a Good Indicator in Europe – Past performance, up to 5 games tops is a strong indicator in Europe. Why? Most clubs nurture traditional approach, meaning they rarely make drastic changes. Unless a key player is injured, the past performance should be considered carefully and seriously.
  • Don’t Take NATIONAL LEAGUE Performance too Serious – Many punters make this mistake, by taking the domestic competition as relevant when deciding which team to back. There are surprises. If the squad has managed to reach the knockout phase, say the semi-finals, they’re a worthy opponent, regardless what the other team is. It doesn’t take years of experience to notice there’s little to no correlation between national and international club performance.
  • The Group Stage is When Most of the Profits Are Made – Many of you would disagree, but early birds make the most profits. Starting strong in the group stage can bring you some “easy” money, though nobody can guarantee profits. Accumulators are big at this stage, and it’s easy to select 4 to 5 games and have decent chances to win big. Also, bookmakers tend to underestimate small clubs in away games. The odds are too good!
  • Choose the Bet Market Carefully – Every single match is exciting, and it can be of a lucrative nature if you select the right market. Sure, sometimes it’s difficult to predict which team will dominate, but under/over outcomes are quite easy to predict. Like we said earlier, European teams rarely make drastic changes. They either nurture an offensive or defensive strategy. “Do the math” and proceed accordingly.

Popular Champions League Betting Markets

The Champions League is an event which lasts from September until June, which means there’s room for some long-term bets. Betting on the Champions League winner is only one of the many markets you can bet. The odds are not overwhelming if you’re backing Barcelona for instance. And to be honest, it’s not like there’s been a surprise in recent years.

We’re going to cover each of these future bets individually.

Tournament Winner

A straight-out bet on what team will be the winner of the UEFA Champions League. We’ve already displayed the best odds and where to find them. To be honest, predicting what team will be the winner is extremely difficult. Although exciting, it’s highly risky. Injuries, mid-season transfers, coaches getting sacked, a lot can go wrong.

Group Winners

Medium-term bet, which has been fruitful for many punters who have considered it. Then again, the majority of punters focuses on individual matches. They don’t like the idea of waiting too long, and/or being in a position when they can’t know what might come in the way.

To Qualify

As the name suggests, punters bet if a given team will advance to the next stage. Most punters prefer a common head to head bet, but it’s good to know that there is a market of this kind. In case you’re positive that the tables will turn, this kind of bet is significantly more lucrative than a regular head to head bet.

Final Quinella

Although at first it doesn’t seem as an attractive market, some punters prefer the final quinella, in other words, what two teams will reach the grand final. It bears greater risk, but the odds are alluring. The earlier you decide to place the bet, the higher the odds will be. However, not all bookmakers offer this market.

Top Goalscorer

In recent years, there haven’t been any major changes in this area. Unless your pick suffers an injury, it’s fairly easy to predict the top goalscorer. Messi and Christiano Ronaldo marked an entire era, dominating the top goalscorer table. Although they make soccer exciting on the pitch, they surely make this betting market rather unattractive to the general punter base.

All Standard Soccer Betting Markets

They’re standard soccer matches, which means, all standard soccer markets are at your full disposal. Corners, cards, penalty shootouts, under/over, first goalscorer, you name it. You can choose any of these. Moreover, you can combine the markets and get some extremely lucrative bet slips.

Champions League Betting Promotions

Besides the welcome bonus and the matched bonus bets, Australian betting sites offer enhanced odds on selected Champions League matches. As we get closer to the grand final, the boosts become more appealing. Then again, we advise you to carefully consider them, but not at all costs. Sometimes the bookmaker has some extra information which they’re going to use against you. Although the home team appears to have the upper hand, they might have some information which points to the other direction.

Use every opportunity to snatch a bonus bet, because why wouldn’t you? You’ll be able to cover more matches, more markets, yet please don’t overdo it, as there might some restrictions. As a bonus bet punter, different terms apply to you.

William Hill Champions League Promotions

William Hill’s objective is to cater for any punter’s needs, regardless of the event. Not only they offer frequent promotions which specifically target Champions League matches, but they also provide their very own tips and predictions for the upcoming events. Now, the previews are objective, and they can be a source of additional information which enables you to make a better prediction.

Champions League enhanced odds are a thing at BetEasy, but another thing also caught our attention, the Build a Bet Feature. You can request a special market, which still isn’t available at William Hill. As soon as the market is live you will be informed.

Before you bet, claim the welcome bonus. If you haven’t been part of the William Hill Australia community, now’s the time. The bonus funds will definitely enhance your Champions League betting experience.

CrownBet Champions League Promotions

Although a domestic Australian bookmaker, CrownBet has roughly 90 markets to choose from. All of the bets we already mentioned, including the futures are offered at CrownBet. Now, even if you prefer to bet at an Australian made betting site, you can bet on Champions League matches. But, what about promotions? CrownBet’s promotions page focuses on horse racing, NRL, AFL, in other words, soccer is not on the menu.

However, the bonus bets that CrownBet occasionally hands outdo in fact have Champions League in their scope. Bonus bets are the new most sought after promotions, following the recent marketing regulation changes. Should you prove your loyalty to CrownBet you can expect extra bonus bets, out of the ordinary. Then again, we can’t promise this.

Champions League Betting Action at Bet365 Australia

It’s safe to say that International, or better said, EU based bookmakers focus more on the UEFA Champions League betting experience than domestic, Australian run betting sites. Bet365 is a pillar of the sports betting industry. It caters for millions of punters from around the world, and thousands of Australian punters on a daily basis.

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The Champions Leagues being the prestigious event it is, is completely well covered. We can’t say anything about the promotions provided by Bet365, meaning you will have to check them out ad hoc. However, we can confirm that there’s a diversity of betting markets and the odds are decent.

Champions League History & Trivia

The UEFA Champions League was first held in 1992, prior which it was known as the European Champion Club’s Cup, or European Cup for short. The origins date back to 1955, an era dominated by Real Madrid. Throughout the 6 decades or so, certain football clubs have stood out, by demonstrating exceptional consistent performance. Moreover, like any other sports event, the Champions League has its very own legends. For example, the current top goalscorers list, but a few other interesting Champions League achievements.

All-time Top Goalscorer Champions League

Player Goals Appearances
Cristiano Ronaldo 127 168
Lionel Messi 112 135
Raul Gonzales 71 142
Ruud van Nistelrooy 60 73
Karim Benzema 60 100
Andriy Shevchenko 59 112
Thierry Henry 51 100
Filippo Inzaghi 50 114
Zlatan Ibrahimovic 48 120

Most Champions League Titles

Club Number of Champion League Titles
Real Madrid 13
AC Milan 7
Liverpool 6
Barcelona 5
Bayern Munich 5
Ajax 4
Internazionale 3
Manchester United 3
Juventus 2
Benfica 2
Nottingham Forest 2
Porto 2

Past Champions League Tournament Winners (2007 to date)

Season Winners Runner-up Venue
2018-19 Liverpool Tottenham Hotspur Wanda Metropolitano, Madrid
2017-18 Real Madrid Liverpool NSC Olimpiyskiy Stadium, Kiev
2016-17 Real Madrid Juventus Millennium Stadium, Cardiff
2015-16 Real Madrid Atletico Madrid San Siro, Milan
2014-15 Barcelona Juventus Olympiastadion, Berlin
2013-14 Real Madrid Atletico Madrid Estádio da Luz, Lisbon
2012-13 Bayern Munich Borussia Dortmund Wembley Stadium, London
2011-12 Chelsea Bayern Munich Allianz Arena, Munich
2010-11 Barcelona Manchester United Wembley Stadium, London
2009-10 Internazionale Bayern Munich Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, Madrid
2008-09 Barcelona Manchester United Stadio Olimpico, Rome
2007-08 Manchester United Chelsea Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow
2006-07 Milan Liverpool Olympic Stadium, Athens

Notable UEFA Champions League Records

Longest Home Unbeaten Run in the UEFA Champions League 29

Bayern Munich (04.03.1998 – 02.04.2002)

Most successive games without a defeat in UEFA Champions League 25 Manchester United (19.09.2007 – 05.05.2009)
Most Successive AWAY GAMES without a defeat in UEFA Champions League 16 Manchester United (19.09.2007 – 16.02.2010)
Longest Run of Consecutive WINS in the Champions League 10 Bayern Munich (02.04.2013 – 27.11.2013)
Longest Run of Consecutive HOME WINS in UEFA Champions League 16 Bayern Munich (17.09.2014 – 15.02.2017)
Longest Run of Consecutive AWAY WINS in the Champions League 7 Ajax (22.11.1995 – 19.03.1997)

UEFA Champions League FAQs

The 2018/2019 UEFA Champions League recently ended on the 1st of June. The 2019/2020 UEFA Champions League will begin on Tuesday 25th of June and is set to end the following year on Saturday 30th May 2020.

Choosing the best UEFA Champions League betting site will depend on a number of factors such as betting markets and price of odds. We would however suggest that you shop around at any of our top Aussie bookmakers mentioned above.

UEFA Champions League odds will once again depend on the betting market you are opting for. For outright wins we would suggest checking out bet365. Since it is EU based, it tends to focus more on this than other Australian online bookmakers.