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Written by Dave Last time updated 03/26/2024

Want to bet on your AFL team-building skills? Join an AFL fantasy league and draft your championship team! Let us point you in the right direction for the best AFL fantasy betting sites.

Here we explain what makes a top AFL fantasy bookie, as well as how fantasy AFL works and things to consider when drafting a winning line-up.

Best AFL Fantasy Betting Sites

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Best Fantasy Betting Site

Large Prize Pools

Array of fantasy sports leagues, Big prize pools, Private fantasy leagues
Payment methods (3 in total):
Minimum Deposit:
AU $5
Withdraw Time:
1-3 Days
Northern Territory
App availability
App availability:
  • Free and paid-for games
  • Big prize pools
  • Private leagues

Sports and Fantasy Betting

Range of Markets

Range of sports markets, Daily fantasy sports offered, Apps for iOS and Android
Payment methods (4 in total):
Minimum Deposit:
AU $10
Withdraw Time:
1-3 Days
Northern Territory
App availability
App availability:
  • Fantasy and standard betting
  • Competitive odds
  • Good betting app

If you’re new to fantasy AFL, this guide will teach you everything you need to know to start playing. More experienced players can go straight to our recommended bookies but those keen to know more should read on.

Draftstars sports logo

Draftstars – No1 Fantasy AFL Site in Australia

  Draftstars is easily one of the best fantasy sports sites in Australia, especially when it comes to Aussie native leagues such as AFL. We loved them from the get-go because of the wide selection of competitions and many game modes. They cover everything from regular season games to betting on the AFL Grand Final.   Another great thing about Draftstars is that they’re great for beginners. The site is very straightforward and easy to navigate, so even complete rookies won’t have trouble moving around. Plus, they offer numerous guides and top-notch customer support, in case you get stuck along the way.   More experienced punters will be pleased to know that Draftstars offers both free and high-stake AFL fantasy competitions. All of you who prefer to play on the go will love the Draftstars mobile apps. You can get native apps for both iOS and Android and enjoy all of the features from the desktop site.
  • Many AFL fantasy contests
  • iOS and Android native apps
  • Massive prize pools
Visit Draftstars Read Draftstars Review

PlayUp Another Option

A second recommendation worth considering for fantasy betting is PlayUp Australia. Draftstars and PlayUp are part of the same company, which means PlayUp punters get to also enjoy Draftstars if they wish.

PlayUp is one of the best betting sites in Australia for general sports betting, but having access to Draftstars makes them a perfect choice for punters keen to mix up their betting.

It is this mix between fantasy betting and conventional sports markets that sets it apart. You can switch between soccer, cricket or Aussie Rules betting to drafting players for fantast contests in just a few clicks. Discover more with our PlayUp review.

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Best AFL Fantasy Betting App

One big reason Draftstars stands out as a top AFL fantasy bookie is the fact it also has excellent bet apps for both Android and iOS.

It is quick to navigate and makes placing a bet on the go easier than ever before. Scroll below to see more about what the app has to offer.

Draftstars mobile screenshots lineup

The Draftstars app is quick and easy to use and is available for both iOS and Android. From registering to placing an AFL fantasy bet takes just a few minutes.

AFL Fantasy Strategy

Winning a fantasy AFL contest can be tricky, and it’s quite different from usual AFL betting. You need to draft the right team at the right time and even have a bit of luck. But keep in mind that in fantasy sports, raw skill is even more important than with classic betting. To outclass opponents and win rewards follow our expert tips below. Note that these are all general advice, meaning that you can use them for any footy fantasy season or game.

Types of AFL Fantasy Contests

Operators like Draftstars offer a much broader selection of different AFL fantasy contest types. The selection of game modes can be quite different from site to site. That’s why always make sure to read the guidelines before playing. Keep in mind that if you want to bet on the Brownlow Medal or some more specific AFL bets, those are available only at traditional betting sites.

Here we point out a few of the most common contests available almost everywhere. If you’re a fantasy AFL beginner, it would be best to start with one of these. After you master them, proceed to more advanced leagues.

Here are a few of the most common AFL fantasy contest types:

AFL Fantasy Scores

As with any other fantasy sport, you earn the points in fantasy AFL based on what the players you have picked do on the court. For example, every kick or a mark will earn you a set number of points. The great thing about the fantasy footy is that the scoring will be more or less the same regardless of the platform you choose. Note that not all stats are worth the same amount of points, which means that you should have the scoreboard in mind when drafting players. Here is how it goes:

  • Kick – 3 Points
  • Handball – 2 Points
  • Mark – 3 Points
  • Tackle – 4 Points
  • Free Kick For – 1 Point
  • Free Kick Against – -3 Points
  • Hitout – 1 Point
  • Goal – 6 Points
  • Behind – 1 Point

How to Start AFL Fantasy?

This is an essential read if you’re just starting with fantasy sports betting. Otherwise, since fantasy AFL works more or less as any other fantasy contest. Don’t worry if you’re just a beginner. The process may slightly differ depending on the operator, but for the most part, it’s all the same.

Start With Fantasy AFL

  1. Find a reliable fantasy sports operator
  2. Register an account
  3. If the operator is offering more sports, filter out the AFL
  4. Pick the game type you want to play
  5. Draft your team
  6. Trade players if necessary
  7. After the contest begins, just enjoy the action

Official AFL Fantasy Vs Draftstars

Probably the most popular AFL fantasy platform is the one hosted on the official AFL site. However, we firmly believe that it’s far from being the best one. On the bright side, it has the most comprehensive coverage and super deep stats. But it also comes with a few major disadvantages. Below you can check out a few of the most important reasons why we believe that Draftstars is better than the official AFL Fantasy.

AFL Fantasy Draft

The draft is the most important and most exciting part of any fantasy sports competition. That is the time when you pick the players for your team. You get a certain amount of virtual money to buy players for your team. Since there is a salary cap, you have to carefully plan which players to take.

Draft rules can be different depending on the operator you play with, so make sure you read all the rules before starting. We cover some of the most common draft types below.

These are the two main types of AFL fantasy drafts:

Regardless of the operator, you should always keep in mind the 5 Ps draft rule, which stands for ‘Prior preparation prevents poor performance’. Doing research and creating a draft strategy is essential for success. For example, if you have a 1st overall pick, don’t miss to choose a premier player, since your next pick will come 16th or 17th. It would be smart to do at least one free mock draft in advance, just so you can get the hang of it.

How to Form an AFL Fantasy Team

When drafting an AFL fantasy team, you have to get a certain number of players who are playing different positions. For example, at Draftstars you’re required to have 9 players altogether, including 2 forwards, 3 midfielders, 2 defenders and a ruckman. This can be slightly different depending on an operator, but the principle is always the same.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when drafting players for each position.

Every player will have a position listed on the side. However, you’ll notice that some of them have dual position roles. It means that you can play them in more than one spot, which makes them super useful. If you have dilemma about who to draft, always look for dual-position players.

Should You Trade Players?

The short answer is – yes, but very carefully. Typically, there are two types of trades. In case you’re looking to strengthen your footy fantasy team in a certain area, you should strongly focus on the stats. For example, you may lack tackle points, but at the same time, there is an extra ruck on the team. In that case, the trade would be a great decision to improve the balance.

On the other hand, you may also search for trade just to speculate the value of a player. If that’s the case, inside info and gut feeling will play a vital role. But note that in this scenario you usually either win big or lose big. That’s why we suggest it only to more experienced AFL fantasy players.

More Fantasy Sports Betting

Once you have a good understanding of AFL fantasy betting, you can also start to consider other fantasy sports as well. You’ll find the process is very similar for whichever sport you choose and a lot of the advice and strategy we mention here can also be applied to other sports. We have detailed guides on many of the most popular fantasy sports options.


The best place for fantasy AFL betting is with Draftstars. They are our top recommended fantasy bookie because of the number of fantasy games they have their general focus on all things fantasy betting in Australia. PlayUp is a great alternative for anyone wanted to combine both fantasy and conventional sports betting online.

We looked into many factors when making this assessment, including the quality of betting app, odds value, and tournament prize pools.

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Fantasy AFL is pretty popular among local operators, so sometimes it can be hard to decide where to play. However, we think we know the right place for you. Click the button below to learn more.
Best AFL fantasy sites

Fantasy AFL FAQs

What is the best fantasy AFL betting site?

AFL is quite popular among Australian fantasy operators. However, we firmly believe that Draftstars is the best of them all. They have a bunch of AFL fantasy contest available as well as an unmatched mobile presence. To learn more about our recommended fantasy AFL bookmakers, check out the article above.

What is AFL fantasy?

AFL fantasy is a way of online sports wagering where you pick a group of real-life players and then score points based on their performance on the field. Take a look at the article above to learn how to play AFL fantasy.

How to play AFL fantasy draft?

You’ll first have to sign in with a fantasy operator of your choosing and pick an AFL contest. After that, the draft will start. If you want to know more about how to draft a winning fantasy AFL team, take a look at the article above.

How are AFL fantasy points calculated?

AFL fantasy points are calculated based on the real-life performance of players from your team. The scoring tables may be a bit different depending on your fantasy operator. We have listed the most common AFL fantasy scoring model above, so don’t miss to give it a look.

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