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Best Premier League Betting Sites Australia

It needs no introduction. The English Premier League is probably the most fierce national soccer competition in the past decade or so. No wonder betting on the English Premier League is a thing! Passionate Aussie soccer fans are keeping up with the Premier League betting trends, thanks to the overwhelming odds offer. Both big and small, domestic and international bookmakers cater for the needs of English Premier League betting enthusiasts.

Aussiebet presents you the best Australian online bookmakers which have the best Premier League betting odds! Before you disagree, holding a pitchfork, the evaluation is based on long-term data. Those of you who like to learn more about the English Premier League, tips, type of bets or maybe you like to check out the all-time records, scroll below. First, the top English Premier League betting sites!

Where to Bet On Premier League in Australia?

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Unlike many other national soccer competitions, the English Premier League gets a lot of attention worldwide, including Australia. It’s probably the best balanced league in the whole of Europe. The bookmakers listed above, all offer Premier League odds. However, if you’re interested in some market in particular, you might have to conduct your very own Premier League betting odds comparison.

Premier League Betting Promotions

Although not at the top of the “betting chain”, top level soccer competition the likes of the Premier League qualify for certain betting promotions at Australian bookmakers. Now, do not expect the same range and depth of promotions for soccer events as there are for horse or greyhound racing. It’s nothing like that, yet, it’s worth checking out the promotions sections, and we’re going to tell you exactly why!

Premier League Accumulators

Accumulators are infamous in some parts of the world. Then again, some punters prefer to place larger stakes and minimise the risk to the very possible minimums. Since there are 10 games per week, English Premier League seems to be the perfect soccer competition for accumulators. It’s popular, which means there are a lot of sources of information and statistics, ergo, you can make an INFORMED prediction way easier.

Due to the tradeoffs, bookmakers tend to incentivize punters to go for accumulators. In most cases, it takes at least 5 matches on your bet slip. Here’s a genuine example, an ACCA promotion provided by Ladbrokes Australia!

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“Login to see All Betting Promotions”

Unfortunately, this is the harsh reality of the Australian betting market. From a punter standpoint, this makes it difficult to come up with an objective evaluation of the betting promotion quality. Unless you’re logged in, you can’t see any promotions, including ones that include the English Premier League matches. For example, any ACCA boosts, odds boosts and/or bonus bets, are hidden beneath the veil of “fair betting advertising guidelines”.

Premier League Betting Apps

Mobile betting apps are a MUST. Although the Australian mobile betting apps are not designed around soccer betting, you should still find them neat and convenient to use. That being said, in our opinion, the finest mobile betting app, be that for Premier League betting or racing, comes from William Hill Australia. There are quite a lot of reasons why William Hill Australia is our top pick. First and foremost, the interface is stellar! Instead of bombarding the mobile punter with unnecessary information, the markets are the focal point. The guys at William Hill made sure that the odds are clearly visible, along the much sought-after feature, Cash Out! And let’s not forget the welcome bonus, which will surely spark an interest!

Premier League Best Bets

We’re going to assume you’re familiar with soccer betting markets. That being said, if you’re still new to betting in general, you better check out our soccer betting overview, which focuses on Aussie punters’ needs.

Due to the fierce competition in the English Premier League some bets might not be a good idea. However, we’re going to focus on which are the best Premier League markets. Bear in mind, this “presentation” so to speak, is based on our first-hand experience.

  • Both Teams to Score – Being able to spot a betting opportunity is very important. It’s a feat of avid soccer punters. The English Premier League averages a little over 2.6 goals per game. Now that’s a lot if we take into consideration the quality of the soccer action and the prestige of the Premier League. Not all games will end with both teams scoring, but identifying the matches that will is rather easy. Recent form and past results are a good indicator, and we encourage you to check them out before you bet. Avoid derbies if you can. They might be attractive from a fan perspective, but from a betting one they’re not the best call to make.
    Whether it’s a modest 1:1 score, or an exciting 4:1 game, your bet’s a winner.
  • Goal Line – Although there are a lot of goals on average, sometimes the tempo is slow, which calls for different markets, goal line bets primarily. A fierce city derby with Arsenal and Tottenham on the pitch is hard to predict, mainly because it can go either way. However, you can minimise the risk by choosing the right market. In the past, these teams have easily gone over the 2.5 goal line. Recently, this is not the case, with an average of 2 goals per game only. Head to head encounters are important, but we advise you to broaden your analysis, and consider recent form and at the very least, the past 5 matches.
  • Asian Handicap – 1X2 bets, especially draw games are money makers, but they do come with significantly higher risk. Certain Asian Handicap markets completely remove the “threat” of a draw game. However, in order to take full advantage of Asian Handicap bets you have to look for matches where the favorite is easy to identify.
    NOTE: If you’re not comfortable with Asian Handicap bets, do your homework before you place any bets. They can make any match interesting from a betting perspective, but you have to know the basics, at the very least.

Premier League Future Bets

Since the English Premier League is popular on a global scale, there’s a wide array of future bets on the menu. There’s the standard outright bet, but there are a few other specials that will definitely sound interesting. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves and take a look at each of them in greater detail.

To Win the Premier League – Outright Bet

So why is the English Premier League so competitive? What are the points that lead to that conclusion? Well, the top 6 teams are all worthy of the English Premier League title. A few years back, we witnessed a complete underdog winning the Premier League title, Leicester! Soon after its promotion to the highest soccer competition in England, it became the best team in the nation. At that time, the outright odds for Leicester were 5,000! It gets even better. Half a dozen punters actually backed Leicester, winning more than £100,000 for a stake of mere £20.

Who do you think will win the upcoming English Premier League title? The best way to find out and stick to your opinion is to place an outright bet on your favorite! If you don’t like to be a passive observer, place an outright to secure a season long excitement. It kind of incentivizes responsible betting.

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Trifecta – The Premier League is TOO Competitive for this Betting Market

Do you think you have what it takes to predict the top 3 teams? Well, bookmakers like bet365 and many others that offer Premier League future odds for this particular market. A Tricast bet, or commonly known as Trifecta, more commonly used in horse racing, is just that. Your take on which teams will be ranked 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Sounds difficult? Well, it is, especially because there are a lot contenders for the top 3 position in the English Premier League. It’s a highly volatile take, mainly because a lot of things can go wrong, or right, through the season. Surprises occur more often than not. For starters, try the outright bet.

Premier League Top Goalscorer

Simple, straightforward, yet highly unpredictable. However, that’s the case with all futures. The window closes early, so you better place your Premier League Top Goalscorer bet as soon as possible. We also recommend placing a combination bet including an outright bet on the winner and the top goal scorer. If you’re getting one of this correct, the chances of the second being a winner correlate pretty well. Although it’s obvious, we’re still going to say it. Back players that have some experience in the Premier League. Newcomers take time before they show their full potential. This is not the Spanish Primer Division where Atletico Madrid, Barcelona and Real Madrid dominate. This is the Premier League, the league in which characters are broken, so top class players can be created!

Next Manager to Leave

Boy, oh boy! Who’s the next manager to go down? They have contracts to die for, yet the ultimate responsibility is on their shoulders. The pressure is on them, and the competition is boiling hot. Bookmakers like punters consider this a valid betting market. Do you find it alluring? Act quickly! Note, this is not a very popular market amongst Australian bookmakers. You will have to do a bit of searching yourself. We can confirm that bet365 Australia has this market on display, along SportsBet. While we’re at SportsBet, we can also confirm that you can find all of the outrights part of this Premier League overview and a few others.

To Be Relegated – Survival Odds

Managers go down, but so do clubs. That being said, they get relegated, it’s not like the entire team can get sacked. Or can it? It’s a lucrative achievement to get the top 3 teams correct, but it’s also just as exciting and lucrative, to predict which 3 teams are going to the Championship division. It’s a combination, which means you don’t have to get the order correct. They’re all going to the 2nd tier English soccer competition.

The sooner you place your bet, the heftier the odds are. Sure, you won’t come across Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea or Tottenham to be relegated as probable outcomes. This is probably the only situation when the underdogs are treated as favorites!

To Finish in Top 4/ Top 6/ Bottom Half

Not all future betting markets require such precision. The betting on the English Premier League comes with excitements in many forms. These are only the most well-accepted betting markets amongst punters who show special affinity for the Premier League. Betting on the which teams will be in the top 4, the top 6, or even the bottom half are on the list of options at renowned bookmakers such as SportsBet and William Hill Australia. Don’t say we didn’t give you the instructions how to get to the betting site which has these betting markets on the menu! Review


Consider other Alternatives

Premier League Betting Tips & Advice

Every national soccer club competition has its own distinctive features that make it stand out from the rest. We already hinted at some of the EPL’s features, and the too few flaws it has. Here are a few general tips and advice you should follow if you want your English Premier League betting adventures to be profitable, to some extent. Note, we can’t guarantee profits, but we surely can promise genuine EPL betting satisfaction. When’s the last time you had to stick to well-defined guidelines?

There’s no Clear-cut Favorite/Underdog

First rule, do not underestimate any team. Why? Because even that “underdog” is competing in the highest soccer competition in the cradle of soccer. It’s a cliche, but don’t forget what Leicester managed to do. They crushed all top tier English clubs, effortlessly!

Derbies are a totally different matter, and it’s obvious that nobody has the upper hand. However, when it comes to an encounter between some of the top 4 clubs and club the likes of West Ham, the Hammers can’t be underestimated!

Home Teams have Colossal Advantage

It’s a general rule that home teams have the upper hand, but in the English Premier League this advantage is surprisingly significant. The fans are passionate, loud and they’re respected by the players. They do not want to disappoint their most loyal players, at least not when they’re playing on home turf.

This is a great opportunity for backing underdogs. The odds of at least 4.00 are on display. Clubs like Stoke, for instance, nurture aggressive play style, which is why they’re adored by their extremely loud fans. Not even Arsenal can handle the pressure!

Frequent Injuries

One match per week, and countless practice sessions, they take its toll on the players. What’s worst about this is that key players are prone to injuries. Usually, the play the full 90 minutes, which makes them prone to injuries. This is vital for successful future bets. Top goalscorer, heck, even outright bet on the winner can depend on the well being of a couple of key players.

Cash Out Is a “Bet-saver”

Last minute comebacks are common. With so many punters avoiding draw bets, bookmakers are cashing in big money. Titles were lost, titles were also won in the last minutes. It’s not just regular mid-season matches that are prone to spectacular comebacks.

Don’t be afraid to Cash Out. As a matter of fact, it’s the wise decision to make. Remember what we said about the Premier League being fierce? This is exactly why you should consider cashing out before it’s too late.

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Premier League All Time Records

The English Premier League was introduced only in 1991. It’s the direct results of the effort of the top 5 clubs at the time. Prior to the establishment of the Premier League, the highest soccer competition was the Football League First Division. The facts listed below reflect the English Premier League ONLY.

Premier League Winners by Year

No. Season Champion
1 1992-93 Manchester United
2 1993-94 Manchester United
3 1994-95 Blackburn Rovers
4 1995-96 Manchester United
5 1996-97 Manchester United
6 1997-98 Arsenal
7 1998-99 Manchester United
8 1999-2000 Manchester United
9 2000-01 Manchester United
10 2001-02 Arsenal
11 2002-03 Manchester United
12 2003-04 Arsenal
13 2004-05 Chelsea
14 2005-06 Chelsea
15 2006-07 Manchester United
16 2007-08 Manchester United
17 2008-09 Manchester United
18 2009-10 Chelsea
19 2010-11 Manchester United
20 2011-12 Manchester City
21 2012-13 Manchester United
22 2013-14 Manchester City
23 2014-15 Chelsea
24 2015-16 Leicester City
25 2016-17 Chelsea
26 2017-18 Manchester City

Premier League Wins by Club

Premier Title Wins Years
Manchester United 13 1992–93, 1993–94, 1995–96, 1996–97, 1998–99, 1999–2000, 2000–01, 2002–03, 2006–07, 2007–08, 2008–09, 2010–11, 2012–13
Chelsea 5 2004–05, 2005–06, 2009–10, 2014–15, 2016–17
Arsenal 3 1997–98, 2001–02, 2003–04
Manchster City 2 2011–12, 2013–14
Blackburn Rovers 1 1994–95
Leicester City 2015–16

Premier League Top Scorer

Rank Player Goals
1 Alan Shearer 260
2 Wayne Rooney 208
3 Andrew Cole 187
4 Frank Lampard 177
5 Therry Henry 175
6 Robbie Fowler 163
7 Jermain Defoe 161
8 Michael Owen 150
9 Les Ferdinand 149
10 Teddy Sheringham 146

Premier League Most Player Appearances

Rank Player Appearances
1 Gareth Barry 652
2 Ryan Giggs 632
3 Frank Lampard 609
4 David James 572
5 Gary Speed 535
6 Emile Heskey 516
7 Mark Schwarzer 514
8 Jamie Caragher 508
9 Phil Neville 505
10 Steven Gerrard/Rio Ferdinand 504

Premier League FAQs

If you're in Australia then you're probably not going to be able to watch the English Premier League in person. That is unless you are willing to make the long journey to the UK. Luckily there are some online streaming options but you'll need to make sure you subscribe to them and in most cases you'll need to pay a fee.

The 2019 English Premier League is set to start on Friday the 9th of August and will last up until May 2020. The first match will see Liverpool go up against Norwich at Anfield in Liverpool.

The English Premier League was first establish in 1992 and formerly known as the FA Premier League. On the 20th of February, clubs in the Football League First Division took the decision to break off from the rest of the Football League.