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Best Skrill Betting Sites in Australia

Finding Skrill betting sites sounds like a great idea! However, that’s only part of the problem, which you’ve already figured out. Getting to the best betting sites that accept Skrill is the second, and in our opinion, the more difficult problem. It’s a payment method that’s not available by default in Australia!

Not only we are going to go through the best Skrill betting agencies in Australia, but we’re also going to touch upon more specific topics regarding Skrill, such as the fees, transaction period and how to complete deposit with the popular Skrill. If you already know what’s Skrill and how it works, jump straight to the top Skrill betting agencies, and “pick your poison”. Don’t forget about the bonus! All of you who like to know more about it, scroll down!

Top 3 Online Bookmakers that Accept Skrill in Australia

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betfair Australia Review


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Skrill is in a peculiar position in Australia. Unlike the Aussies, EU and UK punters rely heavily on Skrill. It’s almost the go-to payment option that helps them fuel their betting endeavors. Seeing Skrill in the banking section, or listed next to other deposit methods, hints at the bookmaker’s standing and target audience. Why? Because Australia, unlike other regions, has enough of its own highly competitive payment providers, the likes of POLi, FlexePIN and BPAY, and all of them have enviable market shares.

Australian Skrill Betting Sites – What You Should Know

First and foremost, it’s not a payment option that’s available by default, such as POLi and/or BPAY. Skrill is primarily focused in other markets,  most of which are in Europe, but it has a decent market share in Canada as well. Australia is a secondary market freely speaking.

Obviously, it is not the best payment method for Aussie punters, but it’s a rather efficient payment solution, perfect for casual punters. Those of you who are taking betting seriously might want to consider choosing PayPal or POLi.

Whether you deposit in AUD or a different currency, it doesn’t make a difference, aside from the currency conversion fee you have to cover, if, say, you deposit in a currency which is not accepted by the bookmaker at hand. Although, we highly recommend sticking to Australian betting sites, licensed in Australia, and depositing and betting in AUD. Skrill betting sites

Skrill Accepted at Bet365 Australia

Bet365 cooperates with Skrill in other markets besides Australia. As a matter of fact, it’s just a filler in Australia. To be straight with you, it’s not the most popular payment solution for punters in the UK either, mainly because the rules regarding bonuses and promotions differ greatly, excluding Skrill and/or Neteller deposits.

For what it’s worth, Bet365 Australia is eager to welcome you and your Skrill deposits. The welcome bonus offer is subject to change. Is there a Bet365 bonus? The best way to find out is to check out our Bet365 Australia review and visit the bookmaker from there on.

In short, Bet365 is a betting site on steroids, but in a good way! Skrill just makes it more welcoming.

Deposit with Skrill at Betfair Australia

Another big, international, yet a bookmaker with its roots deep in Australia is Betfair. Not only it provides an extensive range of markets and sports events, Betfair boasts the biggest betting exchange. But you already knew that, right? Did you also know that Betfair accepts Skrill deposits? Did you know that Betfair also pays out winnings via Skrill? Now you do!

Betfair Australia takes betting to a whole new different level. And no, you don’t need a separate account to place bets and to take your chances on the betting exchange.

An interesting fact is that Betfair Australia is the most versatile betting site out of all bookmakers in regards to deposit and withdrawal options.

Skrill at Sportsbet – Deposit & Withdraw

Here’s Sportsbet, one of Australia’s finest betting site, which is also accepting Skrill (Moneybookers) deposits. Although a member of the Paddy Power Betfair family, Sportsbet has kept its Aussie look. That being said, you’ll notice it looks different than other bookmakers that are owned by international companies.

Sportsbet takes you straight to the betting action. With your Skrill e-wallet, you can place your first real money bet in less than 5 minutes! That is, if you’re tech savvy and you know exactly what you’re doing!

Skrill Disadvantages

We showed you where Skrill can take you, which online bookmakers accept Skrill and what you can expect, but when compared to other payment providers, Skrill proves to be quite cost inefficient. That being said, here are the cons of using Skrill:

  • Maintenance and Transaction Fees
  • Certain Restrictions Might Apply

The list of Skrill disadvantages is a short one indeed. Then again, Skrill is a punter favorite payment option in certain regions of the world. Surprisingly, many punters from Australia are its loyal customers.

Are there Any Fees on Skrill Deposits at Betting Sites?

Skrill comes off as a favorable payment provider, but mainly because of its efficiency, and not in terms of costs. It’s fast when it takes the role of a deposit method, but it’s also decent if you withdraw using via Skrill, if the bookmaker allows it. A rule of thumb, there aren’t any deposit or withdrawal fees at betting sites. However, Skrill, the provider, charges fees, and it does so on several occasions. Let's repeat that, the Skrill betting sites do not charge any fees!

The fees vary greatly, depe

nding on the funding payment method primarily. These fees are in the range of 1% to staggering 7.5%. Additionally, you have to pay another fee when you withdraw money from your Skrill account, to say, your bank account. Withdrawal fees are fixed, and they hurt. However, if you reduce the frequency of Skrill withdrawals, it can be turned into an efficient, COST efficient payment provider. Nevertheless, it can’t beat the modest fees of PayPal.

Note, if you’re betting at an international bookmaker and the AUD is not accepted, you’re in for an increase of 3.99% in fees, charged against your transaction. You will NOT be notified of this at any point. The betting site will not warn you either.

Skrill Advantages

It goes without saying that Skrill is a highly competitive payment provider. It’s available in more than 100 countries and it supports transactions in more than 15 currencies. No wonder there are so many Skrill betting sites around the world! However, in spite of its “liberal” marketing model, certain restrictions apply, but not in Australia. Aussie punters can deposit and withdraw at Skrill betting sites in AUD. Moreover, Skrill opens an entire new range of bookmakers which are not licensed in Australia. By taking this path you put your betting journey in jeopardy.

There’s a fine range of Australian betting sites that provide attractive odds and the comforts a passionate punter deserves. For what it’s worth, here are the Skrill’s payment advantages:

  • Supports Multiple Currencies
  • Great for Mobile Betting
  • Deposit & Withdrawal Method
  • Fast Transactions

Its reputation precedes itself. In a way, its features make it perfect for casual punters that like deposit frequently, yet modest amounts.

Skrill Mobile App Enables Mobile Betting

Available both on Android and iOS, and fully compatible with Windows devices, the Skrill mobile app is everything you need to be in total control of your betting balance at any of the Skrill betting sites we recommend. You can download the Skrill app from the respective app store, log in and you’re all set. However, the app is not necessary, since you don’t need it to make deposits, nor you need it to withdraw from betting sites.

With the Skrill app and the mobile app of the bookmaker of your choice, you will never ever have to take a seat at your desktop device to place online sports bets.

Skrill Deposits and Withdrawals at Online Bookmakers

You might’ve already picked up the hints we left along, but it’s best we get this dilemma out of the way. The answer is yes, you can deposit and withdraw using Skrill. However, online bookmakers still reserve the right to deny a Skrill withdrawal, and force its trusted custom

ers to withdraw via bank transfer. On certain occasions, this is not an issue, but there are some situations when it can cause a lot of inconveniences. For starters, you will have to provide extra proof and verification documents.

Skrill withdrawals are a staple in Europe, mainly because of high bank transfer charges. Cross-border transactions add up to a significant amount in fees.

This Skrill feature gives it a head start over POLi, BPAY and FlexePIN, just because it enables punters to withdraw money from betting sites. Nevertheless, PayPal still comes on top. For the time being, Skrill is a decent payment option, but please, consider switching to PayPal at some point in the foreseeable future.

How Long Do Betting Skrill Withdrawals Take?

When it comes to withdrawal times at betting sites in Australia, almost all payment options bring forward the same capabilities. Then again, if your withdrawal is approved sooner, you will get your money out faster, but only if you’re withdrawing via an e-wallet, such as Skrill for example.

In our experience, Skrill withdrawals can be completed within hours following the withdrawal request. However, those guys working in the finance departments at betting agencies need to go through all of your details before they can approve the transaction. In case you don’t know what they’re doing, they’re double checking if you’ve breached any of the terms in their long, painfully long rule book.

Although it’s typical for Skrill withdrawals to be fully completed within 24 hours, the worst case scenario is 48 hours, which the threshold beyond which even bank transfers become a more efficient withdrawal option.

Bookmakers that Accept Skrill Are Hosting International Punters

It is without a doubt, a way more versatile payment option than POLi and BPAY, because it supports transactions in multiple curre

ncies. Australia’s finest proprietary payment providers support AUD transactions only. Let this not be a distraction and confuse you. You can use Skrill as a deposit option at betting agencies that accept it, just try not get lost. After all, the Australian law states that the bookmaker needs to hold an Australian license.

How to Deposit with Skrill at Betting Sites?

For starters, Skrill is an e-wallet. As such, you need to fund your Skrill account via credit cards, debit cards, other e-wallets or directly via bank transfers. Regardless of how you do it, there are fees which apply to you. Need not to worry, we have that covered as well, and we’re going to talk about it later on.

Here’s a brief step by step guide on how to deposit with Skrill at betting sites:

    1. Register and Verify your Betting Account
    2. Find the Cashier/ Deposit Button
    3. Select Skrill as Your Deposit Method
    4. Fill in the Information
    5. Insert the Amount You Wish to Deposit
    6. Complete the Deposit Transaction
    7. Place the Bet You’ve Been Thinking About

It’s simple, fast and widely available. Makes you think it’s one of the best payment methods for punters. Skrill deposits are instant, as long as you have enough cash in your Skrill wallet. This puts it ahead of conventional deposit methods such as bank transfers, and surprisingly, well ahead of BPAY!


Best Bookmaker Accepting Skrill in Australia

It is quite a limited selection. As it turns out, there aren’t many Skrill betting sites in Australia, as, for example, there are in Europe. This just indicates that the financial service market is oversaturated. When a giant such as Skrill can’t get the market share it’s used to, something’s going on. Nevertheless, we can point out the best of the best Skrill betting sites in Australia. Drumroll… it’s Bet365. Like our top 3 Skrill accepting bookmakers list says, it sits firmly at the very top. It’s demonstrated high customer retention rates, which mainly is the case because of decent odds, great customer support and frequent promotions that steal away the punter’s attention.

So, has Skrill gotten your attention? In our honest opinion, Skrill certainly has its pros, but we can’t really say it’s the best payment method for Aussie punters. Have another look at our top 3 best Skrill online bookmakers and start betting, today! Consider claiming a bonus, you probably already know the benefits of it, but please double check if Skrill deposits actually qualify for the offer in the first place.

Skrill FAQs

The general withdrawal period via bank transfer is 2-5 business days. Just make sure you provide the correct IBAN and SWIFT code. You don't want to any transactions delayed, or the funds reaching a different account.

If there isn't any currency conversion, a fee of $8.07 applies. If, however, there's a currency conversion, a 3.99% fee applies as well. Since you're going to bet at betting sites licensed in Australia, you don't have to worry about any currency conversion fees.

For the time being, at the time of writing, only EEA countries qualify for a Skrill Card. We hope to see Australian Skrill Cards in the near future. It's a great way of withdrawing funds directly at ATMs, or making POS transactions.

Sorry Guys, but the new NSW regulation is preventing us from showing you any betting promotions, so we have to stop you here, since you can't participate anyway. What we can do is recommend our favorite bookies, based on their products.

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