EPL Fantasy Betting

If you’re into soccer and fantasy sports, you should consider joining one of Australia’s best EPL fantasy sites. We have made our recommendations after reviewing the options to narrow your search.

Beginners can take a look at our advice about EPL fantasy betting and top tips for assembling a winning team. More experienced bettors can scroll down and see our best bookies.


Best EPL Fantasy Betting Sites

# Betting Site Best Feature


Leading Fantasy Sports Betting Site

  • Lots of EPL fantasy leagues
  • Great app for fantasy betting
  • Free and paid-for options
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Great Sports Coverage

  • Fantasy and general betting offered
  • Competitive odds
  • Good betting app
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Key Player on the AUS Betting Scene

Our list of rated and reviewed bookies for EPL fantasy bets is based on a host of factors. Read on to discover more, including some added information about markets and fantasy scoring.

Draftstars betting site logo

Draftstars Is No.1 For EPL Fantasy

Draftstars is easily the best option for Aussie players. They offer more than enough fantasy contests and a few exciting game modes. If you’re new to all of this, join free leagues just to learn how it all goes. Advanced players can try paid contest that ranges from $2 to $500.

Draftstars focuses on daily fantasy EPL, which makes them perfect for a quick game on the go. All you need to do is draft your team, and you’ll know the results of a contest after games are finished.

Another great thing about Draftstars is that all of the desktop features are available on their native Android and iOS apps. It means that you can play fantasy EPL wherever you are.

  • Numerous EPL fantasy contests
  • iOS and Android native apps
  • Both free and paid contests
Visit Draftstars Read Draftstars Review

PlayUp Another Option

Another choice worth considering for EPL fantasy betting is PlayUp. This is the best choice for anyone keen on combining fantasy betting with general sports betting. Draftstars and PlayUp are part of the same organisation, meaning PlayUp customers can also use Draftstars when placing fantasy bets.

PlayUp are one of the best betting sites in Australia for sports betting so joining them gives you the best of both worlds. That said, if you are only interested in EPL fantasy leagues then Draftstars is the place to look.

Betting Site Best Feature


Great Sports Coverage

Bank Transfer
Key Player on the AUS Betting Scene

The Best EPL Fantasy App

All of you who like to have a quick fantasy EPL game on the go should know that Draftstars has native betting apps for Android and iOS devices. We tested all other operators, and Draftstars came up as a clear winner.

You can enjoy all of the desktop features from the palm of your hand, including a full range or contests and game modes. In case you’re not a fan of downloadable software, also feel free to play on their web-based app.

You can download the iOS App directly from the Apple App Store, which is very straightforward. However, the Android app isn’t available on the Play Store so instead, just head to Draftstars and download the app directly from their site. It all takes just a few minutes, and you can enjoy a top-notch EPL fantasy mobile experience right away.

Draftstars mobile screenshots lineup
It takes just a few minutes to get the Draftstars app. This is available for both Android and iOS and you will soon have View more

It takes just a few minutes to get the Draftstars app. This is available for both Android and iOS and you will soon have access to a number of EPL fantasy leagues from your mobile device.


Fantasy EPL Strategy

Whether it’s fantasy sports betting or classic soccer betting, you’ll need some knowledge to tackle EPL betting.  This is even more the case for DFS since the window of opportunity is so small, meaning that you’ll have to think quickly and constantly make the right decisions. Our fantasy sports experts list a few EPL fantasy tips below. Note that we focus on evergreen strategy, meaning that you can use this for every English Premier League Fantasy season.

  • Neglect reputations – Just because a player is flashy and expensive, it doesn’t mean he will do good for your team. Think like a real manager and try to find a group of players that complement each other at different prices. Don’t ignore players just because they are cheap. Assess where they play and consider thre stats over reputation.
  • Analyse the fixtures – This one is huge, especially if you’re playing daily fantasy EPL. You have to know the next match-up and select the team based on that. If you’re facing a league’s top defence, don’t expect your forwards to have such an easy time. Instead, think it through and come up with a different strategy.
  • Don’t be afraid to take a gamble – After all, EPL fantasy should be fun and exciting, so don’t be afraid to take a gamble once in a while. Take a player you believe will outperform.

Types of EPL Fantasy Leagues

There is more than one EPL fantasy league type you can take part in. EPL official fantasy offers just a single basic game mode, while other operators and betting sites usually have at least 4 or 5 options available. Even though every one of them is trying to come up with exclusive game styles, there are a few content types that are available almost everywhere. We will take a quick look at a few of the most popular ones.

  • 50/50 Contests – All of the contenders who end up in the upper half of the leaderboard will get their initial stakes doubled.
  • Head-to-Head – This is a one-on-one game. All you need to do is draft a better-scoring team than your opponent.
  • Custom Contests – Create a custom EPL fantasy league and invite only the people you want. Friends and family can compete against each other.

EPL Fantasy Scoring

EPL fantasy scoring rules can be different depending on the operator. But the mechanics are always the same. You draft a team of players and earn points based on their performance in actual games. Almost every stat line counts, so make sure you consider it all when drafting a team. We will list just a few of the stats to always keep in mind, together with fantasy scorings from Draftstars. Even if you decide to join some other operator, values will probably be just slightly different.

  • Goal – 8 points
  • Assist – 4 points
  • Shot on Goal = 1.5 points
  • Shot = 0.5 points
  • Accurate Cross (DEF, MID, FWD) – 0.5 points
  • Tackle Won (DEF, MID, FWD) – 1 point
  • Passes Intercepted (DEF, MID, FWD) – 1 point
  • Accurate Pass – 0.05 points
  • Fouls Drawn – 1 point
  • Penalty Kick Won – 4

Also, note that you can lose fantasy points if your players do certain things. It applies to actions that hurt the team, such as cards or penalties. If a player is prone to doing these stuff, think twice about drafting him. Here are some of the stat lines you should keep your eyes on.

  • Fouls Conceded = -0.5 points
  • Yellow Card = -2 points
  • Red Card = -5 points
  • Penalty Kick Conceded = -2 points
  • Penalty Kick Missed = -4 points
  • Own Goal = -4 points
  • Goal Conceded (GK) = -2 points

You’ll even score points if the defence stays strong and your players record a clean sheet. The number of points depends on the position, but it usually goes something like this:

  • Clean Sheet (DEF) – 3 points
  • Clean Sheet (GK) – 5 points

EPL Fantasy Draft

This is the most important part of any fantasy contest, so don’t rush it! The first thing you have to do is learn all the draft rules. It can be slightly different depending on the operator, meaning that you should always read the rulebook.

After learning all the technical stuff, you should come up with a strategy. Which player to take when and when is a million-dollar question, so always spend some time preparing. This includes selecting picks you want in each round, as well as their back-ups. Also, it’s worthwhile having a list of players you want to select for upcoming fixtures.

These are some actionable EPL fantasy draft tips to help you level up your game.

EPL Fantasy Draft Tips

  1. Look what others are drafting and be flexible. Sometimes you’ll just have to go for a player you want right now if you believe others will take him.
  2. If you’re not selecting early, it’s better to take a high-scoring midfielder than a striker.
  3. Pro tip – never talk publicly during the draft about who you want to go after. Some contenders may use it against you!
  4. Don’t take too many players from the same club. If the team has a bad day, it’s likely that you’ll flop as well.
  5. Try to play at least one EPL fantasy mock draft before doing it for real. It will help you learn all the rules and technicalities.

EPL Fantasy Team Structure

The structure of your team will warry depending on the type of EPL fantasy league you play. If you enter one of the season-long contests, they’ll usually ask you to draft around 15 players. DFS contests are much quicker. You have to get usually around 8 or 9 players, depending on the operator. However, all of them have one thing in common – there is a salary cap. It restricts you from choosing only the top players. Instead, you’ll have to combine differently-priced soccer players.

You have to get players to cover all of the main positions. This is how an eight-player team would look:

  • GK x1
  • DEF x2
  • MID x3
  • FWD x2

Note that some of the players are listed as dual-position players or DPPs. As the name says, you can use them in two positions. For example, some DPPs can be played on both DEF and MID spots. They are usually a great choice on the draft since you get a lot more flexibility with assembling the lineup.

Trade Players

In case you’re not 100% happy with the team, you can always trade players before the games start. However, most of the EPL fantasy operators impose restrictions on the number of trades. It means that you should look at swapping players as something that can help you polish the rough edges. This is not the way to rebuild the team, which makes drafting the right set of talents from the get-go even more important.

If you decide to trade, make sure first to do in-depth research about the players you want. Since fantasy EPL relies on stats, double-check all the numbers that can affect the team performance. This isn’t about getting the most expensive players. The real goal is to find footballers that will complement your current team, and make it perform better as a whole.


Placing a Fantasy EPL Bet

If you already have some fantasy sports experience, this will be a cakewalk since EPL works the same as any other fantasy contest. All of you who are complete beginners should take a look at our quick guide below. It explains how the gameplay will look like at most of the EPL fantasy sites in Australia.

EPL Fantasy Guide

  1. Find an EPL fantasy football site you like and create an account
  2. Pick a contest you like
  3. Enter the draft and pick a team
  4. Trade players if you want
  5. Once the game starts, follow the leaderboard

Consider Other Fantasy Sports

As soon as you are regularly betting on fantasy EPL you’ll discover the process is very similar for other fantasy sports as well. The best fantasy sports betting sites tend to have a wide range of other sports on offer. We have detailed guides on many of them as well.



The best fantasy EPL betting site is Draftstars. We have rated and reviewed the best Australian bookies and this is the place to go. A great app, large prize pools and a host of different leagues make Draftstars our number-one recommendation.

PlayUp is also worth considering for anyone keen to mix their betting between fantasy sports and conventional sports wagering.

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We strongly believe that Draftstars has the best fantasy EPL offer in Australia. In case you want to see why we think that way, click the button below. Top fantasy EPL site

EPL Fantasy FAQs

We believe Draftstars is the best EPL fantasy betting site. They have appealing prize pools, a great app, and both free and paid-for leagues to join. The ability to set up private leagues for friends and family is another huge plus point. Those who like mixing fantasy and conventional sports betting should also consider PlayUp.

In EPL fantasy football, you score points based on the actions your players do in games. Almost every stat line count, including things like goals, assists, tackles and cards. To learn more about EPL fantasy scoring, check out our full article.

Draftstars offers the best EPL fantasy app for Aussie punters. You can get the native apps for iOS and Android, or just use their mobile website. If you want to learn more about Draftstar’s EPL fantasy mobile experience, take a look at the article above.

It’s very easy once you get the hang of it. Just pick a fantasy site you like and create an account. After that draft the team and follow the leaderboard.

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