NFL Fantasy Guide

NFL may not be the most popular sport in Australia, but it’s still the world’s no.1 when it comes to fantasy leagues. If you want to sharpen your NFL fantasy skills, our comprehensive guide will be of great use.

We will cover everything from how to start with fantasy NFL to more advanced tips and draft strategies. In case you already have some experience, feel free to scroll directly to what we believe are best NFL fantasy operators in Australia.

Top Fantasy NFL Sites – Draftstars Leading the Way

We strongly believe that Draftstars is the best option for fantasy NFL because of a few good reasons. They offer more than enough fantasy contest and several exciting game modes, meaning that you’ll always have something fun to play.

They are focused on DFS competitions, which makes them perfect for all of you who just want to play a quick game. Unlike many other NFL fantasy providers, Draftstars offers a nice selection of both free and paid contests, so that anyone can find something suitable.

If you like to play fantasy NFL on the go, note that Draftstars has native apps for both iOS and Android, on top of a swift mobile website. All of the special features and game modes are available on small screens as well, meaning that you won’t miss out on anything when playing on the go. To learn more, take a look at what our experts think about Draftstars.

  • Great selection of NFL contests
  • User-friendly native apps
  • Free and paid fantasy leagues
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Leading Fantasy Sports Betting Site

POLi for Quick FS Tournament Buy-ins

What Are the Other Options?

Draftstars isn’t the only place where you can play fantasy NFL in Australia, but we still believe they are the best. Let’s put them against a couple of other solid options, just see how they match up.

Draftstars Vs Official NFL Fantasy

NFL offers their own fantasy platform where you can enjoy a few great contest types. They do have some obvious advantages, such as a plethora of fresh news and predictions, mobile apps and a highly reliable platform. However, official NFL fantasy comes with a few disadvantages as well. For example, there are no paid contest and all contests require a season-long commitment. These are all major downsides so we just can’t recommend it over Draftstars.

Draftstars Vs DraftKings

DraftKings is a reliable operator that brings a few great features, such as a plethora of fantasy NFL contests and usually hefty cash prizes. The thing we didn’t like is that most of the things still aren’t available in Australia. For example, Aussies can’t use their native apps for Android or iOS or any of the local payment methods, such as POLi or BPAY. On top of that, customer support for Australia is way worse than we used to see at other top betting sites around here.

NFL Fantasy Tips and Strategies

Winning an NFL fantasy contest requires a lot of skill, so we thought that it would be worthwhile to consult our experts and list a few actionable tips. Everything you’ll find here is applicable on every NFL renewal and fantasy contest type. In case you’re new to fantasy NFL, this can help you avoid making common rookie mistakes and immediately lift your game.

  • Defence is key – Defensive players may not be as flashy as running back or wide receivers, but they get the job done. The great defensive lineup can help you settle many mistakes on the offensive end, so always try to snatch some great linebackers or cornerbacks.
  • Follow the match-ups – All fantasy NFL veterans know it – you should always look at the match-up when deciding which player to start. Even a solid running back won’t do much against league’s top defence.
  • Look for an elite running back – Running backs will bring you the most points, so in case you have a high first-round pick, you know what to focus on.

How Does NFL Fantasy Draft Work?

We can’t stress enough how important a fantasy draft is. It’s the time when you get players and assemble a winning team. That’s why we advise you to put extra effort and prepare as good as you can.

The first thing you should do is learn the draft rules. It can be different depending on the operator and the type of the league. However, if you decided to play daily NFL fantasy, you’ll most probably pick by snake draft rules. Long term leagues sometimes use an auction draft as well.

In a snake draft, a contender who has been choosing first in one round will pick last in the following round.

After you know how the draft works, focus on developing a sound NFL fantasy draft strategy. Since the game relies on the stats so much, you should always research a player before picking it. Even if it looks nice and expensive at first, there is a chance that it just won’t fit the team. Don’t forget the golden rule – instead of blindly drafting the best players available, take the most suitable picks that together form a winning team.

NFL Fantasy Draft Tips

If you’re playing a beginner’s league, there is no point in doing anything fancy. Just take a couple of running backs right at the beginning and then stock wideouts and back up RBs in rounds 3 to 6. After that, take the best quarterback you can get, and you’ll have yourself a solid NFL team!

Here are some actionable NFL fantasy draft tips to help you level up your game.

NFL Fantasy Tips

  1. Don’t rush to draft a quarterback. Feel free to wait for even 5 or 6 rounds, since mid-range QBs are usually pretty good as well.
  2. Avoid taking defensive players too early. There is plenty of depth in these positions, so don’t be afraid to wait until the last few rounds.
  3. Try to take an elite running back in the first rounds. Some fantasy NFL experts even suggest taking two RBs early in the draft.
  4. Always take some sleepers late in the draft. In case there are no more great picks, try your chances with some of the sleepers. With a little bit of luck, they will explode!
  5. In case you’re new to all of this, go through at least one NFL fantasy mock draft. It will help you to sharpen your skills and learn all the technical stuff.

NFL Fantasy Scoring

In NFL fantasy football, you score points based on the real-life performance of players on your team. It works more or less the same as with any other fantasy sport. Note that different operators may impose different scoring rules, which means that you should read all of the guidelines before playing.

Points are calculated on both the defence and offence, meaning that you should try to draft solid players on both ends of the field. There are usually over 15 statistical categories on either side that can earn you fantasy points. It makes the NFL one of the most complex fantasy sports, so don’t take it lightly and always do the homework before playing. Here are just some of the main categories you should keep your eyes on.

NFL Fantasy Scoring Rules
Rushing YardSack
Receiving YardOpponent Fumble Recovery
Pass YardSafety
Rushing TDBlocked Kick
Receiving TD Two-Point Conversion/Extra Point Return
Passing TDInterception Return TD
Interception Thrown Blocked Punt
Offensive Fumble Recovery TDKickoff

How to Start with Fantasy NFL?

Since there are so many possibilities, NFL fantasy football may look overwhelming for complete beginners. But don’t worry, once you get the hang of it, everything is pretty straightforward. Fantasy sports are still not a common ground for most players, so operators tend to have a bunch of how-to material on their sites to help you along.

If this is your first encounter with fantasy NFL, take a look at the guide below. That is how the process will look like, regardless of the fantasy sports site you pick.

NFL Fantasy Beginners Guide

  1. Find a fantasy NFL site and create an account
  2. Pick a contest you like
  3. Enter NFL fantasy draft and assemble a team
  4. Trade players if you wish
  5. Once the game starts, just relax and follow the leaderboard

Fantasy NFL Team Structure

Each operator can impose different rules about how many players you’ll have to have on your team, which usually depends on the league length and the game mode. But all of them have two things in common. You’ll have to get players to cover all positions, and there is a salary cap which limits the value of your team.

NFL fantasy contests that last for a whole season require 12 or more players. However, if you decide to play daily NFL fantasy, you’ll usually have to get 9 players. There are some exceptions, of course. For example, Draftstars offer a special turbo mode, where you draft only 6 players.

For the most part, this is what your 9 spot lineup will look like.

  • QB x1
  • RB x2
  • WR x3
  • TE x1
  • RB/WR/TE x1
  • DST x1

Most of the players can fill a single position. However, some of them may be listed as dual position players (DPP). It means that they cover more than one position, which makes them extra useful. DPPs aren’t that common in fantasy NFL nowadays, but if you stumble upon some of them, don’t shy away from making a move.

Note that most operators will allow you to have up to 4 or 5 players from the same team on your roster.

Here are a few tips on what to look for when drafting some of the top positions.

  • Running Back – In most cases, RBs score more points than wide receivers. Also, they are usually much less volatile, which makes them a sure pick if you’re searching for points.
  • Wide Receiver – WRs can score a bunch of points but don’t be surprised if they stay cold. Try to get the best or nothing, and always double-check the match-ups.
  • Tight End – Elite TEs can be difference-makers, so don’t hesitate to pay top dollars in the first few rounds. However, avoid getting a mediocre one latter on, unless the price is discounted.
  • Quarterback – QBs are almost as valuable as RBs, but not as much, so feel free to pick them at later rounds. Also, there are a bunch of great options available, meaning that you can end up with a great deal even if you wait a bit.

Trading Players

Many contest types allow you to trade players and in that way further improve your NFL fantasy team. If you have drafted right, there will be no need to trade. But in some cases, switching one or two players may be useful. We’ll always suggest you to thoroughly prepare for the draft and in that way avoid having to fix the team later. Don’t fool yourself that trading will solve all of your problems. It’s just a way to polish the things up when necessary.

Another scenario is where you’re trying to get a low-value player you believe will outperform later on. If you have a strong gut feeling, we always suggest you go for it. Fantasy NFL should be fun and exciting after all! But don’t forget to double-check the stats before letting go of your current prospects. Trading is always a double-edged sword.

Most Popular NFL Fantasy Contest Types

NFL is by far the most popular fantasy sport on a global scale, so it’s no surprise that there are so many game modes available. Daily fantasy NFL is its most popular iteration, so we will focus on it down below. Note that every DFS operator tries to offer new and exciting game modes, that are available only on their platform. For example, Draftstars has an exclusive Rapid Fire mode, which allows you to play super quick fantasy contests.

Even though there are so many options out there, some contest types will be available at almost every NFL fantasy site. Here are the three most common ones:

  • Guaranteed Prize Pools (GPPs) – Here the operator guarantees a certain prize pool, as long as there is a minimum number of contenders. If you’re into huge prizes, this is the league type for you.
  • 50/50 Contests – All of the contenders who finish in the upper half of the leaderboard will get their stakes doubled.
  • Head-to-Head – You face a single opponent. All you need to do is draft a better scoring team.
After doing a comprehensive research, we concluded that Draftstars is by far the best NFL fantasy site for Aussie. Click the button bellow to lean why we thing they are the top choice. Top NFL fantasy sites

NFL Fantasy FAQs

It’s simple. First, you choose a fantasy NFL site and create an account. After that pick a fantasy contest you like and enter the draft. Once the game starts, just follow the leaderboard. Take a look at our step-by-step guide to learn more.

Draftstars is the best NFL fantasy football site for Aussies. They offer a great selection of different leagues and game modes, plus you can always enjoy all of that on mobile. Take a look at the article above to learn more about Draftstars NFL offer.

In most cases, the best deal would be to draft elite running back right out of the gate. Getting a wide receiver can also be a smart choice, but it all depends on your plan. Learn more about NFL fantasy draft strategy in the article above.

No, many of the operators offer a plethora of completely free NFL fantasy leagues. Draftstars also has a bunch of contests with buy-ins as low as $2. In case you want to spice things up later down the road, note that they offer high-stake fantasy leagues as well.