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Motor Racing Betting Sites Australia

From Formula 1 to the Bathurst 1000, Australian motor racing fans have a real need for speed. Lots of Aussies love to have a bet on some of the biggest motor races too, and if you fit that description then this page is well worth reading. Not only do we reveal our top 5 motor racing betting sites in Australia, but our betting experts also reveal how to enhance your chances of backing motor racing winners.

We also discuss the various options Australian punters have when it comes to betting on motor racing. The most popular motor racing markets are explained and we also look at the availability of live motor racing streaming and in-play motor racing betting in Australia. Simply put, if you want to be in pole position when betting on motor racing this page will help you achieve exactly that.

Top 5 Motor Racing Betting Sites Australia

Betting Site Best Feature
bet365 review


Best Live Streaming

Terms & Conditions
35+ Sports, Exceptional Product
Racing Promotions
Unibet Review


Live Streaming
Expert Edge

Terms & Conditions
User-friendly Interface
Unibet Insiders
PlayUp Review


Great sports coverage

Terms & Conditions
Daily fantasy sports
Mobile apps for iOS and Android
BlueBet Review


Weekly Specials

Terms & Conditions
Native Betting Apps
Betfair Review


Betting Exchange

Terms & Conditions
The Betfair Hub
High Value Odds

Below you can see the definitive list of the top 5 motor racing betting sites Australia. Draftstars is the leading site for fantasy motor racing betting games, while if you want to bet in-play on motor racing online you can do so on the Betfair Exchange. However, of the traditional bookies, the one we liked the best for betting on motor racing in Australia was Bet365, with both Betfair and Unibet completing the top 3. To find out more about why we rate Bet365 so highly, check out the section above…

Motor Racing Betting Sites Australia: Bet365 Leave The Rest For Dust!

One of the world’s most trusted and well known online betting operators, we rate Bet365 very highly when it comes to motor racing betting in Australia. With over 45 million customers around the world, it is safe to say that Bet365 know how to keep their members happy. They have had an online presence in Australia since 2012 and more and more Aussies are starting to realise that Bet365 is one of the best motor racing betting sites in Australia.

You can bet on all the biggest races with Bet365, including Formula 1, the World Rally Championship and our own Bathurst 1000 and Supercar Series. On two wheels the Moto GP is by far the biggest event on the calendar and betting is available on that too with Bet365. In-play motor racing odds are displayed, but a phone call is required to place an in-play wager. You can find out more about what Bet365 has to offer Aussie punters in our extensive Bet365 Review.

  • Exceptional betting app
  • An array of payment options
  • Fantastic 24/7 customer support
Visit bet365 Website

The Biggest Races

Motor racing concerns two main disciplines, motorbike racing and motor car racing. The Formula 1 Championship is undoubtedly the most famous and glamorous car race and it attracts the very best manufacturers like Ferrari and Mercedes. Daniel Ricciardo is flying the Aussie flag in F1 at the moment for Renault. The Supercar Series and Bathurst 1000 are the two biggest domestic car races, while in the USA it is NASCAR and the Indy 500 that capture the public’s imagination.

Below you can see some of the biggest motor races in Australia and from around the world.

Key Motor Racing Events

Start Date
Formula 1March
Supercars ChampionshipMarch
Bathurst 1000October

Motor Racing Odds in Australia – Don’t Settle For Anything Less Than The Best Price!

It doesn’t matter whether you are betting on Formula 1, MotoGP, or the Bathurst 1000. Your top priority is finding the best price available from one of our motor racing betting sites in Australia. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that the bigger the odds, the bigger your returns will be so locating the absolute best price is a no brainer. To illustrate just how volatile some markets can be we compared the odds for an upcoming race

Odds Comparison

William Byron5.502.50
Denny Hamlin9.0012.00
Timmy Hill9.006.00
Parker Kligerman11.0017.00
Kyle Busch13.0011.00
John H Nemechek13.0014.00
Garrett Smithley13.0011.00
Kevin Harvick15.0051.00
Ryan Preece15.0014.00
Alex Bowman15.0017.00

The table above compares the outright race winner odds for a recent eSports NASCAR race at Talladega. If you want to see just how crucial it is to find the best odds, look at Kevin Harvick. He is 15.00 with Bet365, a decent price you might think. However, if you back him with Unibet he is more than triple that price at 51.00! Motor racing overrounds can give an overall picture of value, but if you want to be sure you are not missing out there is only one solution…shop around!

Motor Racing Betting Tips

As we briefly mentioned earlier, some disciplines in motor racing are pretty predictable. For example, in Formula 1 only four drivers (maybe six) are really capable of winning every race barring accidents. Below you will see a trio of hot tips on how to increase your chances of making money from betting on motor racing.

  • Value In Alternative Markets: Given how predictable some motor races are it can often pay to look for value in alternative markets to the outright race winner market. For example, for every F1 Grand Prix Bet365 and Unibet form a large range of alternative markets, including a best of the rest market that excludes the top three teams. Depending on track conditions, sometimes value can be found in the Best Of The Rest Market.
  • Track Characteristics: In motor racing, some cars and bikes are fastest when going in a straight line. Others make time up by being faster through corners. It usually pays to research each car and driver’s strengths and weaknesses before having a bet. For example, it wouldn’t make much sense backing a car with the huge straight-line speed at a twisty track like the Monaco street circuit.
  • Weather Matters: The biggest reason for shock results in motor racing is the weather. If it rains the skill of the driver becomes a lot more important than the speed of the car or bike. If it is raining don’t be afraid to change drivers with good records in wet conditions, even if they are with a weaker team.

Motor Racing Betting Markets

The outright winner is by far the best-known motor racing betting market. However, if you are looking to find a bit of value with one of our leading Motor racing betting sites in Australia, you may well do so in one of the many alternative markets that are formed by Unibet and Bet365. If you want to know more about the options available to you when betting on motor racing in Australia, keep on scrolling…

Outright Race Winner

This is a market that is formed before the start of each race. You can bet on a driver to win outright, which means only a win will guarantee a return. You can also bet each way on F1 and other motor racing events with Bet365 and Unibet. An each-way bet requires your selected driver to finish 1-2-3 and most bookies pay 1/5 odds for a place. If you place a $10 e/w bet it costs $20 as your stake is split evenly on the win and place markets.

Best Of The Rest Betting

In Formula 1 especially, the likes of Hamilton, Bottas, Leclerc, Verstappen and Vettel win most of the races. The rest of the field is closely matched and you can sometimes find some nice betting opportunities in the best of the rest market. The top 6 drivers from the 3 most powerful teams are excluded and the bookies price up the rest of the field in a similar way to the outright winner market. The market is settled on the driver who finishes in the highest possible position, excluding the top 6 drivers.

Fastest Qualifier/Pole Position Betting

For most motor races there is a qualifying session to decide your starting position on the grid. Whoever achieves the quickest qualification time starts from the front of the grid, or in pole position as it is called. You can bet on the fastest qualifier with Palmerbet, Unibet and most other motor racing betting sites in Australia.

Bet Live On The Betfair Exchange!

Regulations contained in the Interactive Gambling Act forbid conventional bookies from offering online in-play motor racing betting in Australia. You can bet in-play over the phone during some races, but if you want to bet online in-play on motor racing in Australia then your only option is to sign up for a Betfair Exchange account.

As it is an exchange and not a bookmaker in the traditional sense, the Interactive Gambling Act does not apply to Betfair. This means you can place back and lay in-play motor racing bets 100% legally in Australia on the Betfair Exchange. If you want to know more about Australia’s number one betting exchange, have a read of our in-depth Betfair review.

Motor Racing Fantasy Betting – Play Up A Good Choice!

The last couple of years have seen a massive surge in the popularity of fantasy sports betting in Australia. One of the leaders of the fantasy sports revolution Down Under has been Play Up. They have a wide range of daily fantasy sports available, including for some of the biggest motor sport events, including many F1 races. If you want to learn more about Play Up and what they have to offer Aussie punters, check out our PlayUp review.

Live Motor Racing Streaming Bookies Australia

When this article was we could not find any motor racing betting sites in Australia with live motor racing streaming available. If you are looking for live sports streaming in Australia you can watch an incredibly good selection of sports live on desktop and mobile with Bet365 and Unibet. However, neither bookie has live motor racing streaming available at the moment. If there are any changes to the situation we will let you know.

Motor Racing Betting App – BlueBet Worth Checking Out!

BlueBet is a 100% Aussie company that launched in 2015. Owned by proud Aussie Michael Sullivan, this company is proud to be Australian and patriotic punters will not find many better Australian betting sites. They have markets for all the biggest motor racing events and they have designed native apps for both iOS and Android that are up there with the best in the industry.

The BlueBet Android App can be downloaded directly via your mobile browser. Just visit BlueBet and click on the relevant link. The BlueBet iOS App for iPhone users can be found on the App Store. You’ll need a device using iOS 11.0 or later and it is 66.1 MB. To find out more about BlueBet’s top-class mobile motor racing betting apps, check out our in-depth BlueBet app review.

Motor Racing Betting Sites FAQs

No bookmaker is ever guaranteed to have the best odds every single time. The only way to ensure you are getting the best motor racing odds is to check as many bookies as you can before you place your bet. If you are in any doubt as to the potential difference between some bookies when it comes to prices, check out our odds comparison table further up the page.


Betting in-play online on motor racing is not possible with any traditional bookie in Australia. If you want to be able to place motor racing in-play bets with one click of your mouse, then the Betfair Exchange is head and shoulders above the rest. As it is an exchange the regulations concerning live betting in Australia don’t apply so for in-play motor racing betting in Australia, the Betfair Exchange is streets ahead of the rest. To learn more about this subject, check out our review above.

Yes, if you use one of the bookies we list on this site you can bet 100% legally on motor racing in Australia. All of our bookies are fully licensed by Aussie authorities and you can safely and legally bet with all of them. If you want to know more about security and safety features, have a look at our bookie reviews.