Politics and Election Betting Sites

Politics and election betting have been around for quite some time now. Almost all Australian bookies offer odds on the biggest political events, so it can be hard to decide where to bet. That’s why we put together a list of the best politics betting sites in Australia

If you’re new to betting on politics, we also explain the most popular markets and list the events you can bet on. More experienced punters can jump straight to the top 5 bookies list below. 

Top 5 Politics Betting Sites 

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Variety of Betting Markets

Even though election betting isn’t nearly as popular as sports or racing betting, there are still many great bookies offering odds on the latest political events. We selected the top 5 politics betting bookies for our list based on several criteria such as the number of markets, event coverage and quality of odds. 

Every betting site listed above is tested and 100% secure, so you don’t have to worry about safety. If you want to learn more about any of these operators before registering, we suggest looking at some of our in-depth bookmaker reviews. 

Which Bookies Offers the Highest Odds? 

Election odds are usually even more volatile than sports or racing prices. That’s why it can be hard to guess which betting site consistently offers the most favourable rates. Because of that, it would be best for you to do an odds comparison test before betting on politics, just to make sure your bookie is having the highest odds available. 

We have done a test like that below, just to show you what it should look like. As you can see from the table, election odds can be widely different depending on the bookie, so always shop around for the best prices. 

Best Politics Odds Bookies
NSW Election - Sworn In Government
Any other party67.00101.0081.00

What Can I Bet On? 

Bookies usually offer several different bets under their politics tabs. We can group those bets into two major categories

  • Election betting – You’re trying to guess an election winner. It can be elections for a president, parliament or even a city major. 
  • Predictions – Bookies also offer an option to bet on different outcomes from the world of politics. For example, whether Donald Trump candidate in the upcoming US elections or what parties will form government in Australia. 

Bookies like BlueBet and PlayUp just cover a couple of the most important events, such as Australian or US elections. If you want access to more exotic and exciting political bets, we suggest joining some of the more prominent betting sites, like bet365 or Unibet

What Countries Are Covered?

There is nothing to worry about if you want to place a bet on local politics. Every bookie around here covers both state and federal elections in Australia, so there will be plenty of great options to choose from. 

On the other hand, if you’re interested in betting on foreign elections, it would be best to pick bet365 or Unibet. These two are international brands, so naturally, they cover a much broader range of politics bets from around the world. These bookies offer markets like: 

  • Next French president 
  • Norwegian general election winner
  • Next major of London 
  • Scottish Parliament election winner
  • Next sworn in Government of Japan

US Elections Betting 

US elections are, by far, the most popular event amongst punters, which is why bookmakers usually offer many more markets than for any other similar event. Every betting site from the list above has the US elections odds months before voting begins. You can also try a range of other markets, such as: 

  • Democratic presidential nominee
  • Republican presidential nominee
  • Winning party 
  • Who will win which state?

The great thing is that most of these US elections betting markets are available even years ahead. But as we are approaching the elections, there will be more and more bets popping up. We highly suggest you go around and compare odds before betting because prices can be widely different depending on the bookie. 

Most Popular Politics Bets 

Politics betting isn’t the most fertile ground when it comes to the selection of bets. Most bookies offer just one or two market types, meaning that you usually won’t have that many options to choose from. We list all of the most popular politics betting markets below, so scroll down and give them a look. 

Win Markets 

This is the most straightforward bet there is. You simply need to pick the winner of the selected elections. It’s so simple that even complete newbies can understand it with ease. 

You can back up a winning side of almost any kind of elections. It includes: 

  • Presidential elections
  • Elections for parliament 
  • Winning political party 
  • Referendums 

However, keep in mind that politics is very volatile and that odds can change very quickly. Even though win bets are very convenient, don’t forget to do your research before betting. 


Better-equipped bookmakers also allow you to bet on events from the world of politics that are a year or two away. For example, you can back a politician you believe will be the next president of France or try to guess when the next elections in the UK will take place. Same as with any other future bets, be extra careful when choosing your picks because a lot can change in such a long time. 


In some rare cases, bookies can make it possible to place over/under election bets. For example, you can try to guess whether the Australian Labour Party will win more or less than 30% in the upcoming elections. However, these bets are very rare nowadays, so don’t be surprised even if our top election betting sites don’t have them.

Politics Betting on Mobile 

If you want to try election betting on mobile, we suggest downloading the Unibet app for iOS or Android. Not only does this bookie offer a great range of politics bets, but they also have one of the top betting apps in Australia. All the odds and markets are easily available when betting on the go, as well as other special features, such as multi bet builder. 

If you’re not a fan of downloadable apps, just visit the Unibet website with a mobile browser, log in with your account and keep betting as usual. Their mobile website is fully optimised for all devices and offers the same features as the desktop site and native apps. 

Politics Betting Tips 

Just one misstep can turn elections upside down. That’s why politics bets can be just as hard to get as sports or racing. Even if you already have some experience with other types of betting, you still need to learn a lot to become an election betting aficionado. These are our experts’ top tips for betting on politics:

  • Don’t blindly trust polls – Even though polls can be a great indication, you shouldn’t trust them completely. Always take a look at the poll details and check if the source is reliable. 
  • Style matters – It’s important what politicians say, but it also matters how they look and behave. Don’t underestimate charismatic leaders just because some of their ideas don’t sound right to you. 
  • Don’t bet with your heart – Politics is a sensitive subject for many people, so it can be hard to be completely objective. But you shouldn’t let your emoting guide you when betting. Look at pools, read the news and make your decision based on that.


Betting on politics can be very fun and exciting, especially when important elections are closing in. However, the biggest downfall is that there just aren’t that many events and markets available. While politics betting can’t replace sports or racing, it can definitely be an interesting alternative from time to time. 

Politics Betting FAQs

Yes, you can bet on Australian federal elections at local betting sites. They usually offer a few different win bets, such as the winning party market. The odds are available months in advance, so you can back up your favourites even way before voting begins. 

US elections are the most popular political event at Australian betting sites, so you won’t have a hard time finding where to bet. Just visit one of the bookies, register an account and place your bet. If you’re not sure where to bet, check out our list of the best election betting sites for Aussies

Most of the top Australian betting sites offers betting on politics. However, we believe that Unibet or bet365 are the best choices because they have the broadest range of bets and solid odds. Check out the full article to learn more about the best politics betting sites in Australia

Australian betting sites usually offer a handful of politics betting markets, which includes the election winner, the winning party, potential coalitions and so on. Keep in mind that there are far fewer markets for betting on politics than with sports or racing betting.