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Best Tennis Betting Sites Australia

Tennis is a popular sport worldwide, and it takes a special place in Australia as well. After all, the Australian Open is one of the biggest annual sporting events in the world. It’s an exciting sport as it is, and it can be that much more enjoyable if you’re into tennis betting. Australia not only hosts one of the most respected Grand Slam tournaments, but it’s also the home of many bookmakers.

Act quickly if the tennis match you want to bet on is about to start. Join some of the betting sites we recommend and avoid the inconvenience of having to place an in-play bet. Those of you who are in a hurry can scroll down and learn more about the tennis betting markets that Australian betting sites offer. Moreover, we also talk about much sought-after tennis betting tips for the most popular tennis tournaments.

Where to Bet on Tennis in Australia?

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Note, the betting markets offer differs from one bookie to another. This is why it’s essential to go through our reviews and check the quality of the “sports betting product”. Throughout this tennis betting overview, we’re going to point out several of these for the quality and the depth of their tennis betting odds.

First thing’s first, what kind of tennis bets can you actually place?

Types of Tennis Betting Markets

Like other on other types of sports events, there are two types of tennis betting markets. The first and more frequent ones are match bets, which are settled once the tennis match is over, and the other, future bets. A special kind of future bets are multis, since they depend on the outcome of several individual tennis matches, but not necessarily the tournament. For the sake of simplicity, first, we’re going to check out tennis future bets in greater detail.

Future Bets/ Tournament Markets – Outright Bets

Future bets are promoted at Australian bookmakers, sort of. You can find them at the very top in tennis sections. In a way, this is an attempt to lure punters who have not yet bet on tennis, because it’s easy to come up with a partially informed decision.

Tournament Winner/ To Win Outright

Since tennis is not that popular amongst Australian punters, this is the only future bet you can place on most tennis tournaments. It’s a simple, outright bet on the winner of the tournament. Nothing complex, nothing out of the ordinary. The range of odds depends on the tournament participants. Nowadays, the tennis tournaments have become so competitive even bookies can’t identify who the favorite is.

The odds for this particular tennis betting market are available long before the start of the tournament, meaning, you can go on a tennis tournament betting binge.

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Final Quinella

Now, you might not feel comfortable placing a bet on the winner of the tournament, but you are confident you can predict which two tennis players will be in the finals, this is the right market for you. There are times when the two best tennis players are competing, and by accident, they can’t meet until the very finals. However, don’t push it. It’s better to place a bet on a match well analyzed, than to place a Final Quinella bet, without taking into consideration all variables.

Tennis Multi Bets

A simple way to boost your winnings is to combine several bets, in other words, go for multis. If you’re betting before the start the of the tournament, meaning all matches are available for multi bets, it’s rather easy to come up with several bets for your multi.

Then again, a lot has changed in recent years, not from a punting standpoint. The thing is, now there are quite a few tennis players that can surprise both punters and bookies. A few years back, getting the Final Quinella was easy, and it was somewhat predictable who the winner will be. Multis, although highly attractive, call for caution. Even if you’re into tennis exclusively, there are enough betting opportunities for multi bets, also known as accumulators.

Tennis Match Betting Markets

Unlike soccer or rugby, punters usually place an outright bet on the tournament winner, and as the events unfold, they place their match bets. Soccer betting allows punters to pursue several different future bets. The range of tennis futures is pretty limited when compared with other sports, which is what we can’t say about the tennis match betting markets.

Head-to-Head Betting / Moneyline

Betting on who will win the match is a type of market that needs no introduction. Most people who have never placed a bet imagine that there’s only this bet type. Tennis betting differs from other sports because there’s no draw outcome. This is why the odds look, odd. Many punters are not fond of this market, because they don’t find the odds as attractive. We’re not here to judge, but you can’t get appealing odds without some risk.

A bet of this kind, makes any game interesting. It’s the “magic” of betting! Simple usually is better. In tennis head-to-head betting you don’t out of the ordinary expertise. It doesn’t call for extensive homework, and you can find this market at all Australian bookmakers. In spite of what we just said, head-to-head betting is considered by many an entry level bet type.

Set Betting

Higher odds, higher risk, and it’s highly likely that you will find Set Betting for ALL tennis matches. If they’re still not put on display, come back later, at least a few days before the start of the match. Take a step back, and see the big picture. In our opinion, set betting is the best tennis betting market, not only because it’s distinctive for tennis, but because the odds are well-balanced.

On the other hand, set betting requires for some tennis knowledge, and you really have to be familiar with the players’ current performance and capabilities.

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To Win 1st Set

This is more of a coin toss bet, it can go either way. The odds range between 1.50 and 2.80, which makes it a more attractive bet market than head-to-head by a small margin, depending on your player of choice of course. Moreover, if you have a few bets underway, first set winner bets are the first ones to settle. So much for last minute comebacks!

Like the previous two bet markets, first set winner is also available for all tennis matches, regardless of how attractive or unattractive they are.

Total Match Games – Spread Betting

Similar to the goal line, tennis features a game line. Do you think it’s going to be a short match with under 22 games? Or maybe you think it’s going to be a close match with 23 or more games? If there’s no clear favourite, expect to get odds in the range of 1.75 and 1.90. You should be happy with 1.90!

When it’s a “short” match, usually the score ends with 6-4, 6-4, ergo 20 games in total. In the early stages of the tournament, this is the most probable and the most common results. Don’t take this for granted, because the draw can deliver some really enticing matches early on in the tournament.

To wrap up the total game talk, if you feel the favourite doesn’t want to extend the match, and wants to go back to the hotel resting for the next match, bet Under. It’s not a sure shot, but it appears that way.

Total Sets

Slowly, but surely, we’re entering the hard to find betting markets. Their scarcity is an indicator that the match might not be as popular. Bookies offer this market only on matches that are well-covered by the media, and that attract a lot of attention amongst the passionate punter base.

Now, some bookies enable punters to request, or build a bet, but that’s a totally different area.

Furthermore, this shouldn’t be confused with Set Betting. The question you should answer is, are there going to be more than 2.5 sets, or less. The odds for this bet market are ranging from 1.50 to 2.50, and these are the odds you can expect at a high-level tennis match.

Game Handicap

Do you take yourself for an experience tennis punter? Do you find it boring to bet on tennis matches where the favorite has already won in the bookie’s eyes. Well, you can raise the stakes and the odds with Tennis Game Handicap betting!

How it works? It looks complex, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll love it! Since it’s kind of an important segment of tennis betting, we’re going to take a closer look. If you’re in a hurry, here’s a short explanation. Basically, you’re giving the underdog a head start, of 1 or more games. How is the handicap applied? First, you sum the number of games, then the +/-1.5 handicap is applied. The tricky part is that even if the player you’ve backed losses, your bet can still be a winner. You can find more information in the following section.

Tennis Handicap Betting Explained

It’s a common misconception that the handicap applies to the number of sets. Just pay close attention to the title of the bet market, it’s GAME HANDICAP. Like we said earlier, first, you sum up all the games, then you apply the handicap.

An odd situation can occur, when a tennis player wins the match, this bet’s a loser, just because that particular player has fewer games, once the handicap is applied. To be honest, tennis game handicap betting is way more exciting, and it can be profitable if you do your homework properly.

Nowadays, it’s not as a common for a player to be outclassed easily. However, if you conduct a proper research, you can find some easy bets in less popular tennis tournaments. Note, you might have to request this market.

Game handicap bets are absolutely amazing with Grand Slam matches. Even a seemingly boring match can be turned into a grand-finale like game.

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Tennis Betting Tips & Advice

Here at Aussiebet, we don’t like to give punters false hope, or boast that we’re some kind of omniscient betting experts. However, throughout our betting history, we’ve learnt a few things about tennis that might be the missing piece of the betting puzzle.

You have to understand the game, the mechanics, why does one player has the upper hand and why is the other currently experiencing difficulties. Details matter! Although we hate saying it, past performance is not all that relevant. Current form, on the other hand, is, and you can check it out easily, but don’t go months back.

Know Your Tennis Court Surfaces

Casual tennis betting is not a big deal. It’s easy to pursue moneyline bets, mediocre odds, and win. Whatever gets you up in the morning. Although, if you get into the advanced tennis betting markets, that’s when the real betting action starts. Going for those game handicap bets, or even touching upon set betting mandates tennis betting experience, that is, if you want to be successful in your tennis betting endeavours.

Some punters argue that the court surface doesn’t matter. We can agree with this to some degree, but if you’re into game line betting, court surface is crucial. Grass matches are the fastest, whereas clay courts are the slowest. The tennis court surface also impacts how much the ball bounces, how predictable is the ball trajectory, and so on. Now, at the highest level, when tennis legends are competing, it may not be easy to notice these watching individual games. However, if you purposely compare these players playing on different court surfaces, they become obvious. In the 90s, it was easy to identify the favorite based on the court surface. At the very least, one player had the upper hand just because of how comfortable he/she is on the given court surface.

Over the past decade, tennis players have become complete, bringing performance on all court surfaces close to perfection.

Try to Spend Some Time Watching Tennis Matches – Why?

Do it! Spectating tennis matches won’t make you a better tennis player, but it will definitely have a positive impact on your betting returns. We’re not hinting at tennis in-play betting. Just by listening to what the casters have to say, you get valuable insight for the players’ style, capabilities and preferences. However, eventually you will develop a sense for the game, which tennis player is a subtle favorite, because of reasons, such as weather, court surface, recent form, past encounters and so on.

You have to be in the game to know the players. Do not rely heavily on what other punters have to say, because they rarely make objective statements.

Shop for the Best Tennis Odds

Take your time, do not rush. Tennis comes with less variables, than other sports, team sports especially. There’s only one player, and it’s easier to track the form and benchmark the performance. Now, this isn’t exact science, but any data and/or information can help you out.

The bottom line, you need decent odds in order to win big. As you deeper in the tennis betting markets, the risk increases, but so do the odds. Marginal odds differences of 0.10 accumulate if you’re going for multis. Although nowadays bookies try to squeeze out the last drop of juice possible, deviations still exist.

Another thing you should also consider are tennis betting promotions. These are easy to find during grand slams, but if you invest enough time you can scoop some tennis promotions for other, less popular tennis tournaments as well.

Multis are Welcomed

But this doesn’t mean you should push it too much! So why are tennis multis recommended? In most cases, there won’t be enough lucrative tennis matches available, so you will have to fill the void with a soccer or a rugby bet. Nevertheless, make sure you’re familiar with the other sports events you’re including on your bet slip.

The Most Popular Tennis Tournaments – The Grand Slam Tournaments aka Majors

Few have stood out from the pack, making the top 4 Grand Slam tournaments. These are literally the most popular tennis tournaments. 3 continents, 4 tournaments, 4 annual opportunities for the tennis players to carve their name in history. Not only they are popular, but they’re the most important out of all tennis tournaments.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must have heard of these. They attract so much attention they’re covered by mainstream media. However, the bookmakers are not slacking behind. You can find the widest array of odds for these tennis tournaments. Not only that, but the tennis promotions you’re going to stumble upon, it’s highly likely that they target the Grand Slam tournaments, or to be precise, punters who have an interest in tennis betting.

Here’s a brief overview of each of the majors.

Australian Open – The Largest Annual Sporting Event in the Southern Hemisphere

The Grand Slam calendar year starts with the Australian Open. As an Aussie yourself, you should be proud of this renowned tennis tournament. Its genesis takes us back to the turn of the 19th century. Due to the remoteness of Australia, it wasn’t quite popular in the beginning. Moreover, there were several other tennis competitions in Australia, which undermined its prestige.

Fun fact, there was no Australian Open in 1986, because there was a change in the schedule. The tournament was moved from December to January. Many tennis players find the Australian Open inconvenient, but not because of Australia’s “remoteness”. This time around, it’s because of how close the tournament is to Christmas. Tennis players simply don’t have enough time to reach peak performance. This is essential for your future tennis betting endeavours. Also, up until 1988 the Australian Open matches were played on grass. From this point on, all matches are played on hard courts.

Melbourne is where you can follow the Australian Open action live. Get your tickets in time, because they’re sold out sooner than you might’ve expected.

Where can you find the best Australian Open odds? The ultimate, and the best answer is, you have to shop for them yourself. We can recommend Palmerbet if you’re strictly into Australian bookmakers, or you can join Bet365 Australia, which is undisputed as far as tennis betting markets go. All the outright bets, all match betting markets are available.

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French Open – The Clay Grand Slam

Next stop, France! It’s the 2nd Grand Slam tournament during the year, and it takes place in Paris on the beautiful venue Stade Roland-Garos. It starts in the end of May and it ends in early June. The matches are played on clay courts, which is almost perfect, since the Spring season is at its very peak.

The French Open, also known as the Roland-Garros Tournament, is older than the Australian Open, but only by a few years. It’s been through a lot of changes! Due to the nature of the court surface, not all tennis players find their way around that easy. The ball is slowed by the clay surface, making big serves and volleyers go through a nightmare. However, there are tennis players who prefer the ball moving slower. If you’re an avid punter who’s prepared to do anything to find out who these players are, we have no doubts that you will come on top.

Much like the Australian Open, punters should prepare at least a few weeks before the start of the tournament. Get all those betting promotions in order, and while you’re at it, shop for the best French Open betting odds! We recommend Unibet Australia for French Open betting.

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Wimbledon – The Grass Grand Slam

The Championships, Wimbledon is the oldest Grand Slam tennis tournament out of all 4. Since one of its core principles is tradition, not much has changed. It has remained the only grass or lawn Grand Slam tournament. The Wimbledon matches are fast-paced, with a lot of twists because the tennis ball is moving super fast. This also makes it the most demanding one. If players are not well prepared, any weaknesses are multiplied, and become obvious. Moreover, the humid and occasionally hot weather can make it even harder for the players to “keep their cool” and show the global tennis audience how their peak performance looks like.

It has a long history, but the Wimbledon also has the smallest yet important customs. It’s not Men’s, it’s Gentlemen’s, not Women’s, it’s Ladies. Oh, and if you ever attend the Wimbledon and you want to blend in, get yourself some ice cream and strawberries!

But what about betting on Wimbledon tennis matches? Throughout the two weeks of top class tennis action, you’ll be able to bet on the most exciting tennis matches you’ve witnessed recently. This is when history is created. Comebacks are possible, since all players are giving 110% on the court.

Take the betting action back to the Wimbledon's roots at Ladbrokes Australia. It promises frequent extra odds boost which can come in real handy. Let's also not forget the welcome bonus!

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US Open – The Grand Slam Finale

It all ends in the US! The Grand Slam calendar year ends on the hard courts in New York. The tennis US Open has been a grass, clay and now it’s a hard court tennis tournament. To be precise, the court surface is called ProDecoTurf and it’s classified as medium fast surface. It produces a lower bounce, yet the ball doesn’t lose much of its speed due to less friction.

US Open outright odds are available throughout the whole year. However, you can’t really know what to expect until the tournament is only a few days away from commencing. If the Wimbledon values tradition and history, the US Open is the pioneer in many areas.

The now almost standard Hawk Eye system was first introduced in 2006 at the US Open. In our opinion, this system is in favor of punters. Why? Because there’s no room for human error. Unbiased predictions call for an unbiased ruling on line call challenges.

Many would prefer for the US Open to take place a bit earlier, but a start on the last Monday in August sounds just good to us. There’s a decent buffer between the US Open and the Wimbledon.

Top 20 Tennis Players of All Time – Men and Women

No. Tennis Player Total Slam Tournaments (until 2018)
1 Roger Federer 20
2 Rod Laver 19
3 Steffi Graf 22
4 Martina Navratilova 18
5 Pete Sampras 14
6 Rafael nadal 16
7 Bjorn Borg 11
8 Margaret Court 24
9 Chris Evert 18
10 Billie Jean King 12
11 Don Budge 10
12 Andre Agassi 8
13 John McEnroe 7
14 Serena Williams 23
15 Jimmy Connors 8
16 Bill Tilden 14
17 Roy Emerson 12
18 Ivan Lendl 8
19 Monica Seles 9
20 Ken Rosewall 23

Tennis FAQs

Also known as the Majors, The Grand Slam Tournaments are definitely the pinnacle events in the world of tennis. These consist of 4 tournaments held over 3 continents. Winning the Grand Slam can leave a players name carved in history for eternity.

Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic are considered the highest paid female and male tennis player of all time. Williams has earned over $88.6 million throughout her career whilst Djokovic has been paid a whopping $131 million.

Betting market offers differ from one bookie to another. We would suggest checking out the reviews of any of our top tennis betting sites online and choosing the one that makes most sense for you.