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Updated: 09/06/2023
Written by Nikola Jekic Last time updated 09/06/2023
Payment methods Visa/MasterCard, POLi, Paysafecard, Bank ETF
Licence Northern Territory - Australia
Games Lotteries from the US and Europe
Countries Australia
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Nikola Jekic
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Nikola Jekic Content Manager

Here at Aussiebet, our reviews aren’t just limited to sports betting companies, we review all types of wagering websites. Lottoland is by far the most distinct betting site in Australia, however, we don’t think it’s the best choice for Australian lotto lovers.

Lottoland Information and Facts

Considering that Lottoland was only founded in 2013 with just seven employees, its growth as a betting site has been phenomenal. The European section of Lottoland has flourished, and they launched their Australian operation in June 2017. Lottoland is licensed in the Northern Territory, and the CEO of Lottoland is Nigel Birrell.

They raised their profile in Australia by buying the naming rights to the Brookvale Oval, the home ground to Sydney based NRL outfit the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles. If you open an account with Lottoland, you can bet on the outcome of a wide range of lotteries. It is important to note that you do not enter the lotteries when you bet with Lottoland, you are simply betting on the numbers and Lottoland will pay you out at pre-determined odds. As of 2019, the winning numbers are based on the values of financial markets.

You can bet on lotteries on your own, or with a syndicate, and Lottoland have already made one of their Aussie customers a millionaire. That lucky customer matched five from five numbers in a bet on the American Mega Millions and came away with over $1.3 million dollars. There have been plenty of other big Lottoland Australia winners too, so if you want to have a chance of winning big, then Lottoland could be the site for you.

Lottoland Australia has been covered by Aussie media very well, mainly due to the court case they finally won in 2019, following a Supreme Court appeal. We will discuss this later.

lottoland homepage

How does Lottoland Work?

Lottoland Australia works differently than its other sister sites in other markets. A few years back, Aussies were playing the lottery with Lottoland. Then, they made it clear, which turned into “BETTING ON THE LOTTERY”. And in 2019, this changed again. Now, the winning numbers are not determined by the International lotteries, instead of by the values of the financial markets. You can check out an example, and the explanation below.

*Payout as a 30-year annuity or discounted lump sum at Lottoland’s election, and also subject to 35% reduction as per T&C’s.

What Lotteries Can You bet On With Lottoland

lottoland lotteries

With over 30 lotteries to bet on from around the world, there is no shortage of betting options for Lottoland members to choose from. There are daily, weekly and even more frequent lotteries that you can bet on, and jackpots vary widely. Below we list some of the leading lotteries you can bet on with Lottoland.

Lottoland Biggest Lotteries

*Payout as a 30-year annuity or discounted lump sum at Lottoland’s election, and also subject to 35% reduction as per T&C’s.

Lottoland Powerball is Gone – Replaced with “US Power”

lottoland us power

At Lottoland Australia, it’s called US Power. A few years back, Lottoland changed their model from “Playing” the lottery, to “betting” on the lottery. Now, there’s a new model, which, in all honesty, is hard to digest.

In simple words, the “outcome” is based on the financial markets. Lottoland takes into consideration the last two digits of the initial values of a few financial markets, predetermined that is. Then, Lottoland AUS puts all these digits in order, to create a 10-digit number, which is the ID of the quasi lotto combination. We have to give it to them, this is a creative solution, one that does not remove randomness altogether.

Here are the SOURCES Lottoland AUS uses to determine the winning numbers:

  1. Dow Jones Industrial Average: 1st Decimal
  2. Dow Jones Industrial Average: 2nd Decimal
  3. NASDAQ Biotechnology: 1st Decimal
  4. NASDAQ Biotechnology: 2nd Decimal
  5. S&P 500: 1st Decimal
  6. S&P 500: 2nd Decimal
  7. Dow Jones Transportation: 1st Decimal
  8. Dow Jones Transportation: 2nd Decimal
  9. NASDAQ 100 Financial: 1st Decimal
  10. NASDAQ 100 Financial: 2nd Decimal

Before you open an account with a betting agency, it makes sense to consider the available banking options. Lottoland has a decent range of deposit options available, including major credit cards, POLi and Paysafecard. However, withdrawals may only be made via your bank account, and before you make any withdrawals, your account must be verified. You can find out how to verify your Lottoland Australia account below.

Account Verification

Provide one option from the following documents as a JPEG or PDF for Lottoland to verify your account:

lottoland sign up form

Lottoland Limits And Payouts

Sports betting agencies usually apply strict win limits for their members, but with Lottoland, the sky is the limit. They guarantee to honour any bet placed no matter what the winnings may total, as is stipulated in their Northern Territory license.

With potential winnings in the hundreds of millions, this may come as a surprise, but Lottoland has a system in place that insures them against monster payouts. So, you can bet with Lottoland safe in the knowledge that no matter how much you win, you WILL get paid.

Lottoland Customer Service

No matter what the industry, providing quality customer service, should be a number one priority. We place immense importance on this at Aussiebet, but unfortunately, we have to report that Lottoland does not score well in this department. There are a limited number of ways you can get in touch with Lottoland, and you can find all the relevant contact details below.

Lottoland Australia Contact Details

Is Lottoland A Betting Company You Can Trust?

When you open an account with a betting agency, you have to part with a lot of very sensitive personal data, including your credit card and often bank details. It is imperative that this information is stored safely, and Lottoland has put a number of security features in place that will help to keep your data safe. We list some of the most critical procedures they employ to protect your info below.

lottoland banner
Nigel Birrell
Woolner NT
14 602 590 429
Founded in

Responsible Gambling

Here at Aussiebet, we are massive on the promotion of responsible gambling. We are glad to report that Lottoland is too. If you are concerned about your own (or someone you care about) gambling habits, there are tools and links to useful resources that can help and you can find them via the ‘Player Protection’ button at the bottom of the home page of the Lottoland website. Below are some of the ways in which Lottoland encourage responsible gambling.

Lottoland Scam Dispute

Lottoland sued the Australian Government, following allegations that they are breaching the gambling laws of the country. The claims were made by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), which damaged the reputation of the company, and the trust it had with its loyal customers.

In August 2019, the NSW Supreme Court found in favour of Lottoland in the claim that went on for two months, between them and ACMA.

The facts are that Lottoland is still a licensed “betting company” in the Northern Territory, and they have every right to offer the betting product. Even with the operation model changed, it’s still betting on a random outcome. This, in turn, means that Lottoland Australia and its services are legal. The NSW Supreme Court only confirmed these, removing any confusion in the lottery community.

Lottoland: Australia’s Only Lottery Betting Site

While online sports betting sites undoubtedly a massively popular pastime in Australia, betting on lotteries is increasing in popularity too. Lottoland has been the subject of some negative press coverage in recent times, and for a good reason. That’s just one of the reasons we believe you should pick a different operator.

The odds of placing a winning bet on one of the massive jackpots are seriously small, but the good thing is that you don’t have to break the bank with your stake to be in with a chance. In simple words, Lottoland is a fun site, however, they far from being the best at what they do.

aussiebet approved logo
Lottoland isn’t what it used to be. We believe that there are some much better betting sites out there. Check out the top alternatives.
Top Australian Betting Sites

Lottoland FAQs

Is Lottoland legal in Australia?

Lottoland is not an official distributor of lottery tickets. Instead of owning a lottery ticket, players are betting on the outcome of the initial values of financial markets in the US. We can only say that this approach is following Aussie law.

Will I get paid out if I win at Lottoland?

In most cases, you will, but there were several instances when winners did not get their payment, and they were based in Australia.

Can I legally play all lotteries provided by Lottoland Australia?

That’s the catch. YOU are NOT PLAYING the lottery. YOU are BETTING on these lotteries. Legally, you can bet, but you cannot play. Learn more about Lottoland in the article above.

What is Lottoland?

Lottoland is a betting company which offers betting on the lottery. As of 2019, the outcome is not determined based on International Lottery Results, but on financial markets. Check out our Lottoland review for more information.

How does Lottoland work in Australia?

Due to Australian online gambling laws, Lottoland cannot offer Keno or Lottery to Aussie customers. However, they can offer betting on random events. As of 2019, all of their products are based on financial markets. Take a look at the review above to learn more about how Lottoland works.

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