FlexePIN Betting Sites in Australia

Written by Dave Last time updated 11/20/2023

FlexePIN is an Australian native payment method available at almost all of the betting sites around here. Since Aussi punters have so many options when it comes to betting with FlexePIN, we have decided to see which are the best bookies to accept this payment method.

Besides carefully reviewing each one of them, we’ve also prepared a step by step guide on how to use FlexePIN betting sites. You’ll also learn more about fees, deposit times and everything else you should know before starting to bet.

Bet365 – Top FlexePIN Betting Site

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One of the fiercest rivals of BetEasy, and probably ahead in some areas is bet365. It’s practically a household name. It’s more than just a brand. Millions of punters from around the world have lost their “betting virginity” because of bet365’s aggressive marketing policy. FlexePIN is the key to bet365’s doors.

Here you get the complete package any reasonable punter wants. It’s an ever-evolving betting environment, with new features being added regularly. Whether it’s a new sport, much like e-Sports, or a new market, you will find it at bet365.

Can I Withdraw with FlexePIN at Betting Sites?

FlexePIN’s underlying principle is to make it easy and safe for the customer to reach the merchant, or in your case, the betting site. Unfortunately, you cannot withdraw money from the bookmaker using FlexePIN. It’s not like they can go to the local store and get you a number of FlexePIN vouchers and mail them to you. Well, yes, they can, but it’s against all financial and business laws and regulations.

FlexePIN punters can withdraw any winnings via bank transfer. At least, this is what the majority of punters who deposit with FlexePIN does. The bookmaker has no information on how much money you have in your bank. All you need to provide is your bank account number, your personal details and the bank name. Usually, bank transfers do not carry any extra fees in Australia, but as always, double-check! If you’re not fond of researching, simply check the bookmaker review we’ve conducted.

FlexePIN Vouchers Are Anonymous

And this is a feature until you lose one. To illustrate, say you lose a credit card. The moment you realize it’s gone, you call your bank to inform them of this, or you do it yourself with a few clicks. And voila! Your money is safe, the credit card is locked, nothing bad’s happened, right? Right.

Losing a FlexePIN voucher does not work that way. For example, you’ve bought a $500 voucher, which is the maximum by the way. The voucher is gone, you can’t find it, and you still haven’t made your deposit at your favourite FlexePIN betting site. Sounds like a pretty rough day.

You cannot report it’s lost, or if it’s stolen. Poof, it’s gone. $500 gone with the wind, and it’s not coming back. Although this is extremely rare, we can all agree that it probably has happened in the past.

Whatever you do, keep your FlexePIN vouchers safe. You don’t want them lost, because if that happens, there’s no going back. It’s as if you placed a bet, and you lost, it’s just that you never had a chance at winning.

Advantages of FlexePIN Betting Sites

From a punter standpoint, FlexePIN is amazing! It’s perfect for newcomers that do not like to put a “stain” on their bank statement. It’s also great for punters who have broken the bank in the past. Although we don’t want to use the term, we have to do so on this occasion. FlexePIN is the best solution for punters who have been on a binge compulsive betting in the past.

So, to wrap up the FlexePIN advantages talk, here they are:

Perfect for casual punters who like to place a bet on sports once in a while. It’s pretty easy to find a bookie that accepts FlexePin these days. It’s even available at some of the new Australian bookies.

We can imagine a sports betting industry that relies solely on a payment method of this kind. Sure, such a market would be labelled over-regulated with many obstacles, and it’s highly unlikely that it will happen, ever.

FlexePIN Disadvantages

Regardless of how much we try to oversell FlexePIN, it comes with a bunch of disadvantages that might “force” you to look for other payment options. It’s not infamous, it’s not insecure, but it does bring a range of cons that affect the overall betting experience. Now is the time when you should make the right decision if you want to avoid unnecessary unpleasantries.

These pretty much sum all the disadvantages anybody can think of. Nevertheless, it’s still a viable deposit method. Let’s take a look at these up close, and see how they actually affect you at FlexePIN betting sites.

Where Can I Buy FlexePIN Vouchers?

Some might find it inconvenient, others will find it magnificent. FlexePIN vouchers are quite popular in Australia, and because of this, you do not need to invest yourself too much to find them. However, fellow punters from the UK do indeed still need to put in some research time to find a FlexePIN outlet.

The best way to find a local FlexePIN outlet, which is authorized and by all means legal is via the FlexePIN website. Use the FlexePIN Store Finder tool provided on their site. To be honest, they couldn’t have made it simpler and easier to use. Simply find the nearest shop that’s marked on the map. Get yourself a few vouchers in different denominations so you don’t have to visit the shop that frequently. Let’s not jinx it!

Note, do not show the 16 digit number to anyone! If anybody uses the PIN online, before you, your FlexePIN voucher becomes obsolete, worthless! We’d like to see you go and explain the guy at the shop that the voucher is not working.

That’s pretty much everything you need, or you can know about FlexePIN as an Aussie punter. If you’ve already bought a voucher, scroll up to the best FlexePIN betting sites we recommend, choose any and register an account right away. We say “any” because all of them are reputable bookmakers with a reputation to uphold and expectations to meet.

Are there any Fees Associated with FlexePIN?

There are no fees on FlexePIN deposits at bookmakers. Well, this is true for most of the top Australian betting sites we mention on this page, but it’s always best to double-check the details in the banking area provided by the bookmaker itself. Punters are inclined to fee-free payment methods, the likes of FlexePIN. Moreover, since it guarantees the customer’s privacy, it’s almost a punter favourite!

For the time being, there are no fees, but should we learn of any changes, we’re going to make amendments to this page. After all, the information we provide is valuable to you only if it’s accurate and if it reflects the current situation. Since we’re closely monitoring the aforementioned FlexePIN betting sites, the updates will surely be implemented in a timely fashion.

Is FlexePIN Safe?

And no other deposit option can match its model. Of course, FlexePIN mirrors the model of Paysafecard, but this doesn’t mean it’s not special. The simple nature of this payment method is attracting a lot of attention, which is why its been rapidly expanding. Although this is not important to Aussie punters, it’s good to know that an Australian product is slowly but surely conquering the financial service market on a global scale.

Paysafecard is great, there’s that, but FlexePIN is a direct competitor which means, we can expect a revamped, competition-driven market. Is this rivalry going to affect FlexePIN betting sites? Highly unlikely, but it sure will tilt the Paysafe Group.

FlexePIN Company Info
flexepin company info
Name Flexewallet Pty Ltd
Founded in 2000
CEO Virgile Rostand
Headquarters 61 Bourke Street, Melbourne, Australia
Mobile No
Fees No fees
Contact 1800 857 202
Website flexepin.com

How to Deposit with FlexePIN?

FlexePIN works similar to the already well-established Paysafecard, meaning, it is a prepaid voucher. However, it still is behind the dominant Paysafecard. Nevertheless, it’s been expanding steadily since it was introduced, so much so, that its distributor network reached Europe! Note that FlexePIN in a deposit-only method, same as Paysafecard.

First, you need to find an authorized FlexePIN distributor, or merchant, vendor, call it whatever you like. Vouchers come in several different amounts. Regardless of the FlexePIN voucher denomination, the deposit process is the same.

Now, you need to have a betting site account. If that’s out of the way, find the 16 digit PIN on your voucher. This is the number that identifies the amount of money you have. Since the betting site is associated with FlexePIN, this is all you need to provide to validate the transaction. Of course, don’t forget to register with accurate and correct personal details.

We have even come up with a handy step-by-step guide on how to make a deposit by FlexePIN. Just follow the instructions below and you’ll be ready to start betting in no time! Note that the process is the same even if you bet using some of the Australian betting apps.

Deposit with FlexePIN

  1. Purchase the FlexePIN voucher
  2. Log in with your favourite betting site
  3. Choose FlexePIN from the list of available payment methods
  4. Enter the 16 digits code found on the voucher
  5. Confirm the transaction
  6. That’s it! You’re ready to start betting!

How Long Do FlexePIN Betting Sites Deposits Take?

Due to its nature, punters can deposit instantly at online bookmakers. As soon as the FlexePIN system verifies your FlexePIN 16 digit number, you’re all set! Your betting account will be credited with the amount of your pre-purchased voucher.

Unlike BPAY, you do not have to wait up to 48 hours for the transaction to reflect on your betting balance. The deposited amount reflects on your betting balance immediately as soon as the system validates your 16 digit PIN. This is why FlexePIN is very popular among fans of sports live betting since quick deposits allows you to place timely in-play bets.

What are the FlexePIN Alternatives?

Nowadays there are plenty of betting sites payment options available. Punters that prefer a payment method that can be both a deposit and a withdrawal method can start with some of the PayPal bookies. It’s an all-inclusive payment solution that enables punters to make safe and secure deposits and withdrawals at online bookmakers. Moreover, you do not need to leave your home to buy any kind of voucher.

POLi is another great option for Aussie punters. As we explained in our article about betting with POLi, this banking method is super straightforward to use and offers instant deposits. It’s 100% Australian company, meaning that it perfectly caters all of the domestic punter’s needs.

FlexePIN Alternatives
  • Fast withdrawals
  • Super safe
  • Few bookies have it
PayPal Review
  • 100% Australian
  • No fees
  • Deposits only
POLi Review
  • Multiple currencies
  • Mobile friendly
  • Few bookies have it
Skrill Review

FlexePIN Betting Sites – Conclusion

FlexePIN is probably the safest payment method to deposit with at online betting sites, because it guarantees nobody can steal money from you, nor can anybody have access to your banking details, that is, by this point. We have shed some light on some of FlexePIN’s flaws, which may, but not necessarily, discourage you from using it for your online betting endeavours. FlexePIN betting sites have made depositing easy and safe, regardless of how tech-savvy you are.

Bet365 is at the moment the only FlexePIN betting sites. Take a look at why we think they are well-worth your time.
Top FlexePIN bookmaker


Can I Reverse a FlexePIN Transaction?

No, you cannot. At least not via FlexePIN. If you’re trying to reverse a FlexePIN transaction you will have to contact the betting site. Ultimately, it’s up to them whether you’re going to get the cash back. To avoid mistakes, check out our guide about depositing at FlexePIN betting sites.

How many FlexePIN vouchers can I purchase?

Although it’s anonymous, there’s a limit which in practice does not apply to most customers. The limit is set at $5,000 per day. Check out the article above to learn more about where to buy a FlexePIN voucher.

Can I get a refund from FlexePIN for left over FlexePIN vouchers?

Yes, you can, but it’s a somewhat complex procedure, which requires you to fill out a Consumer Refund Application Form. You will receive the money via Bank Wire.

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